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If best oscillating tool blades are not used in your oscillating tools then you wont be able to achieve perfection in any of your projects like cutting, scrapping, polishing, repair and restoration etc.

Those who are perfectionist in there work are always looking to keep there power tools up-to date so that whenever they are used they give best results. One of such widely use power tool is oscillating multi-tool which is used in many repair and restoration projects on materials such as wood, metal, plastic etc.

The heart of this oscillating tools is there blade, using old and out dated blades wont give you good results so it is strongly advisable to change oscillating tool blades at regular intervals to get perfect results.

You can buy oscillating tool blades online, but before making a purchase make sure to study them thoroughly, there are hundreds of tool blade varieties available online, but it is important to select the one that serves your purpose fully.

What are the type of Oscillating Tool Blades?

We have bifurcated the tool blades on the basis of there uses, this will make easy for you to understand and select the best one for your multi oscillating tool.

(A) Scrapping Tool Blade – This type of blades are use to remove / scrape objects from surface, you can select the scrapping blade depending upon the project you are doing and material you are scrapping.

(B) Polishing Tool Blades – Just as the name suggest, this type of oscillating tool blades are used for polishing i.e to giving a finishing touch to your project as a final signature of your craftsmanship.

(C) Rasping Tool Blades – Rasp tools blades are great for giving shapes and cutting mainly on woods and hard material. They come in three shapes viz Triangle, Round and Finger.

(D) Cutting Tool Blades – One of the most common use of oscillating tool blades is cutting, different types of cutting blades are available for different type of materials.

(E) Sanding Tool Blades – Before you give finishing touch to your product, a sanding tool blade is used to give a smoothing edges to the cutting material to make your work easy and accident free.

This are five broad types in which we can differentiate the oscillating tool blades. Basically blade selection depends on the project in which you are going to use your oscillating multi tool.

Are Best Oscillating Tool Blades Costly?

Well it is purely a misconception that power tools and accessories available online or offline are costly and pricey. You will find many good quality oscillating tool blades online at affordable price which not only gives great results and will not cost you arm and leg.

Are Multi Tool Blades Universal?

This is another common question which many people ask, well the answer to this question is big NO, as different tool blades comes for different purpose and hence one tool blade will not fit every multi tool. Still before buying oscillating tool blade online make sure you check the models and brand with whom they are compatible.

How Long Oscillating Tool Blades Last?

Well there is no fix answer to this question, normally a good quality oscillation blade will last around week to 10 days time with regular use on day to day basis, still it entirely depends on what type of work you are doing and daily how many hours you are using this multi tool.

Checkout list of best oscillating tool blades and select the best matching multi-tool for you.

(1) Vtopmart 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multitool Blades Review – Best Oscillating blade for Wood and Metal.

Vtopmart 20 Metal Wood Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades Compatible with Fein Multimaster Porter Cable Black & Decker Bosch Dremel...
20 Pcs Oscillating Tool Blade Set.

Made with tougher and thicker high carbon steel and alloy steel this multitool oscillating tools blades last longer then then other counter parts. They have thick gauge and that what makes it last longer then competitors.

This oscillating saw blades can be used for household work or for your professional projects they will surely meet your expectations.

The 20 piece tool blade set comes with 6 saw blades which can be used for cutting wood, metal, plastic and other such material. Each blade is designed to execute special work with accuracy.

They have specially designed it for precision cutting with markers on two side to give you accurate measures. On one side you will find inches and on other side you will find centimetre. The long and sharp tooth gives great results while cutting wood and plastics with ease. Extra long oscillating tool blades are always a good option compare to short tool blades.

Universal design makes it compatible with many oscillating tool brands like Fein Multimaster, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Chicago, Craftsman, Dewalt and More.

MOST IMPORTANT: Please read the list of compatible models before placing your order.

(2) WORKPRO 23-Piece Metal/Wood Oscillating Saw Blades Set Review – Best Multitool Blades For Dewalt, Craftsman, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Rockwell, Ryobi and More.

WORKPRO 23-Piece Metal/Wood Oscillating Saw Blades Set for Quick Release Multitool, Blades for Dewalt, Craftsman, Ridgid, Milwaukee, Rockwell, Ryobi and More. best metal cutting blade for oscillating tool
23 Piece Metal and Wood Saw Blades.

If you are looking to cut drywall and plywood the standard wood blades will cut like hot knife in butter, you wont even feel the jerk. Not only that they cut with finished edges and not rough one which makes it among best buy oscillating blades online.

The kit include 23 blades, 4 each for standard and precision wood cutting, 2 set of 3 bi-metal end cut blades for wood and metal cutting, similarly 2 sets for precision and standard wood cutting, 1 set of 2 semi circular bi metal saw blade for wood and metal cutting and 1 semi circular saw blade for drywall cutting. You can definitely buy this blades when you are looking for best metal cutting blade for oscillating tool.

This are rust resistant oscillating tool blades specially made with high quality steel by giving heat treatment and electrophoretic black coating to make it last longer.

You can use this saw blades for cutting wood, metal, fiberglass, drywall, plastic, hardened fillers and more such material.

Though it fits most leading multi tool brands still some models don’t support them like Bosch OIS tools, Makita xmt03z 18V. Not compatible with Bosch Quick Release Star-lock tools or Fein Star-lock tools.

This are indeed one of the best oscillation tool blades money can buy. So check it out with confidence.

(3) DEWALT Oscillating Tool Blades Kit Review – Best 5 Piece Oscillating Tool Blades from Dewalt.

Best Oscillating Tool Blades from Dewalt.
Best Universal Fitment Blades For Major Brands.

Dewalt is one of the promising brand in market and leader in manufacturing power tools and accessories since last many years.

Those who are using power tools knows very well that oscillating blades from Dewalt gives a sense of security and durability and hence they are one of the best selling multi-tool blades online.

The 5 Piece tool kit comes with below products

2 Oscillating blades for cutting woods with nails, 1 Oscillating wood cutting blade for fast and smooth cutting, 1 scrapping blade made with right material is best for scrapping applications and lastly 1 Oscillating flush cut blade with titanium coating for long term use.

This 5 blades comes in a stylish touch case which is easy to carry along with you and also provides protection of the edges of blade.

When you are looking for starter set of oscillating tool blades then this are one of the best multi tool blades available online.

(4) WORKPRO 24-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit Review – Best Blades for Sanding, Grinding and Cutting.

24-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit Review. Best oscillating tool blades kit available online.
Mixed Multitool Oscillating Accessory Kit.

Once again we have oscillating tool kit from WorkPro, do you know why? Because this oscillating tool blades are coming from most dependable brand. This are one of the most affordable oscillating tool blades available online. Not only that this tool kit comes with mixed multi-tool saw blades.

If you are looking to do tiling, carpentering, trimming or flooring work then this are best multi tools blades for you. It contains wood and metal end cut blades, sanding pad or carbide removal rasp.

This best multi-tool blade kit includes

  • 10 Piece 3” sandpaper for wood.
  • 2 Piece semi circulated saw blade 1 each for wood / dry wall cutting and wood / metal cutting.
  • 2 Piece scrape blade, 1 each for rigid and flexible scraping.
  • 1 Piece standard end cut blade for wood cutting.
  • 1 Piece bi metal end cut blade for metal cutting.
  • For wood cutting you will get 1 Piece precision end cut blade.
  • Standard flush cut saw blade for wood – 1 Piece.
  • 1 Semi Circle Carbide Blade.
  • 1 Sanding pad
  • 1 Grout removal rasp (triangular carbide)

Scrapers are build with high quality still which is heat treated and with electrophoretic coating.

For removing grouts from wall or between tiles you will get carbide blades made with high quality of steel for toughness. Grout removal rasp can be used for rasping and grinding cement or plaster.

This is universal fit oscillating tool blades which goes with maximum brands but not with quick release or quick change tools. You can see the full list by visiting below link.

(5) EZARC 6pc Titanium Oscillating Multitool Blades Review – Best Long Cut Saw Blades.

Titanium Oscillating Multitool Blades Long Cut Saw Blades Speed Cutting for Wood, Metal and Hard Material Review.
Blades For Speed Cutting for Wood, Metal and Hard Material.

This titanium oscillating blades from EZARC are at number 6 in our list of top 16. The reason we have included them is they provide long cut saw blades which works best in speed cutting of woods, metal and hard material.

This oscillating blades coated with titanium are harder and provides almost 2 time more durability then bi metal blades.

The extra long oscillating tool blades length helps you in faster and deep cutting with strong power transformation. You can easily use this multi tool blades for work like window installation, flooring work, decking etc.

When you want to cut aluminium, nails, copper pipes, laminates or wood this titanium multi tool blades works like charm. After trial we feel that this are best multi tool blade for cutting nails.

Ezarc oscillating saw blades with titanium coated teeth provides smooth and fast cut on thick soft metal like brass and aluminium. Even if you use them on regular basis they will provide double the life compare to bi metal blades.

The titanium blade set comes with 6 blades 3 with standard length with cutting length of 44 mm and teeth width of 40 mm, where as 3 blades with extra long length, where cutting length is 70 mm and teeth width is 40 mm.

Standard length blades can easily be used for nails, laminates, copper pipes, aluminium reinforced parquet, plastics and drywall etc. Whereas Extra Long oscillating tool blades can be used on applications similar to standard length blades but gives dipper cuts and that’s why they are so much in demand.

Compatible with most oscillating tool brands, in some it fits directly where in some you have to use adapters.

See below link to check the list of compatible models and brands.

(6) AxPower Oscillating Tool Saw Blades Review – Best Oscillating Blade for Woodwork Carpenter.

Best Oscillating Tool Blades for wood working and carpentry by AxPower.
60 Pack Oscillating Blade For WoodWork.

When you are looking for blades for woodworking and carpentry then you should definitely try AxPower Oscillating Tool Saw blades which comes in pack of 60 blades.

This blades gives great result when used for cutting wood, drywall, soft metal, particle board etc. If you use it correctly then they will be your best companion for long time.

This are oscillating blades with measures and length market on both the sides. One side you will get cms and other will show inches, this will be helpful to cut the material accurately.

This quick release oscillating multi tool blades can easily fit most of the tools (See the list here). The best part is it allows tool free fitment so that one can change the accessories quickly with ease.

Made from good quality of steel this fine design blade gives you clean and polish cuts. You can easily use them for your day to day need.

So the bottom line is if you are DIY type person who does own projects or a professional carpenter then this is a best buy woodcutting blade for you. Just go for it!!

(7) XXGO Universal Semicircle Triangular Finger Carbide Oscillating Multi Tool Blades Review – Best Blades For Grit Grout Removal.

XXGO Universal Semicircle Triangular Finger Carbide Oscillating Multi Tool Blades for Grit Grout Removal Review
Grit Grout Removal Blades For Oscillating Tools.

When you are looking for blade which is specially designed for removing grit grout then you should go for XXGO Universal Semicircle Grit Grout removal oscillating blades.

Made from carbide material this oscillating blade set is best for cement polishing, removing grout, grit and grinding. Even you can use it for ceramic tiles.

This is widely accepted oscillating tool which is specially designed for smaller and delicate jobs, it is designed in such a way that no or very little dust flies in the air when you are using it.

Abrasive material coating is present on the semi circled triangle carbide multi tool blade, this blades are about 1.2 mm thick, whereas finger carbide tool blades are 2.5 mm thick with abrasive material.

The tool set includes 2 semi circled 2-1/2 inches carbide blades, 2 3-1/8 inches triangular carbide blade and 1 carbide finger blade of 2 inches.

Being universal it fits most of the tools, still you can check out the entire list below.

(8) Imperial Blades IBOATV-15 PC One Fit Storm Variety Pack – Best Wood and Metal Tool Blades.

Imperial Blades IBOATV-15 One Fit Storm Titanium Metal/Wood Variety Pack, 15PC Case Review
Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated Oscillating Tool Blades.

Imperial One Fits Storm segment delivers blades which fits all. This serves as best multi tool blade for cutting nails and wood. This blades are most useful when you are doing projects related with fence repairing, flooring work, deck maintenance, nails and plunge cutting etc.

This are not doubt the best performing oscillating tool blades because they are made from heavy duty bi-metal with a storm titanium coating. This not only makes them tough but also give longest life compare to other blades in same segment.

The blade is so designed that it cuts metal, wood and other material very smoothly, the teeth pattern of this blade makes it easy to use and gives best results.

Along with the set of 15 blades you will also get a nice carry case which you can easily take with you for your projects, this will help to protect your blades from rusting and damage.

Company claims that it fits with tools of leading brands like Makita, Rockwell, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Bosch, Fin etc. Just have a look at entire list of compatible devices below.

(9) Fein 63502152290 Universal Oscillating Blade Review – Best Made In Germany Oscillating Blades.

Fein Universal Oscillating Blade Review.
Best Universal Oscillating Blades From Fein.

Fein, is one company which is known worldwide for manufacturing perfect oscillating tool blades. It is Germany based oscillating blade manufacturer supplying best cutting tools worldwide.

This are best blades for DIY projects, carpenters, plumbers, flooring installers, handyman etc. When you buy oscillating tool blades online, first make sure for what purpose you are buying them, once your purpose is clear you will be able to buy perfect one. So be clear before buying.

Fein oscillating tool blades are made bimetal with wavy universal tooling, this will help you to work easily on sheet metal, copper pipes, aluminium profiles, plastics and plasterboard and of course wood.

This wide shaped blades gives you fast cutting speed and optimal swarf removal.

Fein multitool oscillating tool blade comes in two variants 1) 4 x 2-3/8″ and 2) 8 x 2-3/8″. You can select the one that matches your requirement.

(10) OCR 6Pcs Carbide Oscillating Accessory Kit Review – Best Oscillating Tool Blades For Tiles.

OCR 6Pcs Carbide Oscillating Accessory Kit Mixed Multitool Saw Blades for Sanding Grinding Cutting Multi Tool for Tile Grout Mortar Concrete (Gold) Review
Best Multi Tool for Tile Grout Mortar Concrete.

If your primary purpose of buying multi tool blade is to work with tiles then this are your best choice. This 6 pcs oscillating accessory kit will work best for tile grout mortar concrete.

This high quality carbide oscillating tool blades have high hardness and are great wear and impact resistance. Even you can use for professional construction activities.

This Oscillating blade and accessory kit is helpful when you are working with hard objects like tiles, stone, concrete cement, ceramic tiles etc.

Thought it is best know for ceramic tiles and stone cutting you can also use it on putty, plastics, wood, sheet metal, bronze, cement and so on.

This 6 pcs gold colored oscillating kit set consist of follow items

  • 1 Pieces: Flush Cut Carbide Blade – 88mm(2-1/2″)
  • 1 Pieces: Carbide segment saw blade
  • 1 Pieces: Flush Cut Triangular Carbide Rasp
  • 1 Pieces: Finger carbide,rasp carbide saw blade
  • 1 Pieces: Flush Cut Carbide Blade – 63mm(2-1/2″)
  • 1 Pieces: Carbide Technology plunge-cutting saw blade

You can easily use it with other brands like Dewalt, Black & Decker, Dremel, Milwaukee Multitool and Proter Cable. Though it is applicable but not a quick change.

(11) Kleinzeug Carbide Oscillating Tool Blades Review – Best Flush Cut Oscillating Saw Blades.

Kleinzeug Carbide Oscillating Tool Blades - Multitool Oscillating Saw Blades Universal Fit - Hard Material Cutting Kit for Metal, Wood and More - Rockwell, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Dremel, Set of 3 Review
Best Universal Fit Oscillating Saw Blades.

This long reach oscillating saw blades from Kleinzeug fits most of the major brands starting from Fein, Dewalt, Bosch, Dremel, Hitachi, Rockwell etc.

Kleinzeug has manufactured this Carbide tipped oscillating tool blades specially to give you supreme result while cutting hard material. This oscillating saw blade has long life and durability compare to cheap oscillating kits available online.

Before reaching customers, this oscillating tool blades are tested thoroughly and that’s why they provide best performance when used correctly.

This hard material cutting tool blades can easily cut materials like nails, wood, cement, PVC, drywall, bolts, screws, sheet-rock, metal, tap-cones, FRP etc.

It is always advisable to go for carbide tipped tool blades as they are more durable then regular saw blades and gives better result.

Another reason to include Kleinzeug tool blades in our list of best oscillating tool blades is because they are universally compatible and works with all leading brands. This blades are available in set of 3, 5 and 20.

(12) Ryker Oscillating Tool Blades Review – Best Multi Tool Quick Release Saw Blades.

15 Wood/Metal Professional Oscillating Multi Tool Quick Release Saw Blades Review.
15 Blades Set For Cutting Wood, Metal and Fiberglass.

When you are looking for real multi-tool cutting blade set, then Ryker can be one of your choice. This 15 piece oscillating blades set not only work on metal, but it also have blades for wood, plastic or fiberglass.

This is indeed true value for money oscillating tool blades sets available online. This oscillating blade set provides you smooth cutting experience on every application without compromising upon quality.

The blades have marking on both the sides for accurate cutting, even you can do delicate cuts till 1 mm. Both metric and imperial measuring system are shown so its easy to use in any part of world.

This are among few trusted brands by contractors and PRO craftsman. This blades are helpful in cutting drywall, thick gauge of steel, cut wood flooring and wood with nails etc.

It comes with a handy storage case which you can carry with you and keep all the blades well organised. This carry case helps in protecting your bad from blade cuts and reduced wear and tear of blades as well.

This are few of the best oscillating tool blades which are value for money, so just go for it and check them out.

(13) DEWALT Oscillating Tool Blade for Grout Removal Review – Best Oscillating Blade For Grout Removal.

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Blade for Grout Removal, Fast Cutting, Carbide Review.
Grout Removal Oscillating Blade Available Online.

When you are looking for a oscillating blade for specific purpose I strongly advice to buy blade which is built for that one purpose only.

This blade from DEWALT is one of the best oscillating tool blade for grout removal, it comes with universal fitment i.e. it can be used in all major brands without requirement of adapter.

This blade is specially made by giving it a sign wave design which remove grout with almost double the speed then any other normal blade.

Many contractors have admitted that this blades remove grout faster then other gold colored and carbide blades and thus increases your productivity and saves your time.

This blade will not become blunt in just few uses like other cheap oscillating tool blades but rather will stay with you for longer time and provide best value for your money spent.

This grout removing blades quickly and accurately removes grout without damaging the tiles and leaving no mess around.

(14) Oscillating Tool Scraper Blades Set Review – Best Oscillating Multi tool Scraper Blade.

Oscillating tool scraper blades set, include oscillating rigid scraper blade 2pcs, flexible multitool scraper blades 10pcs, universal fit oscillating multitool scraper blades for carpet tile adhesives review.
Specially Designed Multi-tool Scraper Blade.

Are you looking for specialized scraper blades to remove tile adhesives, paints, cement, floor coating, sticker etc? This oscillating blades from HEMUNC are a good choice for you.

HEMUNC has manufactured this blades specially for scraping purpose, this helps in scraping and hard and soft surfaces. It can also be used on uneven surface and area which are hard to reach.

This universal fit oscillating multi-tool scraper blades easily fits most of the leading brand oscillating tools and thus makes your work super fast and easy.

Made out of steel, this blades gives you good strength and long lasting durability. Along with removing paints, stickers, floor coating, you can also use it for scraping wallpaper, cut leather and remove carpets.

This oscillating tool scraper blades set contains 12 blades which includes 2 types of blades. 2 blades are flexible oscillating blades which can be used for scraping adhesives, caulk, coats of peeling paints etc. Whereas you will get 10 rigid oscillating scraping blades which you can use to remove hard material like vinyl flooring, tile adhesive and carpeting.

For this price, they are really best buy oscillating tool blades, so just go and grab it before they are out of stock.

(15) PECHAM 24PCS Universal Wood Metal Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades Review – Best Buy Oscillating Multi Tool Blades.

PECHAM 24PCS Universal Wood Metal Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades Fit Porter Cable Black & Decker Rockwell Ridgid Ryobi Milwaukee DeWalt Chicago Craftsman Review.
Oscillating Multitool Quick Release Saw Blades.

PECHAM is another famous name in Power Tool industry that has been consistently providing good quality products since many years.

This set of 24 piece oscillating multitool quick release saw blade works best on wood and metal. They are made with high carbon steel and stainless steel with thickness then many other available brands. Electrophoretic black coating protects it from corrosion.

With built in length marker on both the sides it gives you accurate cutting experience. Being made with high heat resistant material it provides long lasting and easy cutting life.

We have included it in our list of best oscillating tool blades because it provides 7 different type of precision and saw blades. Each type of blade is designed to give best result for specific purpose. It can meet variety of needs like cutting woods, plastics, metal, scraping, sanding, grout removal, polishing, shaping, sanding etc.

This 24 pcs includes wood, bi-metal and Japanese tooth saw blades like

  • 4 pcs 1-3/8’Bi-Metal Saw Blades
  • 4 pcs 1-3/4’Precision Wood and Plastic Saw Blades
  • 4 pcs 1-3/8’Precision Wood and Plastic Saw Blades
  • 4 pcs 1-3/4’Wood/Plastic/Soft Metal Saw Blades
  • 4 pcs 1-3/8 Wood/Plastic/Soft Metal Saw Blades
  • 2 pcs 3-3/8’semicircle wood/plastic/soft/metal saw blades
  • 2 pcs C-Clip adapter

It also comes with 2 piece C clip adapter which gives better fitting in your multitool. This oscillating blades tool set is ideal for plumbing, remolding, demolition and many other DIY type projects.

You can confidently use them for household work or professional work or your workshops.

(16) One Fit 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade Review – Best Oscillating Blade For Drywall.

One Fit 4-IN-1 Features Drywall Blade Review.
Drywall Oscillating Blade Available Online.

Drywall cutting is one of the most frequently done work in most of the projects be it restoration or demolition or crafting. It is strongly advisable that you keep one drywall oscillating blade in your tool box, this will help you to speed up your work.

This drywall oscillating blade from Imperial is one such blade that will be your best companion for long time. This Imperial oscillation blade is designed to easily cut drywall for electrical boxes, can lights, PVC and many such other material.

This award winning design blade cutting width of the front plunge blade is the exact width of a standard American single switch outlet box which helps you to easily put cuts in drywall and electric boxes.

You will be able to do detail cuts with the help of dagger blade. Inches and Millimetre gauges given on side of blade will help you to take perfect measurement. Piercing blade helps you to push and pull the cut area as per your preference. Excess drywall can be removed with the help of notches given on the blade.

This one fit oscillating blade is compatible with most of the leading brands like Dewalt, Craftsman, Bosch, Fein, Makita, Porter Cable etc.

In short this one piece oscillating drywall blade is your go to device for all your drywall cutting needs.

BONUS – Milwaukee Tool Bag Review – Best Oscillating Blades Case.

Milwaukee Tool Bag Review.
Tool Bag Carry Case.

After buying best oscillating tool blades now its time to preserver them so that they stay protected against damage and corrosion.

Milwaukee tool bag is one such product that I will strongly advice each and every power tool user to buy. This tool bag or tool carry case as they call it is build with tough weather resistant material, it has a sleek handle so you carry it very easily.

It has a nice mesh webbed pocket inside to put your small tooling accessories and the main compartment is equipped with Velcro strap to hold your blades in place without colliding with each other.

Milwaukee is one of the trusted name in the industry and they have specially designed this tool bag in a way that you can easily carry for M12 type of tools, blades and accessories very comfortably.

So what’s holding you back, just go out and checkout this small tool bag for your power tools and blades.

Final Words On Best Oscillating Tool Blades

Well buying the right blades is equally important as buying the right power tool, so we strongly advice that you thoroughly study above blades and buy the best multi tool blade that fits your tool, this will make your work smooth and fast.

In case if you have any question or query about selecting best oscillating tool blades then please mail us and we will reply back with inputs from our experts.

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