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best nursery night light for kids and babies review

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Nursery night light for kids are used by many concerned parents now-a-days because they understand that sound sleep is very important for everyone, specially for toddlers and small kids because this are the growth years when they need proper rest so that they can wake up with fresh mind which will help them to grasp more knowledge and learn new things. If your kids are not getting proper sleep then you should take some measures to help them overcome this problem.

One of the most successful method is using nursery light for kids, this type of light helps kids getting good sleep as it helps them to fight the fear of darkness.

Since last few years use of night light for babies has increased not only in European countries but across the globe and that is the reason many leading brands have come out with different models of nursery night lights which you can buy online.

Before selecting best nursery night light it is very important that you understand why nightlight for toddlers is important.

Why You Need Nursery Night Light?

Nursery nightlight or kids night light is not only important for kids but also for parents, let me share why.

Well most importantly babies and toddlers feels safe in night light, second advantage of nursery night light is for parents, they are able to see the baby in crib or in bed very easily, also it makes night feeding and diaper changing much easier compare to how you do that in total darkness or a bright lamp which might wake up your little one. This is why this product is essential for both parents and toddlers and gaining so much popularity.

What Type Of Night Light Is Best Nursery Night Light?

Glad that you are still reading, this shows how concerned you are about your kids. Coming back to the question, the best night light for toddlers is the one that is not too bright or else it will disturb you and your kids both, you can either use a night light that is inside a stuffed toy or a portable night light which can be placed anywhere as per your convenience.

What Are Different Types Of Baby Night Lights?

We are going to discuss them in detail but to give you a quick overview, there are around 4 types of nursery lights for kids.

  • Plugin Light – This is a typical night lamp type of light which you can plugin-in a wall unit.
  • Portable Night Light – Opposite to Plugin Night Light, Portable night light is the one that you can place anywhere in the room as per your comfort.
  • Toy Based Nursery Night Light – This night light is popular among kids and parents as it comes with a toy with a light fitted inside it’s body.
  • Night Table Lamps – This are basic table lamps which you can put in a corner of room and use a blurry or dim bulb as use them as night light for kids.

This is just a brief introduction about kids night light, we are going in much details and share best nursery nigh light reviews so that you can select the best one for your kid. So lets start…

Top 13 Nursery Night Lights Reviews

(1) Hatch Baby Night Light And Sound Machine For Babies Review – Bestselling Kids Night Light Online

Hatch Baby Night Light And Sound Machine For Babies - Bestselling Kids Night Light Online
Best Night Light For Toddlers.

Hatch Baby is a startup working exclusively in infants and kids domain, started by a couple few years back and has become a household name.

Regarding this product, it is designed by giving special attention to kids and to improve there sleep.

This product is  designed utilizing scientifically proven mild colours that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production with white noise to help sleep. It is totally customizable, programmable, and managed out of your smartphone.

As your baby moves from crib to large child mattress, this nursery night light grows together with your wants – first offering comfortable mild for midnight diaper changing and nursing classes, then alerting your toddler when it’s alright to get off the bed in morning. This night light machine has reinvented how kids sleep and have improved there sleep quality. 

Trendy design with mild light and sound at night, this machine is all in one gadget for you.

It’s a smart device. Flip Relaxation on and off and alter the amount and brightness remotely out of your smartphone, you don’t need to disturb your child’s sleep. Or, set pre-designed programs to run every day to assist your baby get healthy sleep.

This smart night light for kids comes with multiple colors and sounds options, you can select the one which suits your baby most.

This is not a cheap white noise machine, it is one of the best selling nursery night light which you can easily operate from your mobile and app. This is why it is our first choice and I am sure you will like it too.

(2) AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light with Timer Music Review – Best Night Light With Music

AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light with Timer Music, Star Night Light Projector for Kids, Rotating Kids Night Lights for Bedroom 9 Color Options Review.
Best Remote Control Night Light For Toddlers.

Designed by Ananbros, this toddlers night light with projector is among the best buy for kids. This product is best fit for a little grown up kids who loves seeing colors and movements.

This best selling Child Night Light comes with remote control which operates easily from a distance of as much as 32 ft. You can easily set timer from 5 to 999 minute as per your need. The nursery night light comes with a blue color LED that wont hurt your eyes or your kids eyes.

This baby night light rotates silently in 360 degree rotation. It has 9 different color options to select from. This will make your baby fall in love with this nightlight. 

To your surprise it comes with built in 128 MB memory card (detachable) which is pre loaded with 12 totally different music tracks that will put your child to sleep in no time. Not only that, you can remove the memory card and add tracks of your own choice and enjoy the music with projection. With top quality speaker, even you will love sleeping and enjoying the starry sky with your kids.

When it comes to power supply, you will get two options. AnaBros Night time Light is powered by USB wire which works with cellular phone adapter, pc, power bank. Or  alternatively you can operated by four x AAA batteries.

In short this power pack nursery night light comes with 1 x star night time projector, 1 x 128M memory card (already put in), 1x remote, 1 x USB wire, 1 x instruction handbook, 1 x gift-able package deal.

I am sure your kids are going to love this best nursery night light just like how my kids do 🙂 .

(3) Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light Review – Best Nursery Night Light With Touch Sensor

LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids Review: Animal Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor
Best Animal Night Light For Babies.

What a cute Bear, isn’t it! Anybody will fall in love with this cute animal :). Specially kids, they are going to love it. Along with Bear, this Animal Nursery Night Light comes with 3 other options like Dragon, Owl and Unicorn.

As we all know Lumieworld is one of the pioneer in manufacturing Best Nursery Night Light for kids, so you never have to worry when you are buying Lumieworld’s products. Just like there other product, this Animal Night Light also comes with lots of features.

LumiPet night light comes with a simple plug-in style, this nightlight has a dimmable nightlight that emits a warm glow, it has 8 different baby soother styles to select from, all of them includes a soft and calming music. It is made from non toxic and washable material so it is 100% safe for babies.  Simply select the light and sound mixture that is proper to your child and your sweet pal will do the remaining!

Made from soft silicone material which is free from latex, lead, BPA and other such elements, it is absolutely safe for you baby. It has a build in rechargeable battery which you can easily recharge with the help of USB. This Animal Nightlight have right dimension like 6x5x5 inches which any child can easily carry.

This children nightlight comes with remote and touch functionality. You can easily on and off the light by taping it gently on its head or you can operate it with remote as per your convenience. Remote gives you full control over this light, with the help of remote you will be able to adjust timer, dim the lights, adjust the music etc.

So what you thinking now, just go and checkout the light, I am sure you are going to love it.

(4) VAVA Home LED Nursery Lamp For Toddlers Review- Best Waterproof Nightlight For Kids

VAVA Home Nursery Night Light Review.
Best LED Nursery Light For Babies.

At fourth place in our list is LED Nursery Lights by VAVA Homes. The biggest plus point of this nightlight is that it provides 80 hours of run-time, which is best among the same class of nursery lights.

Designed by keeping children’s in mind, the VAVA LED Kids Night time Light is sturdily produced from top-grade ABS and PC plastic to create a 100% secure enjoying atmosphere for your kids.

Utilizing vitality environment friendly LED to create a uniform, non-flickering mild light that’s simple on the eyes, even for kids. Whether or not you might be studying or reading out a bedtime story to your kids or cuddling a child to asleep, the light will be just prefect with its adjustable brightness and color.

Don’t worry at all, let you children play with the light and use the control in most care free way, this light is 100% safe for them.

When totally recharged, it can easily accompany you for 80 hours in weak mode or gives a brightest light for nearly 5 hours.

This is perfect nightlight for kids as it makes them feel secure and safe and also a good option for new moms who have to wake-up in middle of night for feeding. 

It is light in weight and has a very nice easy to carry design, your children can take the light wherever they want to: climbing journey, household journey, or just tenting at house backyards.

The kids will love this night light and so as you.

(5) Owl Shaped Nightlight Baby Sleep Soother Review – Best Baby Shower Gift

Baby Sleep Soother Review
Best Baby Sleep Soother with Nightlight.

We have included this nightlight in our list of best nursery night light, because day by day animal style kids night light is become very popular among parents and kids.

You can easily operate by plugin in the wall unit, this nightlight soother includes a dimmable nightlight that emits a warm glow and plays 8 different sounds. It projects a starry night on the floor or wall so that your baby can easily enjoy it.  Its easy to select the sound and light as per your preference so your kid can enjoy. 

This Nightlight comes with 8 sound options, 4 lullabies and 4 nature sounds. It projects star and moon on the ceiling and has a nice light in its belly which makes it adorable for kids. Of course you can adjust the light with the help of controls available at back of the unit.

Shusher sound machine is full with a 4 mode auto-off timer serving to infants go to sleep. Sleep soother lullabies and white noise nature sounds may be set to play all night serving to infants sleep all night.

This will be a perfect baby shower gift or a gift for a new mom.

(6) 3D Illusion Optical Desk Table Touch Nursery Lamp Review – Best 3D Nursery Night Light

Car Gifts Night Lights for Kids Birthday Gifts SUV 3D Illusion Lamp Optical Desk Table Touch Nursery Party Western Children Bedroom Decor 7 Color Change USB Crackle Toy for Boys Room and Baby Review.
3D Nightlight for Babies.

Looking for something out of the box and exclusive? Then this 3D Nursery Night Light is for you. Specially a cool gadget for boys bedroom.

3D night lights for toddlers and kids bedroom: It creates 3D optical illusion with gentle 7 LED light spreads through an acrylic panel, it has 7 different color changing effect which will memorize you and your kids.

Kids Night lamp is right birthday gift for your loved ones. 3D glowing lamp shade is a good gadget for the home for all ages, it additionally could be taken as a party decor for kids and toddlers, they are going to love this 3D nightlight. 

Your can power this Nursery Night Light is through USB cable(found inside the box) or battery(buy separately).If you want to use this nightlight while traveling then simply power it with a Power Bank and you are good to go. LED lighting is power saving with spec of 0.012kw.h/24 hours and 10000 hours of shelf life.

As per my opining this is a nice buy at this price.

(7) Soaiy Projector Night Lamps For Babies with Remote Review – Best Nursery Night Light For Kids Bedroom

Aurora Night Light, LED Aurora Projector Night Lamps with Remote, 8 Mode Lighting Shows, Built in Speaker and Timing, Mood Relaxing Soothing Night Light for Baby Kids Adults Review
Best 2 in 1 Nursery Night Light for Kids.

With 12 Months Exchange Warranty, SOAIY is a good choice for Baby Nursery Nightlight for Bedroom. It is a best projection nursery light which can light your baby room in a beautiful way and will give a relaxing sleep to your baby kid.

You can use it in a two way, one you can use it as a nursery night light for babies or you can use it as a galaxy projector when you take off the top cover. So you can say this is a 2 in 1 nightlight for kids. This gives a nice soothing effect and help kids and adults to get a relaxing and sound sleep for long hours.

You can select from 8 light projects mods as per your preference. Choose Red, Blue, Green or Multi-color mode as per your mood and preference.

The projector throws the light up on the ceiling or you can adjust it on any corner of the room as this LED Nightlight Projector comes with 45 degree rotation. It covers a large area of your wall and gives a nice panoramic view.

It comes with a nice built-in speaker in which you can play nice music as per your liking. The box includes a cable which you can attach with your ipod, iphone, MP3 Player or any other device and play your favorite music while watching the projector lights.

SOAIY Nursery Night Light comes with Auto Shut off mode, where the nightlight shuts automatically after 1 hour, so you don’t have to worry if your kids go to sleep in the mean time.

Most importantly this is FDA Approved Nightlight and is totally safe for kids and wont hurt your eyes in normal use.

Why don’t you check this out yourself.

(8) Color Changing LED Mood Light Review – Best Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker | Color Changing LED Mood Light | Dimmable Touch Smart Table Lamp for Bedroom Review
Best Touch Smart Table Lamp for Bedroom.

Looking for a multi function night light for kids bedroom? Then you should not miss this product at any cost. This smart nightlight has all the features which modern parents are asking for.

This is not just a night lamp which you have to keep in corner of your room, but this will be your companion even if you go outdoor, this nightlight is so designed that you can easily carry with you without any problem.

You can take it along on evening picnic or night outs, enjoy a romantic dinner in your backyard or use it as a nursery light for kids bedroom. This fits all your day to day need.

This is a stylish lamp which comes with built in Bluetooth speaker for enjoying music and a smart touch LED Lamp for bedroom which makes this product a best buy.

With the help of touch panel you will be able to adjust the light color and brightness as per your preference. By light color I mean you will be able to change color display from 16,000,000 RGB colors changing mode.

The night lamp light is so gentle that it wont hurt eyes of your kids and they will surely fall asleep while watching them.

This Night Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker provides life time warranty and provides quickest customer service.

(9) Ceramic Nursery Nightlight Review – Best Nightlight For Children’s Bedroom

NIGHTLIGHT for Children - Nursery Decor Baby Gift for Baby Shower Review.
Best Nursery Decor Baby Light For Gift.

Started by Ashley, a mother of a cute daughter in 2009 and since then Lily’s Light have never look back. Today her ceramic nursery light are glowing in thousands of children bedrooms across the country.

Why we added Lily’s Light product in our list of best nursery night light? Let me explain to you in detail.

You can say its a handmade nursery light, you know why? Well the mold is made at home from original sculpture, then the next step is to do carving, which is one the most challenging part, but Ashley loves it and we can see that on her products.

Ceramic merchandise are known for its excessive tolerance of warmth, stress and hardness. Keeping this principle in mind Lily’s Light came with a series of ceramic animal inspired night time lights that are proudly hand crafted and hand painted which will bring smile on your children’s face when lit up.

These cute animal designed ceramic night time lights are good for both i.e. boys and girls, they offer wide variety of animals which are loved by both the genders.

The animal design bedtime night light will entertain your children and make them really feel the joy that’s discovered at nighttime.

Lily’s light has variety of ceramic animal nursery night light for babies which you can select from, they comes in wide variety of colors too. Give your little ones a cute gift with these night time lights, and let their room glow with happiness!

(10) Night Light and Sound Soother Review – Best Night Light For Girls

Best Animal Night Light For Babies.

This soft toy nursery night light is famous among parents, I have seen many owing one and happy with the results. In fact yesterday only my office colleague got it delivered from Amazon.

Tranquil Turtle will magically transfer your kid’s room right into a peaceable oasis. The light projector creates a serene underwater impact full with softly undulating waves whereas the sound machine unit gives two calming music options: a mild melody or whispering waves. Winner of Toddler Toy of the 12 months Award and the Nationwide Parenting Middle Seal of Approval, Tranquil Turtle is a good choice for toddlers and babies who’re afraid of the dark and have sleeping problem.

The light emitted by the turtle is very calming and is sufficient to project a nice ocean type show on your ceiling, the music that it plays is relaxing but not very loud so wont disturb your baby at all. The turtle additionally performs some ocean esc sounds, which once more appear soothing with out being loud or irritating.

The lights and music is nice and I like that it has a timer so you do not have to worry in regards to the batteries running out.

Made from Plush and delicate material, with a sturdy plastic shell, this sound machine nightlight can cover nearly entire ceiling spreading a nice ocean style light and soothing music of waves.

Press the button on the turtle’s shell ignites the ocean and retains them glowing for a full 23 minutes, sufficient time for most kids to float into sleep.

Twilight Turtle automatically shuts off to protect battery life and permit your little one to slide into deepest slumber. One other push of the button reactivates the projection if required. See how simple it is to operate, even your loved ones can operate it easily.

(11) Moon Light Lamps for Kids Review – Best Selling Nursery Night Light Online

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Light with Stand & Remote&Touch Control and USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamps for Kids Review.
3D Print Moon Light For Kids Bedroom.

This 3D Print Moon Light Lamp is one of the best selling nursery night light online. Thousands of parents have shown confidence in this product and this is why it is in list of best selling night lights for kids.

This lamp is wonderful and look close to real moon, not 100% though still they have put great effort in creating this 3D moon, it’s extremely versatile for lighting purposes. It provides variety of colors, to be specific 16 color selection modes are available for you, this means you will get to see the moon in your own color 🙂 , the battery lasts four hours on full brightness, and it’s light weight, so even you can hang it to give a realistic moon look in your room.

It’s excellent as a kids nightlight and illuminated the room sufficiently, and it’s so soothing that your kids will go in deep sleep in no time.

It charges pretty quickly and will lit for long time, also you can easily charge this nightlight with computer, power bank or adapter.  

This 3D Moon light has 4.8 inch diameter which gives a very realistic feel when hanged in the corner of the room. The 16 color RGB options can give you flash, fade or strobe style lighting as per your preference.

Manufactured from FDA approved material and comes with 12 months warranty and 30 days full refund policy.

There is nothing to lose here, so go and check it out.

(12) Project Nursery Dreamweaver Smart Night Light Review – Best Baby White Noise Machine and Sound Soother

Night Lights for Kids, Baby White Noise Machine and Sound Soother - Project Nursery Dreamweaver Smart Night Light & Sleep Soother w/Bluetooth Firefly Jar Review
Smart Night Light & Sleep Soother.

This soother from Project Nursery gently guides little ones off to sleep with built-in lullabies and nature sounds. Dreamweaver casts a comfortable glow that emulates fireflies on a summer season night, making a warm and comforting ambiance in any nursery or bed room. Pair this nursery night light with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet and remotely stream limitless tales, music or lullabies.

It is light in weight and easy to carry so you can take it along with you wherever you go. It provides 8 hour of battery life when fully charged.

It comes with adjustable timer which you can set for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes, this not only saves the battery but also shuts down without disturbing your child’s sleep. Same with light modes, you can select from 4 different light modes as per you preference. The pre-set mods are sparkle, fade, dance and rhythm.

You can easily pair this nightlight with Bluetooth and play music, bedtime stories from your smartphone and tablets. I am sure your child with go to sleep with a smile on the face.

Best part is you can easily charge the nightlight with USB via Smartphone, Power bank or Computer.

(13) Universe Night Light Projection Lamp Review – Latest Nursery Night Light For Kids Bedroom

Best Nursery Night Light for Kids and Doodlers and Babies
Night Light Projection Lamp with multiple projection options.

Want to transform your room into galaxy? Do you love how the sky looks at night? Then don’t look for any other option, just go for this multiple design project night light for kids. It is one of the latest edition in nursery night light segment and as expected it is being loved by many.

This can be a fairly cool nightlight/projector for your kids room. The light comes with Three completely different options for the projector show. There are 3 “strips” and three discs (they are often blended and matched). To make use of them, you roll up the strip and place it across the light fixture. You then take the disk and (utilizing the included ring) cover the bulbs. By doing this, it will glow up your entire room/surface . It is truly a really cool little impact. To make use of it in projector mode, it’s essential to take away the dome.

This kids nightlight comes with a USB adapter that may be plugged into any USB hub, port, or plug. It might have been good to have had a plug included, however you can also lit it up with a 3 AAA batteries (not included).

When utilizing the nightlight, you will have the choice or activating any of the three bulbs individually or all of them without delay. I’d recommend utilizing all Three of them to actually get the total affect of the projector and to have a universe like feel.

BONUS SHARE – LED Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Color Changing Light For Kids Room

24W LED Music Ceiling Light with Bluetooth Speaker for Kids Room Bedroom, Color Changing Light with Remote Control Ceiling Lamp for Children's Room Review.
Best Ceiling Lights For Toddlers.

This is not exactly a Nursery Night Light, but at the same time is it very well suitable for kids bedroom.

The ceiling light is appropriate for quite a lot of scenes, you may set up it within the bed room or children’s play area or in your main room for a change.

This light is supplied with a remote, so you can easily access all the functions like color change, volume increase or decrease, light effect etc. As shared above the ceiling light can easily be connected with a mobile Bluetooth, this lets you play your favorite song or play a nice bed time music for your baby.

This ceiling light comes with RGB lights so you can select any color as per your choice. Not only that It also provides a nice rhythmic pattern which collaborates between the music you are playing and the lighting effect which creates a very scenic atmosphere in your room. Not only kids but also adults will also love it and will fall asleep instantly.

It comes with a set of bolts so that you can fix the same in your ceiling easily.

Mark my words, you wont regret after buying this ceiling light for your kids room.

Final Words About Best Nursery Night Light

There are hundreds of varieties available in market and online, but we have reviewed the one that we think is best and provides best value for money. When you are looking to buy kids night light online, this article will work as a buying guide for you.

While selecting the night light for kids room, make sure you buy the product that is gentle to your kids eyes and preferably have soothing music, our survey says that kids love combination of light and sound.

So go ahead and make your move.

If you have any query in context with buying nursery night light online you can contact us and we will come back to you with the solution in shortest possible time.

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