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Best Skateboard For 5 Year Old Reviews Update May 2022

best skateboard for 5 year old

Last week, I went out to buy skateboard for my 5 year old boy Sam, but to my surprise the store was not having any good skateboards for kids. I was really surprised when I asked my friends and neighbors as they were also facing same situation when they went out to buy skateboard for kids. This made me think that I should do kids skateboard reviews so that parents like me can easily find best skateboard for 5 year old or younger kids online.

While doing research I found that you will have more choice online compare to offline, I visited 5 stores in my city but I found more skateboard for kids on Amazon compare to the brick and mortar store in my city. I was looking for skateboard for 5 year old and to my surprise I found nearly 15 varieties online and I ended up buying one for Sam. He is so happy now. Check him enjoying with his skateboard below.

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Before you buy skateboard for kids online, you should take into consideration many factors. I have nearly spent 3 weeks in this research and have come up with what factors you should consider while buying kids skateboard. Let me give you a brief about it so that you don’t have to invest so much time like I did before buying skateboard for your children.

Points to Consider before buying Best Skateboard for 5 Year Old.

  • Safety: Take kids safety as first priority whenever you are buying kids skateboards. Wheather it is electric skateboard for kids or a non electric one, make sure you buy the right size of skateboard and always go for branded one, don’t worry if they are few dollars costly, spending few dollars now can save your hospital bills later.
  • Durability: Always go for durable material skateboard. When you are buying skateboard for 5 year old children, the chances are high that your younger children’s will also ask for one such skateboards. If you have purchased durable skateboard for kids by spending few extra dollars, the chances are high that your younger generation will also use it for long time and it can be passed to brothers, sisters, relatives or even friends children’s.
  • Size of Skateboard for Kids: It was seen that many people recommended 7 inch skateboard for kids, which is a perfect size for kids skateboard. Either 6 inch or 7 inch deck can easily hold your kids and help them to ride with confidence.
  • Use: For kids around me, skateboard is mode of transport for them, they use to roam on skateboards all the time for going to park or going to nearby friend’s house, this is the reason I opted for a sturdy kids skateboard so that I don’t have to worry about Sam’s safety.
  • Weight: When selecting best skateboard for 5 year old children, make sure you select which is best fit for kids. Selecting oversize adult skateboard will make it difficult for your kids to enjoy skateboarding in parks or gardens, as overweight adult skateboards are difficult to carry, balance and rotate.

Now you see what all goes in selecting best skateboard for 5 year old? This is what has eaten up my two weeks time before I came across a perfect kids skateboard online. I don’t want you to go through this entire struggle and hence I prepared list of top and best skateboard for 5 year old from where you can buy one with confidence and make your child happy.

(1) Meketec 22 inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Review – Best Skateboard for 5 year old and beginners [Editors Choice]

Best skateboard for 5 year old
Best Skateboard For 5 Year Old Online

When your kid is starting out as beginner and learning skateboard or he is the one who has just learned skateboarding, then Maketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is the right choice for your kid. No second thought for it. It is one of the best and top selling kid skateboards online. I have purchase this skateboard for my kid in the “Starry Sky” design.

Build with Aluminium, Plastic and Polypropylene, this skateboard provides 6 inch deck width and 22 inch deck length, making it very comfortable and safe for kids to ride. Meketec has used a superior technology to build a 3.25 inch truck which not only provides proper balancing but also comes in variety of colors and designs. The designs and colors are so vibrant that your kids are going to love it.

Though this skateboard is targeted towards kids of age 4 – 6, it has solid board which can easily carry weight upto 200lb. The high speed and super quality ABEC 7 bearing and 60*45 mm PU wheels provides a great skateboarding experience. The performance of this skateboard far better than many costly kids skateboards available online.

Maketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard comes with a Safety Guarantee. With a CE certification this skateboard is a must have for your kids, be it a beginner, rider or learning. It provides immense value for money. Many users claim that the material is also well build and unbreakable, which make this skateboard worth buying.

The size of skateboard is such that it is can be used for skateboard for 7/8 years kids too.


  • Well built, superior material.
  • Very well designed, kids will love it.
  • Good bearing and wheels.


  • No cons really, simply A++ product.

(2) DINBIN Complete Highly Flexible Plastic Cruiser Board Mini 22 inch Skateboard for Kids Review – Best 22 inch skateboard for beginners

Best 22 inch skateboard for kids online
Best 22 Inch Skateboard for beginners

Another brand that is dominating kids skateboard market is DINBIN, they are producing some of the best skateboard for 5 years old. The one which we are going to review here is called Cruiser Board Mini 22 inch Skateboard. Just like Meketec, DINBIN also comes in variety of colors and design, and is build with Plastic and Aluminium.

Along with 6 inch wide deck it provides 22 inch long deck skateboard with a unique waffle type texture at top, this gives really unique and uncommon look to the skateboard. The bearing that DINBIN has used is ABEC 7 high speed bearing fitted in 60*45 mm high rebound PU wheels. The wheels have been fixed to deck using a high tensile bolt, giving a sense of safety and confidence to ride smoothly.

When you want your kid to use skateboard as transportation it is very important that they provide safety to them. DINBIN provides you peace of mind with CE certification of safety, making it perfect to ride for learning, beginning and riders. The safety assurance will allow your kid to develop sense of confidence, strength and concentration.

It is one of the perfect skateboards for kids where your kids can skate it down the garden or walkways easily. The skateboard is so well built that it can easily carry weight upto 100 KG, which makes it easy to ride for kids and teenagers.

Apart from above features, one of the biggest plus point which compel us to put this product in the list of best skateboard for 5 year old children is DINBIN lifetime friendly customer support &60 days full refund in case of any quality issues and unconditional money back refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

It has perfect combination of design and safety, so what you waiting for, go and checkout this cool skateboard for 5 year old and see your children slide in style on this skateboard.


  • Well built with good material.
  • 60 days refund policy.
  • Best for kids and teenagers.


  • No tool for wheel adjustment.

(3) SKITCH Mini Cruiser Skateboard with Skateboard Backpack Review – Best Skateboard Gift Set for Kids

Skateboard with skate tool and tote bag. Best skateboard for gift to kids
Best Skateboard Gift Set For Kids

Are you looking for skateboard gift set? Then SKITCH Mini cruiser is ideal solution for you. SKITCH Mini Cruiser 22 inch skateboard comes with a stylish skateboard , skateboard tool and skateboard tote bag making it a best skateboard gift set for kids.

This skateboard gift set includes a well built superior quality built skateboard. This skateboard has a 6 inch wide and 22 inch long deck, making it an ideal skateboard for kids. This is best skateboard for kids between 6 to 12 years because it provides tool for wheel adjustment which is big plus for beginner and small kids. This tool for wheel adjustment makes it best skateboard for teen boys and girls.

In addition to the lightweight skateboard SKITCH also provides you a stylish backpack to carry the skateboard. The skateboard is crafted for smooth butter like ride with the help of superior quality ABEC 9 bearings and high quality trucks that can be adjusted as per your body weight and riding style.

Made with premium parts, the PU Trucks and ABEC 9 chrome bearing gives you safety and smooth ride experience. With the speed caps provided you can easily adjust the skateboard speed for beginners with the help of the tool supplied.

This product is one of the best skateboards for 5 year old and upto 8 years which can easily carry weight upto 200lbs. They two colors i.e. Blue Galaxy and Purple Galaxy are loved by both boys and girls.

This is best skateboard gift pack available online for kids which you can blindly buy with confidence, you will never go wrong with SKITCH as they provide high level of customer support and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


  • Good Design & Quality
  • Comes With Adjustment Tool, Skateboard Carry Tote Bag
  • Adjustable Trucks for beginners and PROs
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • 6 inch wide, can be bit narrow for some kids legs.

(4) RUDE BOYZ 17 inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Skateboard Review – Best Pink Skateboard For Girls

best skateboard for girls. Pink skateboard for girls online
Best Skateboard for Girls

Skateboarding is not just a “boy” sport. Many girls are doing great skateboarding, and keeping this in mind RUDE BOYZ has launched a nice Pink Skateboard for Girl. The pink color wooden skateboard looks very beautiful. These skateboards are best skateboard for girls between 3 to 5 years of age.

Most important part of this skateboard is the deck length, deck length is 17 inches which is shorter compare to other children skateboards available online, because this skateboard is targeted toward learner or beginner and especially girls who normally have narrow feet compare to boys of same age.

Made from real wood, this banana shaped skateboard weight only 7.5lbs which is easy to carry and perfectly suitable for kids in age range of 3 to 5. If we go deep into the specification then this skateboard comes with a 6 inch truck wheel and ABEC 7 bearings, the width of deck is around 5 inches making a perfect skateboard for kids and girls.

The skateboard designed is done by RUDE BOYZ and OC Girls which gives a unique and girly feel. The skateboard is perfect for the starters as it gives them more control and easy to carry. We saw that many buyers are using this skateboard for pets too and very happy with the performance, making it a best skateboard for pets as well.

The weight capacity of this skateboard is max 120LBS so it is not much suitable for kids above age of 6. If you are looking for skateboard for 6 years then you should checkout Meketec 22 inch skateboard that we have reviewed above.  But if you are looking for skateboard for kids below 5 years, then you can definitely go for this wooden skateboard.


  • Light Weight, Good Design
  • Best for girls
  • Good Trucks and ABEC 7 bearings


  • Not suitable for age above 5.
  • Shorter deck length and width.

(5) Merkapa 22 inch skateboard for beginners review – Best Skateboard with LED Lights

Best skateboard for 5 year old with LED Lights. Skateboard with light in wheel online
Best Skateboard for 5 Year old with LED Lights in Wheel

Are you the one who is looking for something different for your kids? Then Merkapa has the product which you are going to love it. Merkapa bring to you, kids skateboard with LED wheel lights.  You read it right; this skateboard is unique, stylish and will help your child to stand out of the crowd.

Purchased by thousands of buyers, Merkapa has one of the best skateboards with lights available online. What more, the wheels lit up without batteries and charging, the LED light works on rotary power generation principle.  Merkapa has done good research which makes it best selling skateboard on Amazon.  

Not just unique design, but you’ll also get a well build skateboard with 22 inch long and 6 inch wide deck. Edges of the deck are well shaped so that they don’t hurt your kids even if they fall down while learning skateboarding. It has ABEC 7 bearing well fitted in a 78A PU Skateboard wheels making your child’s ride more safe and confident.

Merkapa skateboards available online are build with superior grade product, if we talk about this skateboard then it has 3.5 inch aluminium deck, which can easily carry weight of kid or adult upto 180lbs and comes with a Certification from CE which gives you guarantee of your child’s safety.

The led light in wheels are like icing on the cake, it will not only motivate your child to skate but will also make them centre of attraction. I am sure that you are going to get compliments from left and right after you buy LED light skateboard for your kid.  Though the width is bit smaller than other skateboards but still it is one of the coolest skateboards available online.

When you kids use this skateboard for transport, the LED light works as a guiding light for them in night/dark areas, making it safer for them to ride in dark. Moreover the smoother edge of this skateboard makes it easy to carry in almost all type of backpack/tote bags.    

So if you are looking for best skateboard with LED lights online, they you should blindly buy this product, they are simply class apart and very affordable.


  • Good design and good material
  • LED Lights in wheel
  • Suitable for kids and adults upto 180lbs weight


  • No tool for wheel adjustment
  • 6 inch wide deck.

(6) FLYBAR 22 inch plastic skateboard for kids review – Best 22 inch plastic skateboard for kids available online

best plastic skateboard for kids online. Buy plastic skateboard for kids from amazon
Best Plastic Skateboard For Kids available online

FLYBAR is another company that is famous among kids for its non slip plastic skateboard. When your child is learning skateboard it is good idea to buy non-slip skateboard like what FLYBAR provides. FLYBAR skateboards are made from Plastic, the design is such that it provides good grip to your kids, avoiding risk of falling down.

It has a non slip deck of 22 inches length and width of 6 inches, making it a perfect beginner’s skateboard for kids. FLYBAR has used high grade injection moulded plastic which is durable and strong. This gives good confidence to beginners.  

Trucks they have used are made of high quality aluminium with ABEC 7 bearing in 85A PU wheels. This will help your kid to ride and cruise smoothly without any fear in gardens or sidewalks. The material used is of high quality plastic making it weather proof skateboard. Just like Mirkapa, FLYBAR skateboard also comes with LED light wheels, which will give enhanced visibility in low light areas.

Your kid can easily use this skateboard for transport to school or friends house and can easily store in backpack when not in use.  This plastic skateboard comes in nearly 18+ colors to select from. Making it a perfect mini cruiser plastic skateboard for beginners.

This skateboard is perfect for kids between 5 to 10 years, as this skateboard is light weight, with slip proof design and has LED light in wheels which kids normally loves a lot.

My research says, when you are looking for kids skateboard under $35 USD, you should not miss this skateboard from FLYBAR.


  • Tough Plastic Material
  • Anti Slip Design
  • LED Light in wheels


  • No good for teenagers

(7) JFJ Mini Cruiser 22 inch skateboard for Boys and Girls review – Best skateboard for 5 year old with 22 inches deck and hole design    


Latest design skateboard for kids. Skateboard with hold design. Skateboard for 5 year old
Skateboard for 5 year old with 22 inch deck

JFJ has launched this new style skateboard in this year only i.e. 2020. This 22 inch long and 6 inch wide deck skateboard is perfect for kids, teens and youths. Build with industrial grade plastic, this skateboard comes with an innovative design which has a hole in the skateboard making it looks unique and easy to carry.

The hole design is totally new among skateboards available online, making it a unique skateboard for kids. The waffle top design gives good grip and provides an anti slip grip. Along with this cool design, JFJ provides wear resistant and anti slip 60mmx45 wheels and ABEC 9 rapid bearing for smooth and speedy ride.

JFJ has made this skateboard with very unconventional design making it look unique and trendy. Along with design it also provides you safety and durability; it can easily carry weight upto 90 KG making it easy to ride for kids and teenagers. Though the skateboard is made from plastic, it gives a nice and tough metal look which is unique compare to other skateboard in same category.

JFJ also provides a LED light in wheels which enhances visibility in dark areas and also gives a trendy and stylish look.

This skateboard is perfect for kids and teenagers who are beginners and learning skateboarding. JFJ being new in skateboard market, you will have a first mover advantage when you buy a skateboard with hole design.  

Along with latest design, tough material, LED light wheels, JFJ also provides 12 month warranty from the date of purchase. They will repair or replace the board in case of any manufacturing defect. I will definitely recommend it to you when you are looking for a trendy skateboard below $50.


  • Latest design of year 2020
  • Anti Slip waffle Design
  • Lights in LED wheel
  • Provides 12 months warranty


  • New Product, with no past record

While reviewing skateboard for kids, we have taken into consider many factors like design, material, safety, style and features. The one which we liked the most and is trusted by thousand of buyers is Meketec Mini Cruiser Skateboard for Kids. It has all the features which a best skateboard for 5 year old should have.

Though there are many other penny skateboards available online, we would strongly like to recommend above as they are having more positive reviews, superior customer support and most importantly, they are loved by kids.

Still if you have any query or question regarding our list of best kids skateboards, then you can post your comment below or email us and our term will reply and guide you back ASAP.

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