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Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete -Updated May 2022

best shoes for walking on concrete

Today we are going to review some of the best shoes for walking on concrete, this list will include best shoes for standing on concrete and shoes for running on concrete.

Many people are in a job where they have to stand on concrete floor for whole day or for long hours, this can lead to pain in feet, ankles, knees and hips. Looking at this health problem many manufacturers have come up with special shoes for working on concrete, such shoes helps in preventing pain in your feet and other body parts.

Your workspace and designation greatly affect your dressing sense, apparel choices and looks.Your heavy duty work requires heavy duty shoes. One must complement their job profile with their personality and appearance along with comfort.

Wearing proper shoes is very important regardless of your profession, specially when you are wearing it for whole day. Wearing improper shoes in terms of fitting and material can lead to issues like ankle pain, feet pain and some time severe back pain.

Never compromise with your health, it is very important that you select only best shoes for standing on concrete for long hours. It is very wrong perception that concrete walking shoes are costly, there are plenty of options available online which are affordable, you can select the best one matching with you budget and keep yourself pain free.

You can take as a form of adaptation as you wear your clothes according to the weather and job occupation. For example, in cold days you wear full sleeve shirts, sweaters, if you are doing an office job you dress in formals and so on. Similarly, you should alter and modify your footwear also according you to occupation and season.

The shoes you wear should be comfortable for your straining job and must comply with the standards of your job and compliment your attire. So, here we are with a slight bit of rescue from your extremely hectic and exhausting schedule comprising of long-standing job hours.

What will happen by walking and standing on Concrete and Hard Floor?

Standing on concrete floor for long hours can effect your feet and body, see what will happen if you don’t wear good shoes for concrete floor.

Strain: When you walk or stand on concrete floor for long hours it give pressure to your feet, ankle, knees, hips and can result in back pain.

Injury: Wearing wrong shoes and walking or running on concrete floor can cause serious injury to your feet and joint, though it can’t be seen instantly but can surely affect it long run.

Back Pain: Our back is totally dependent on our legs and our body posture, wrong body posture and jerks in leg and joints can give you back pain which if worsen can led to serious health condition.

Things to look while buying best shoes for walking on concrete.

It is very important that you select right shoes for yourself when your maximum time is spent walking and standing on hard floor. Before buying best shoes for standing on concrete all day, you have to evaluate how much time you have to spend on concrete floor and what all activities you are doing the whole day.

After you have evaluated how much you spend on concrete floor and what activity you do there, it’s time now to select the right shoes for you.

Look into below features when you buy concrete walking or standing shoes online.

Soft and Padded Sole:

The best feature of the shoe that demarcates its level of comfort is its sole. Hard soles can prove to be painful for your feet as if you are striking your feet continuously against the concrete. Whereas, a soft sole that is padded or cushioned is an ultimate choice to prevent jerks and shocks. Shoes with padded sole and soft cushioning effect will be best shoes for standing on concrete for all day.

Select shoes which are airy and breathable, air circulation in your shoes will keep your feet sweat free. It will also keep your feet cool and dry.

Support and Padding:

Along with breathable design, padding and support are equally important in any shoes specially when you are going to wear it for whole day.

Padded cushion reduces the force of impact when you are moving or standing on hard floors and also prevents us from feeling increased unevenness of the surface you are walking upon. They work like a shock absorber and provide barriers to impact just like saw and bubble papers are used to pack the delicate materials.


Another important point to be kept in mind while selecting best shoes for walking on concrete is weight of your shoes. Never buy shoes which are very very heavy in weight, this will lead to pain in leg and you will feel tired every now and then. Rather select the one which is light in weight and provides best comfort. If allowed in your profession you can select best sneakers for walking on concrete as sneakers are more light weight and breathable compare to causal shoes.


If you are working in a place where you have to walk on wet or oily floor then you should select the shoes which are durable. In such case you should select special shoes which are meant to be used in such profession and in such conditions. Most importantly make sure that the shoes you buy are non slippery when you have to work on wet floor, this will give you good grip on ground save you from falling and inuring yourself.


Once you have found the shoes with above qualities next part is to see if it meets with your style and job role or not. For example if you are working in engineering company or warehouse then tall boots with toe protection is best choice for you. Where as soft and sneaker type shoes are best suited for office work. So select it accordingly.

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

This post is dedicated to putting forward the best shoes for work that will help you to stand on concrete without getting extra strained. The models exhibited are well accepted by various people across the USA and have met a lot of positive reviews. All these shoes provide a high degree of comfort and convenience. This makes them the best shoes for walking on the concrete. These shoes come in desirable and relevant price rates. Neither are these too expensive nor too cheap. The price for these shoes is affordable, moderated and reliable. Both categories for men and women are shown below.

It is important to make an ideal choice and make it to full use. The money you spent should be spent on the right thing and there should be value for money. The shoes reviewed here are specifically designed for working and standing on hard floors. These are suitable shoes for standing on concrete for long hours or working along with wear and tear. They are perfectly suitable to provide comfort, convenience and efficiency. All you need to do is to look over the specification of these shoes, find yourself an ideal pair and place an order. Get yourself the best offers and enjoy your workspace without getting extra strained.

(1) KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool-M Industrial Shoe Review – Best Industrial Shoes for Men

KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool-M Industrial Shoe Review. Best industrial shoes for men.
Best walking shoes on concrete floor

When you are working in engineering company, warehouse or on construction site then you have to be more cautious then others while selecting shoes for yourself.

KEEN Utility Atlanta Shoes comes with toe protection and stylish look which is suitable for both men and women. We have put it at top of our list of best shoes for walking on concrete because it provides both safety and style.

The shoes is made up of mesh and leather, both are 100% waterproof and hence are highly suitable for outdoor work like on construction site, Landscaping, Maintenance, Distribution etc. KEEN has used best material to manufacture this shoes to give you highest level of safety with style.

Earlier it was difficult to find comfortable safety toe shoes but thanks to KEEN, they have made it possible and have become one of the best safety shoes with toe protection.

Best part of this shoes is, even after wearing it for 12/18 hours a day your feet does not feel tired or sweaty, many KEEN users have reviewed that even after using this shoes for more then year or two this shoes are still comfortable on work and provides best protection to feet.

Cleaning this shoes is also very easy, just use little vinegar and water on damp cloth and clean the shoes, it will remove toughest of the stains easily.


  • Steel Toe Protection
  • Mesh body to keep it breathable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish


  • No arch support

(2) Skechers Sport Men’s Vigor 2.0 Trait Memory Foam Sneaker Review – Best Sneaker for walking on Concrete

Skechers Sport Men's Vigor 2.0 Trait Memory Foam Sneaker Review - Best Sneaker for walking on Concrete
Best Shoes with memory foam for walking

When you are looking for a sneaker type look for your shoes, then you should definitely try Sketchers. They are one of the leading brand in footwear industry and looking at its features I can surely say that it is one of the best shoes for standing and walking on concrete.

This black sneaker shoes from Sketchers are made of leather and cloth which gives a nice sporty look and feel. You can wear it at your job and also for leisure on weekends.

This Sneakers concrete walking shoes are made with special Perforated Dual-Lite footbed technology which makes this shoes more breathable and airy compare to other concrete walking shoes available online.

It has a 3 layered memory foam, one with molded dual -lite base material, second layer has gen infused for soft and high rebound feel and the top layer has a moisture absorb insole to keep your feet fresh and sweat free.

The sole is slip resistant which provides good grip on slippery wood flooring and hard concrete floor. This is what makes is best shoes for walking on concrete.

As it is made of leather and cloth material it is very easy to clean, just rub the shoes with cloth dip in water and your shoes will shine like new one.

This shoes are so comfortable and durable that some consumers are repeatedly buying them again after using them for years.


  • Nice sporty look
  • Made with new breathable technology
  • Fits wide feet as well
  • Lightweight
  • Easily washable


  • Memory foam gets warm sometime

(3) New Balance Men’s Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoes Review – Best Sneaker for Hard Floor

best sneakers for walking on concrete
Best sneaker for concrete floor.

This model is that of sneakers having an extra cushion and normal arch. These shoes are the topmost priority in case of footwear for the working environment on hard floors. They provide a high degree of comfort and ease at movement without putting a strain on your foot. The shoe is completely padded, cushioned and leather-covered making it a wonderful choice with some superb elements owing to both comfort and style.

The shoes perfectly fit your ankle due to padding at tongue and collar. This makes them ideal for fitting. The collar has a loop which provides easy access to remove and wear shoes. The shoes are breathable and foot-bed can be removed giving space to add orthotic if needed. These are the best sneakers for walking on concrete.

The comfort of the shoe is increased due to pressure depression that is only possible due to cushioning. It provides resistance to jerks, shocks and temperature. The shoe comes with ABZORB technology that enables the use of foam-based polymer and has a light midsole. This helps to reduce any impact, shock and avoid chances of getting fatigued. Thus it provides excellent stability and comfort making it an ideal choice to walk on concrete.


  1. ASTM 2412-11/2413-11 standards are followed making it oil-resistant and slip-resistant.
  2. Cushioned and padded. Have a flat or normal arch.
  3. Good choice for chefs, waiters and construction worker.
  4. Ensures swift movement and sideways movements.
  5. Cross-training shoes providing side by side and to and fro motions.

These have a soft sole and are flexible, available in D, 4E, 2E, 6E width ranges.


  • Nice elegant look.
  • Light weight and stylish.
  • Provides good cushioning and comfort.


  • Limited colors available.
  • Sharp material can cut the sole.

(4) New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Slip Resistant 806 V1 Industrial Shoe – Best Light weight industrial shoes.

best shoes for standing on concrete for long hours. best industrial shoes review.
Light weight industrial shoes to stand all day long.

As the name suggests these shoes are shock and jerk resistant which will give good comfort when you have to stand on hard floor for hours. This sneakers comes with extra durable, flexible and synthetically textured. Excellent for nurses, warehouse workers, chefs and kitchen staff. The sneakers are easily maintained and cleaned; they also have extra pores making them breathable.

Collar and tongue of the shoes are padded and cushioned making them easy to fit and provide full degree comfort. The shoes have high flexibility enabling extensive foot movement without any significant damage.

This sneakers are lightweight, have normal arch support and enable natural foot positioning. There is no stress on your foot or ankle. You are extremely comfortable that you can wear these all day long and walk on concrete all day swiftly without any noticeable impact. Undoubtedly they prove to be one among the best shoes for walking on concrete. Following ASTM F2913-11 standards it is oil and slip-resistant. These shoes hold firm grip even in the slippery places due to the maximised traction.


  • Flexible, Stylish and breathable.
  • Goes will all kind of outfit.
  • Best for long hour standing on concrete.
  • Non Slippery.


  • No high arch support.
  • For some might be bit narrow at toes.

(5) Merrel Encore slide shoes Review – Best everyday wear shoes.

best shoes for standing on concrete. Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe review.
Stylish shoes for day to day wear.

Best choice for everyday use and chores. You can do any domestic work or professional work wearing these shoes. It can be a good choice for nurses, doctors, domestic workers, mall cleaners and servicemen. They are best shoes for working on concrete.

The slide on the shoe is very comfortable and keeps your feet relaxed and unstrained. The upper part of shoes is leather covered and has a mesh lining making it durable as well as breathable. The heel is cushioned protecting from shocks, rough services and fatigue.

The footbed is removable giving you chance aid your foot aids.

Suregrip makes the outsole, cushioned midsole and footbed avoid any sorts of slipping, fatigue and comfort. Also, there is no odour or smell which is a very good quality feature.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Highly comfortable
  • Shock absorbent and pain prevention
  • Suitable for both normal and high arch


  • A big narrow for big legs.
  • Soft leather, can get cut easily.

(6) Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes Review. – Best shoes for standing on concrete all day

Best shoes for standing on concrete all day. Brooks men's addiction walker walking shoes review.
Best shoes for standing on concrete all day.

When you have long working hours where you have to stand on hard floor for whole day then you should definitely look for brooks addiction walker walking shoes. They are made specially keeping in mind the pain of people who are working on concrete and hard floor for long hours.

These shoes have an attractive design with leather covering at the upper side and the extensive cushioning in the shoe. Padded collar and tongue make them easy to wear and perfectly fit your ankle. Enhanced breathability owing to mesh structure and comfort is increased. Adaptive cushioning throughout the midsole, MoGo midsoles increased durability and a smooth surface.

People suffering from flat feet can find their rescue in these shoes which have good arch support along with generous cushioning avoiding any pain or inconvenience. The shoes have rubber made outsoles and are slip-resistant due to maximum traction.


  • Good for people with flat feet.
  • Built on a linear platform, the ideal choice for the elderly.
  • Best for warehouse, mail workers, construction site workers etc.


  • Not suitable for running.
  • Not a good choice for kitchen staff, chefs, etc.

(7) Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Review – Best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours

Best women's shoes for standing on concrete for long hours. Alegria Womens Keli Professional review.
Best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours

When it comes to footwear selection for women’s, they always tend to go for style first then comfort. But here with Alegria, you will get both style and comfort at same time. This shoes are mainly for those who are working on hard floors for long hours.

It is made with black leather and provides a stylish look with a shiny finish. The footwear is decorative and has double elastic gores for easy on-and-off . Cork and latex form the cushion bed, former giving perfect fit and shape while latter gives cushioning and shock absorption. They indeed prove to be the best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours.

You can also add your shoe inserts or orthotics since the footbed is removable. The shoe is made in such a way that it causes less stress on muscles and ligaments and provided comfort. It also has an anti-fatigue feature due to outsole made of polyurethane.


  • Very comfortable and light weight.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Non slippery bottom.
  • Best shoes for hospital nurses.


  • Comes in one color.

(8) Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Review – Best Women’s shoes for hard floor and concrete

Best Women's shoes for hard floor and concrete. Dansko Women's Professional Clog Review
Best Women’s shoes for concrete

When making a list of best shoes for walking on concrete, how can we forget Dansko, they are one of the best company manufacturing stylish and yet sturdy pair of shoes and clogs for working professionals.

One of the best shoes for standing on the concrete for over 12 hours. Dansko has been designed with purpose of providing style and safety at the same time. Dansko women’s professional clog is extremely lightweight, aptly cushioned with foam bed and has a removable footbed. It has been approved of providing comfort and stability with help of metal shanks, roomy toe box and deep heel cup.

Out of this one provide lateral stability, one provides comfort and one stabilizes your feet and prevents plantar fasciitis respectively. Propulsion of gait normally is regulated by the rocker sole. These shoes give an appealing professional look and can be worn with business suits or casual pants. These are supportive, comfortable and stylish all the same. 


  • Cushioning and shock absorption
  • Good choice for those with overpronation
  • Removable footbed and have varied sizes 
  • High durability and pain preventing due to the rocker sole
  • Very comfortable and best shoes for walking on concrete.


  • Significantly costly and a bit heavyweight
  • A little loose on foot and an outdated design

(9) Georgia Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe Review – Best Shoes for concrete Floor

Best Shoes for concrete Floor. Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe review.
Men’s Shoes for standing on concrete all day.

No one can beat Georgia Boot company when it comes to style and comfort. Georgia men’s romeo slip on is one such example. Stylish yet comfortable shoes for standing all day on concrete. What else you can ask for?

Georgia Boots are a good option for wearing at a workspace and have a stylish appearance. It is the best model to walk and stand on concrete for long without any negative effects. The model is available in two colours namely brown and soggy brown.

The upper part of the shoe is made up of leather and is composed of nylon panels on both sides. There is effective padding and cushioning along with a nylon pull=-up loop.

Enhanced breathability and permanently attached insole are some characteristic factors. EVA material makes mid-sole which is lightweight and also reduces the fatigue.

The shoe contains a steel shank for increased stability, midsole for shock absorption and underfoot protection. Oil and slip-resistant crepe wedge outsole are also one of the remarkable features of George Romeo Boot.

Because of it’s modern design you can wear this shoes with Jeans or casuals effortlessly. So if you are looking for most comfortable shoes for standing on concrete all day then you should definitely check this out. This are one of the best work boots for men.


  • Stylish.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


  • You will get addicted to it 🙂

(10) KLOGS Footwear Women’s Mission Closed-Back Nursing Clog Review – Best Nursing Shoes For Women

Best Nursing Shoes For Women. KLOGS Footwear Women's Mission Closed-Back Nursing Clog Review
Best women’s shoes for walking on concrete

Though the product is targeted to nursing women’s, this product is equally good for women’s who are standing all day in any profession.

The upper part of the clog was made with durable, top quality leather. The shoe is available in various models and colours like Black oil leather, white oil leather, lace full-grain, lace Lanny, Spring dragonfly patent, splatter patent, etc. It is easy to fit due to the collar and is highly flexible.

The footbed is cushioned and removable and has odour resisting properties along with antimicrobial health. Polyurethane makes up the midsole and outsole and is shock resistant. There are many perforations on the shoe that make the shoe breathable.

Klogs USA mission is to provide a good level of comfort, style and convenience. Further, the shoe has various models or colour options, providing variety and choice to the consumers. The shoes provide very good traction and is oil resistant under the norms and standards of F489-96.


  • Flexibility and no twisting of ankles
  • Great arch support along with effective padding
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Leather and footbed are not stiff and enjoy a big range of motion.
  • Best Shoes for Nurses.


  • You might see the print / pattern peels off in short time.

Final words on selecting best shoes for walking on concrete – Conclusion.

All the sneakers, clogs, shoes covered here were the best picks from the footwear chain. All these shoes hold up a stronghold in case of standing on concrete for long and have raised the levels of comforts. The consumers are highly satisfied with these shoes and so we have brought you the best ones among these.

All these shows have a high comfort level and are easy to pull off. These shoes have remarkable quality and acceptance that they have received almost all the positive reviews and ratings of the products. Every person who has purchased one of these shoes has given positive feedback and are buying the same pair again and again.

All the shoes are extremely comfortable, attractive and flexible. They enjoy a specific range of movement and have good arch support. There is less strain on muscles, heals or ankles. The foamy or cushioned insoles protect the feet from jerks, shocks and rough surface. Wearing these shoes you can easily stand on the concrete surface for long hours and work accordingly.

Many of these shoes combine comfort with style and support. These qualities make them fit for use and flexibility is increased. There is no pain in your foot, no additional burden, you can easily move and stand long hours without any detrimental effect. Ultimately these are the best shoes for walking on concrete and for daily use.

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