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Top 16 Best Pillow For Side Sleepers. Updated May 2022

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Regardless of all of the claims backing good sleeping positions, 70% of us flip sideways for sleeping comfortably. Believe me side sleepers are in maximum numbers then any other type of sleepers.

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

 Biggest advantage of side sleeping is, It helps to keep away from loud night breathing, this being  one large weak point of back sleeping. And our our bodies have a tendency to show into this pose late within the night time. Sleeping on your left helps in easing heartburn. 

However normal pillows can seriously cause pain and damage to side sleepers . As regular pillows bend your backbone which results in acute neck and back pain in long run. Best pillow for side sleepers is a buff pillow that adjust up your backbone together with your head accurately. Which is why, now we have chosen the 16 best pillows for side-sleepers. We have covered pillow of different price range and design, one of them will definitely fit your choice and sleeping style.


What is the different between Side Sleeper Pillow and Normal Pillow?

Majority of the pillow that are available in market claims that they are good for you without knowing if you are back sleeper, side or stomach sleeper . It is very important to check and see that your head should not be high or elevated on the pillow if you are sleeping on your side position. This is the reason normal and regular pillow don’t provide the level of comfort required for side sleepers. So what type of pillow is the right pillow for side sleepers? Read further…


Don’t get confused by reading “Height of Pillow”, what I mean here is, the side sleeping pillow you are selecting should have proper height (not too high nor too low) which should keep your head and spine in same position, so that it don’t damage your spine and you will feel fresh when you wake up in morning.


Select firm filling pillow rather then selecting feather pillow, so that your head will be straight in line with your body while side sleeping.


When you are selecting best side sleeping pillow, just makes sure you select the pillow which is not very firm nor very soft so that it provides you comfortable sleep and gives proper rest to your body.

What points to consider while buying best side sleeping pillow?

A good sleep is very much important not only to give rest to your body but it also helps in increasing your efficiency and hence selecting right pillow is very much important for you. Specially for those who are side sleepers. Do consider below points while selecting best side sleeper pillow.


As shared above material of your pillow is very important, by material I mean both inner filling and outer cover of the pillow. You are not going to come in direct touch with inner filling, but outer cover is going to touch your face directly, so make sure the pillow cover which you select should be soft, hypoallergenic, dust free and easily washable. Preferably something smooth and lighter in color.

Select a firm filling for your side sleeping pillow so that it provides your head a good support and alignment with your spine.


For side sleepers it is advisable that you select a pillow height which keeps your head around 4 to 6 inches high, this is general average height when you head and shoulder will be in same line.

Some pillow come with facility where you can decrease the filling and adjust it according to your height and comfort. Whereas some manufacturer’s provides customization for pillow, you can select any of this two.


Some memory foam are smelly, though this type of smell normally disappears after few days, but make sure you buy chemical free pillow for your side sleeping comfort.


Shredded memory foam pillows best when it comes to durability of pillows compare to feather pillow and memory foam pillows. In fact feather pillows are worst as they get flat very fast, here we have selected some best side sleeper pillow which will last longer and give you good results.


While selecting the best side sleeper pillow we make sure that it provides adequate support to your head, because right support is what matters the most while buying side sleeping pillow online.


Pillow comes in different size and shapes, it is strongly advisable that you select a normal shaped pillow as this shape is most comfortable for side sleepers.


It is very important that you select the most soft pillow as your face will be touching the pillow and hence the material should be very smooth and soft so that it does not irritate your skin.


The price of pillow depends on many factor like material used, size of the pillow, manufacturers reputation and branding etc. You must understand here that you are not buying a pillow but you are investing money for good sleep and hence we advice not to compromise while selecting best pillow for side sleepers.


(1) Premium Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers Review

Cervical Pillow for side sleepers review. Best pillow for side sleepers.
This Pillow is made of 100% premium natural latex.

This pillow is made from 100% natural latex material. The biggest advantage along with being natural is the shredded latex can easily be adjusted as per your need to give you extra comfort and relief.

The pillow is design scientifically, said that its Ergonomic Curve Design provides best in class comfort which helps in improving your sleep quality. Not only that it helps in keeping your head and spine at right height which reduced back and neck pain.

The adjustable shredded latex makes it one of the best choice for side sleepers as it provides comfortable sleep and helps you to relax.

The pillow comes in size of 26.77″ × 16.53″, this provides better support area to your head and face and hence improves your blood circulation too.

Thoroughly ventilated 50,000 pieces of shredded latex eases the temperature by making the air flow smoothly while you sleep.

Opposite to memory form this 100% natural material pillow helps in preventing bacteria, mold, fungus, and dus mite growth.

(2) Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper and Back Sleeper Shredded Memory Foam Curved Pillow – 100% Adjustable Review

Zoey Side Sleeping Curved Pillow with 100% Adjustable foam review. Best adjustable memory form cushion.
100% Adjustable memory Foam Curved Pillow

This Zoey Side sleeper pillow comes with unique Curved Design which gives your body and head alignment by providing space for your shoulders to rest

This side sleeping pillow is fully adjustable, that means you can set it as per your preference from Firm, Medium or Soft Loft.

They provide a very easy to remove washable outer cover which you can easily was in machine. Zoey Sleep Pillows have been Certified CertiPUR-US and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, one of the world’s best known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

This best side sleeping pillow is 100% toxin free and hence you can use it with peace of mind without worrying about your health.

I am 100% confident that you will look forward for sleeping long hours once you start using this soft and Luxurious pillow.

(3) Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow (2-Pack) Premium Quality Bed Pillows – Side Back Sleepers Review – BEST BUY

Best Gusseted Quilted Pillow For side and back sleepers review. Best Side back sleeper pillow.
One of the most loved side sleeper pillow.

This pillow comes in a Pack of 2, they come in standard color i.e. white pillows with a grey piping. Each pillow is of 18 x 26 inches which gives enough space to rest your head while sleep on your sides or on your back.

This pillows are very durable as they come with double stitching on the sides and not to forget the stylish look which grey piping gives to them.

The filling in this Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow is medium firm which gives you comfortable sleep and keeps your head at the right height while side sleeping.

This is not only the best pillow for side sleepers but it also is a good choice for back sleepers due to its height and firmness. Each of this pillow has 800 gms of fiber filling making it softer and durable at same time.

You can easily was this pillow in your washing machine on a gentle was mode.

(4) DreamNorth PREMIUM Gel Pillow Loft (Pack of 2) for Side Sleepers Review

100% Cotton premium gel pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers review. Bet gel pillow loft.
100% Cotton Pillow to give you best sleeping experience.

This 100% cotton pillow is another choice for side sleepers. This comes with premium feeling which not only gives you good sleep but also helps blood circulation in your head.

Why we have added this in the list of best side sleeping pillow? Because it is Hypoallergenic i.e. free for any type of Chemical or Material allergy. Those who are suffering from asthma or any kind of respiratory allergy can also use it with peace of mind.

One of the best choice for side sleepers because it Keeps your head and neck aligned with your spine for the most comfortable sleeping position.

Most important the company provides a guaranteed one year warranty to protect your pillows against manufacturer defects. What more can you ask 🙂

(5) Classic Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Cushion Firm Pillow Review

Classic brands conforma ventilated memory foam pillow for side sleepers review.
100% Polyester Pillow made from Imported material.

The cervical assist from the Classic Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory side pillow is incredible and that is the reason you are seeing it in our list of best side sleeping pillow. This memory foam cushion is comfortable and cozy compared to many regular pillows.

If in case you have neck and shoulder ache and you are side sleeper, you need to positively go for this cheap, but efficient, pillow. With glorious air flow, the pillow retains the air and warmth transference low to keep up best sleeping experience.

The ventilated foam ensures that the cushioning stays impartial even in sizzling climate to assist you with peaceful sleep.

The memory foam utilized by Classic Brands is immune to allergens, mud mites, and micro organism thereby guaranteeing you get the perfect worth to your cash.

This foam additionally helps contour your neck and head to stay in a comfortable but wonderful level throughout the night. It additionally helps in relieving pressure from stress factors on the neck, higher back, and shoulders to deliver relief from aches and pains.

(6) Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow Review

Coop Home Good Premium Adjustable Pillow for side Sleepers review.
Made in USA. 40% Rayon Derived from Bamboo.

As the pillow name suggests, Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow is made up soft foam and is nice for individuals with delicate skin. It’s made up of shredded visco elastic memory foam.

This type of foam makes potential for extra air to circulate thereby making it easy for pillow to adjust compare to regular pillows. Polyester bamboo outer cover makes it extra breathable and makes your pores and skin really feel nice when you sleep on it.

One can add or take away some quantity of foam to help head/neck completely. Permitting one to change the form as per your requirement. Internal part has a zipper to guard the foam. The outer one could easily be removed and washed in machine.

A side sleeper requires a pillow that properly supports his head and shoulder. Coop Home Goods – Shredded Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow is likely one of the best pillows for side sleepers. Individuals who like to relax on their abdomen will need to have a thinner pillow to relax their head. 

It’s made up of licensed foam – no ozone depleters, TDCPP, TCEP, PBDEs, TCEP flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde.

(7) Mastertex Down Alternative Bed Pillows with Cotton Cover Review

100% Cotton Mastertex Down Alternative Bed Pillows for side sleepers review. Best pillow for allergic person.
Pillow with 100% cotton 300 thread count cover is perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

The Down Alternative pillow from Mastertex is among the most underrated cushions for side sleepers, they you must be thinking why we have selected it in the list of top pillow for side sleepers?, because it is Breathable, with glorious air flow, this nice pillow from Mastertex is fabulous for individuals affected by allergic reactions and respiratory difficulties since it’s made up of hypoallergenic microfibre down-alternative materials.

The cushioning impact is tender and fluffy, yet firm, and comprises down-like fiber. It comes with a 1.5” gusset for max loft and neck assist.

Fully machine wash is possible because of the absence of down, this pillow from Mastertex won’t lose its form after cleansing and drying. It’s designed to be comfy on the top and tender to the skin. This down alternative pillow comes  with satin piping on the edges and comes with a 100% cotton outer cover.

As soon as you ordered, this product will be delivered to you in a plastic carrying case that’s wonderful for storage and helpful during travel. This pillow from Mastertex helps ease ache and neck pain for side sleepers and helps them awaken fresh every morning. This is what it makes best choice for side sleepers.

(8) Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow – Long Side Sleeper Pillows Review – Best Side Sleeping Pillow for Pregnancy

Long side sleeper pillow, best pillow for side sleepers in pregnancy. Best pregnancy pillow review.
100% Cotton Cover with Soft Polyester Filling. Best Pregnancy Pillow.

Utopia believes in utilizing and making merchandise of the best high quality. Extremely Gentle Physique Pillow gives good help to your body, specially your back, hips, shoulders and the stomach.

It’s a excellent pillow specially for pregnant women. The outer shell is made up of 100% cotton making it extraordinarily tender, sturdy and breathable. 2000 Gms Ball Fiber Filling is stuffed in it.

The 100 % 240T Cotton outer cover makes it breathable. The fluffy filling makes it one of the best pillows for side sleepers together with pregnant ladies.

It may be washed within the machine with normal water. The dimensions is kind of large – 20*54 inches.

The ball fiber filling lends help to the back, hips, stomach and the shoulders. The double stitched edges take away the stress of tearing. The pillow is available in  a vacuum packed bag that will prevent the pillow from damage during transit.

A side sleeping pillow helps the entire physique – from head to toe. Also it is easy to maintain as you can wash it easily in washing machine. The dimensions is kind of large – 20*54 inches.  It’s deemed secure for pregnant ladies, side sleepers and abdomen sleepers. In short this is another top side sleeping pillow which can be used with peace of mind.

(9) Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow Review. Gusseted Side Sleeper – Used By Many Side Sleepers

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow Review. Best side sleeper cooling pillow.
100% cotton, with 100% cotton cover and made in USA.

Side sleepers will rejoice with the superb pain-free expertise that the U.S. manufactured. Get better sleep with this ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow specially designed for side sleepers. This pillow is made up of visco-elastic foam and spiral spun polyester to maintain it firmness but give it an expensive look and feel.

The Phase Changing Material (PCM) is manufactured from microbeads that successfully take in warmth and heat. This technique helps in gauging the proper body temperature and adjusts the style by which the pillow absorbs warmth to maintain the temperature low.

This pillow from SleepBetter comes with gusseted stitching that retains the form and firmness intact even while moving sides in the middle of your sleep. The face of the pillow doesn’t twist or get clumpy like many others. The memory foam expertise from Sleep Higher helps in holding your neck and head and offers better position for side sleeping. Fully machine cleanable, the form and dimension get restored as soon as dried. We strongly advice to try this iso-cool pillow if you are active side sleeper like many of us.

(10) Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow Review – Best Pregnancy Pillow Review

Full body side sleeping pillow for pregnant lady. Best pregnancy pillow review.
Best Full Body Side Sleeping Pillow For Pregnant Womens.

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow is available in two extra colours apart from pink – grey and blue. We’ve got picked the royal Purple colour to review right here.

Naomi Home’s Cozy Body Pillow is without doubt one of the best pillows for pregnant women. Apart from offering help for neck and shoulders, it’s good pillow for the top, back, hips, stomach and the legs. There isn’t any likelihood of getting a rash or discomfort with its edges as they are extraordinarily delicate.

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow has a wedge shape. The inside curve helps the curves of a lady’s physique. It has a sq. formed head relaxation area. The neck shoulder space is gusseted and has a delicate and easy transition from pillow to mattress that aligns fairly nicely with the shoulders for a peaceful and comfortable night time sleep.

A pregnant lady don’t have to make any additional effort to get used to Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow. The maternity pillow is tremendous comfy. It may also be used for nursing in future.

It has a 100% cotton outer-cover which could easily be machined wash. Though having so much advantages this pillow is really economical and is one of the best gift for a pregnant women. 

(11) Original Water Pillow Review – Best Water Pillow To Buy Online

Water Pillow for side sleepers and back sleepers. Best water pillow review.
Best and Original Water Pillow. 5 Million Pillow Trust This Water Pillow.

This is Mediflow’s Original Water Pillow which not just provide comfortable sleep to you but is clinically Proven to Reduce Neck Pain & Improve Sleep.

Medispa manufacture and ship fine quality merchandise that meet the necessities of just about all customers. The three-inch memory foam variant in mattress toppers is infused with gel swirl to control the airflow and temperature all through the night time for a restful sleeping experience.

This gel memory foam pillow can conform to the curves and areas of the body to align the spine and relieve stress factors enabling on the spot ache reduction for individuals affected by lower, mid, and higher back pain. It additionally helps evenly distribute physique weight to permit extra profound and extra restful sleep.

The pillow is made with utmost care and Mediflow has given an insulated water pouch which is leak proof . You can easily adjust the water level by yourself to make it firm, soft or medium firm.

Mediflow water pillow comes with 100% hypoallergenic cotton outer cover, which makes it allergy free and along with that it provides exceptional comfort for the head.

This water pillow is made in USA and provides 3 year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee. They will take this pillow back without asking any question.

(12) The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow with Copper Cooling Fill Review

Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow with Copper Filling. Buy side sleeping pillow online.
Side Sleeping Pillow Made With  CertiPUR-US Certified Copper Infused Foam.

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow is taken into account as the most effective pillow for side sleepers. It has a pleasant form that makes it comfortable for one’s physique that helps neck, head and shoulders.

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow with Copper is tender, but supportive, and made with supplies that can by no means flatten out.

All the things about this pillow is extremely luxurious, meticulously engineered, and thoughtfully designed. This pillow will stay in good shape for many years.

Made in USA by a family business unit utilizing supplies which might be distinctive of their capacity to help your neck and shoulders, and sleep cool all through the night time.

This pillow consist of proprietary fill which is made with CertiPUR-US licensed copper infused foam. They use Copper because it is much more practical at cooling than gel based technology, and at the same time copper is known for pure antibacterial properties, which assist in preserving your pillow for many coming years.

this is fully adjustable side sleeping pillow so you can adjust the height of pillow on your own. This provides you comfort for long time, making certain that the pillow that’s good for you at present will always be good for you years from now. 

Don’t you think this is best pillow for you?

(13) Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow For home and hotel.
Original USA Made Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

This incredible pillow from Snuggle-Pedic simply does not go flat. Like the Coop Home Goods pillow, this one is also made from shredded memory foam with 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4 percent Polyester, .6 Percent Lycra.

This makes it highly useful for shaping, controlling the temperature, and giving a luxurious yet comfortable feel. Easy to position, the pieces of memory foam inside the Smuggle-Pedic combination pillow makes it incredibly simple to get the perfect height, size, and satisfaction level.

Since side sleepers require more snugness and support to the neck and spine while sleeping, the combination of the micro-vented material and kool-flow breathable cotton help immensely.

Snuggle-Pedic is the only company on our list to offer a 20-year warranty on their bamboo and memory foam pillows.

Their customer support and satisfaction channels are also of superior quality. Made in California, United States, Snuggle-Pedic uses materials that are CertiPur certified. Their pillows are also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. This is the reason we have included this side sleeping pillow in our list.

(14) Cervical Pillow – Memory Foam Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Review

Memory Foam Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief. Best neck and back pain pillow review.
Orthopedic Contour Ergonomic Pillow for Neck Support with Breathable Cover.

Individuals having problem with sleeping on account of neck ache can now consider Cradle Me – Cervical Pillow.

Just as the title suggests, this pillow is specifically designed for the neck. As among the best pillows for neck ache, this pillow guarantees to take care of issues of the neck – no matter the a number of causes.

Cradle Me makes use of top quality adjustable, memory foam to manufacture Cervical Pillow for Side Sleepers. The pillow has odorless foam. It’s a breathable pillow holding one cool all night time. This sort of foam is able to adjusting itself as required by you while sleeping. This facilitates good sleep which is essential for each one of us.

The natural contouring takes the pure body form and adapts itself to the sleep positions. This characteristic differentiates it from a normal pillow. The multiple height adjustment makes it fit for all side sleepers.

It has a particularly distinctive form, one thing unparalleled hitherto, a butterfly shape which helps each type of sleeper – again, abdomen or sides. The thickness is completely different at completely different factors making it simply excellent for side sleepers. It helps do away with rigidity and ache with its orthopedic design.

It’s non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Good for individuals with delicate pores and skin. It’s barely heavy in your pocket so you can surely buy this cervical pillow with confidence.

(15) Ear and Neck Pain Relief Side Sleeping Pillow Review.

Ear and Neck Pillow review.
5 Year Warranty And 100 Days No Question Refund Policy.

This Ear and Neck pain relief pillow has a different shape compare to normal and regular pillow as it addresses a particular problem of ear and neck pain. Each human head has a unique dimension. So there are totally different of various sizes – the pillow can be easily adjusted as per your comfort and head level.

Ear & Neck Pain relief for Side Sleeper Pillow is made up of bamboo jersey pillowcase with memory and gel foam core.

The natural form of the pillow reduces pressure from face, jaw, neck, shoulder, back, ear and sinus. It also takes care of forehead morning strains and pillow creases.

It’s among one of many best pillow for side sleepers. It doesn’t press towards mouth, face or ears. Good for individuals with delicate earlobes, ear buds and piercings. The ear holes can take away the side strain brought on by extraordinary pillows. The anti compression contours management forehead creases, restlessness and sinus obstruction with Womfy’s curves caress. Principally, it takes the shape of your head.

It’s machine cleanable, good for individuals with delicate pores and skin. Pillowcase is made out of velvety bamboo jersey.

One will certainly love it as it is simple to sleep on this pillow.

(16) Best Side Sleeping Pillow For Knee Pain Review

best pillow for knee pain and side sleepers. Knee pain pillow review for side sleepers.
100% Memory Foam Wedge Contour – Leg Pillows for Side Sleeping.

Looking for Deep and Healthy Sleep? – This knee divider means that you can sleep comfortably all night long, separates one knee from another and creates the right spacing between them.

The therapeutic impact of the orthopedic pillow means that you can correctly align your backbone and decrease the stress throughout sleep, which ensures you a vigorous and painless awakening. Good different to back pillow for lower back ache. Particularly handy for side sleepers and pregnant ladies.

This knee pillow is Measuring 9,8″x 7,8″x 6,2″, 100% premium high quality foam pillow is comprised of high-density supplies with a lightweight lemon aroma. The thermal dependence of the knee cushion for sleeping makes it softer beneath the influence of warmth, which is able to help you utterly calm down throughout deep sleep.

Excellent addition to mattress pillows for sleeping, wedge, body and half-moon pads. Comes with a hypoallergenic, washable and breathable anti-pilling case, non-temperature sensitive.

This knee separated side sleeping pillow helps to Eliminates stress from the waist in pregnant women’s, helps after surgical procedure or medical therapy and improves blood circulation for side sleepers. 

Knee Pillow for side sleepers is recommended by Orthopedists, chiropractors, surgeons, neuropathologists, bodily therapists and sports activity trainers.

Above all they provide 100% MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You’ll get 100% a refund with no questions asked. You’re taking NO RISK by ordering at present! So what you thinking of, go ahead and order this best side sleeping pillow for you.

Final words on buying best pillow for side sleepers.

Buying a pillow isn’t easy. Don’t buy pillow for sake of buying, you are not spending money here, but you are investing money in your sleep and health and always make the wise decision while buying right pillow for you. We really hope that the list of pillows that we have shared above will help you to make the right choice.