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Best Maternity Belt for Back Pain Review Updated May 2022

best maternity belt for back pain

Hi, I am Sarah, I am co-founder of, today I am going to share list of best maternity belt for back pain available online. I am not just the co-founder of this site but also am mother of two beautiful kids. Firstly, I would like to congratulate all expecting mothers who are reading this blog post.  Being mother is one of the most wonderful and magical experience you will ever have. I am lucky to have it twice, feels really blessed.

Pregnancy will bring many changes in your body and mind, if we talk about body, then you will see your weight increasing, feeling less energy to do household works, feeling tired many times, pains and cramps etc. And mentally also you will feel tired, irritated sometimes, feels like crying or shouting loudly etc etc. Don’t worry all these things are normal and nothing to worry about. Enjoy your journey towards motherhood. 

One of the most common problems all pregnant women’s face is back pain. As soon as you start gaining weight due to baby growth in your womb, your back pain also starts to increase; it’s because of the belly weight, which you have gained during pregnancy. Our body (back) is not use to take so much weight and hence it starts paining. This you will usually see in 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Along with lower back pain, many women feel pain in pelvic area, abdomen, pain in legs and hips. All this things are normal; it is because your spine has to take lot of trouble due to baby’s weight. Sometime pregnancy back pain can even last post pregnancy also. How much pain you will have in pregnancy, when you will have pain in pregnancy, where you will have pain during pregnancy, all this depends on your body structure and your pain bearing capacity.

Today, we are going to discuss about most common problem of pregnant women’s and its solution. Today we are going to address lower back pain in pregnant women’s. Pain in lower back during pregnancy is very common, the most common remedy for lower back pain is using pregnancy belts / belly belts what they call it. This belts are very well designed which helps you to reduce back pain by giving proper support to your belly. I have personally used them during both the pregnancy, they are easy to wear, easy to carry and gives very relaxing feel.

Type of Maternity Belts.

There are two types of belts available in market for pregnant women’s. One is called maternity belt and another one is belly band. Let me explain you in detail.

What is Maternity Belt?

Maternity belt is for someone who has gained more weight than usual and who need to work all day in office or home without getting much time to sit. They are specially designed to take off weight from your belly which will reduce your back pain and pelvic pain. Maternity belt can be worn inside or over the cloths. They are best suited when you are back pain patient or expecting twins or having really long working schedule. Selecting best maternity belt for back pain is very important as it plays a vital role in reducing your body pains and making your pregnancy memorable.

What is Belly Band?

Belly band is an affordable or cheaper option to maternity belt. Belly band does not provide strong support like maternity belts and hence should be use when you have light back pain or have shorter working hour. Usually belly bands are used by pregnant women’s when they are unable to wear their pants / dress due to excess belly weight due to pregnancy.  

If you are looking for relief from back pain and pelvic pain, then maternity belt is must for you.

Below you will find list of Best Maternity Belt for Back Pain

(1) AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Pregnancy Back Support Belt Review – Best Maternity Belt for Back Pain

best maternity belt for back pain available online.
Best Maternity Belt For Back Pain Available Online

AZMED is a leading brand manufacturing products related with pregnancy and mother hood. The reason we have selected AZMED maternity belt are one of the best maternity belt for back pain, because they are made from soft light, weight and breathable material. They are easy to wear as they come with hook and loop closure.

AZMED maternity belt are designed to give right support to your belly and distribute your belly weight in a way that it does not give you back pain. The elastic material gives you relief from pelvic pain and hip pain during pregnancy. It is so designed that it gives support to your baby bump in a way that you can comfortably do your daily activities without any discomfort. The best part is they are so well designed that no one will know that you are wearing them below your cloths.

Though AZMED maternity belt are made from elastic, they have used a superior quality material which is very soft, just like your skin and will not give you any rashes and is totally safe to wear. The belt is such that it will take shape of your body and will provide you maximum comfort and movement for maximum support. The elastic is very stretchable; it can also work as plus size maternity belt.

Along with provide support to your body and reliving back and pelvic pain, this maternity belt also helps you to improve your posture.  It gives the right support to abdominal muscle and improves your posture which is very important during pregnancy.

One of the biggest and prime reason of including this pregnancy support belt for back pain in our list is the amount of trust pregnant mothers have shown on this product. Nearly 1,300,000+ maternity belts have been sold by AZMED across the globe.

This latex free, one size fit all, Premium quality maternity belt is a must for every pregnant mother.

See what pregnant mothers are saying about AMZEN maternity belt review here.


  • Light weight, superior quality material.
  • One Size fits all.
  • Breathable and easy to wear.
  • Reduces Back pain, pelvic pain and improves posture.


  • No cons, one of the best pregnancy belt with thousands of positive reviews.

(2) NEOTECH Care Maternity Belt Review – Best Pregnancy Support Belly Belt

best pregnancy support belt, belt for pregnancy available online
Best Pregnancy Support Belt

Just like AZMED, NEOTECH is another trusted name among pregnant mothers. NEOTECH manufactures one of the best maternity support belts for pregnant women’s. This pregnancy belt provides very good support to belly which helps in easing pelvic pain and lower back pain arising during pregnancy.

Made from soft breathable material, this belly belt is easy to wear. It has a elastic lining for proper fitting and multi layer laminated fabric. NEOTECH has given two sided hooks and loops fabric fasteners because of which you can wear this maternity belt throughout your pregnancy irrespective of your belly growth. It is a fully adjustable maternity belt for pregnancy.

We call it a best maternity belt for back pain, because it is designed in a way where it evenly distributes belly weight and reduces weight on pelvic muscle and gives good support to your back. Just like all other maternity belt available online, this belt is also to be worn above pubic area under your belly, so that it lifts your belly properly and give you relief from back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain and leg pain.

This belt is more suitable for pregnant mothers who have to walk and stand for long hours in job or at home, as it holds your belly firmly giving very less burden to your spine to carry your weight. While sitting you have to unhook the support and hooks to gain comfortable sitting position.

As per our research this NEOTECH maternity belt is more suitable for working women’s with a little extra belly weight. This latex free, one size fit all, Premium quality maternity belt is a must for every pregnant mother.

Though this belt is fully adjustable as your belly increased during your pregnancy, it is strongly advisable to measure your belly size and order right size belt. It is very important to order perfect size product when you buy maternity belt for back pain online.

Visit here to see how to select the right size for you.


  • Light weight and breathable material.
  • Gives superior support to back and belly.
  • Reduces Spinal strain.


  • Does not come in one size fit all.
  • Difficult to wear below cloths.

(3) Jill and Joey Maternity Belt Review – Best Belly Band for Pregnancy Back Support

best pregnancy belt for back support, pregnancy belt for belly
Best Pregnancy Belt For Back Support

If you are someone who hates or feels embarrassed wearing belly belt above cloths, then you can go for Jill & Joey Maternity Belt. This belly band provides very good support to your belly and at the same time don’t hurt your skin as it is made from cotton material which is very soft and breathable.

It reduced stress on your spine by giving support to your increase belly and hence reduced back pain and pelvic pain. Regular use of this maternity belt will help in easing pain in hips due to pregnancy. The belt is so designed that it provides extra lower back support giving you relief from lower back pain. You can easily put the belly belt on you with the help of Velcro.

If you are the one who have experienced sleepless nights due to back pain, then buying this maternity band online will give you great relief like many other expecting mothers, many buyers are satisfied with Jill & Joey Pregnancy Support belt.

It is stretchable maternity support belt; you can wear it throughout your pregnancy. Made with soft elastic and cotton material it expands as your belly expands in pregnancy and can easily hold upto 45 inches of belly comfortably.  Not to forget, this belly belt comes with a small zip pocket for storage.

The belt is so easy to carry that some users have claimed that even you can run wearing this belt comfortably for miles, making it best maternity belt for running.

Though this maternity belt cost less than other leading maternity belt brands available online, but the customer support is excellent, don’t think that it is cheap maternity belt, Jill & Joey provides excellent customer support and also have no question asked money refund policy.

When you are looking for buy maternity belt below $20, Jill and Joey are a must try for every expecting mother.


  • Easy to wear and carry.
  • Washable and has pocket for storage.
  • Good customer support and easy return policy.


  • Difficult to lift bigger belly.
  • Feels uncomfortable while sitting.

(4) MAEBAND Maternity Belly Band Review– Best Maternity Belly Band for Jeans

best maternity belly band for jeans, maternity belt for jeans and pants, maternity band for pants
Best Maternity Belly Band for Jeans

MAEBAND truly is women centric brand. It is one of the best pregnancy band brands online. Loved and recommended by thousands of pregnant mothers. MAEBAND has introduced maternity belly band, which is like blessings for working women’s. Many expecting mother who are working for long hours in professional job were facing a problem to wear pants and jeans due to belly size.

MAEBAND has addressed this problem very seriously and have introduced Pregnancy Bands/Waistband Extenders, with the use of which you can wear your favourite jeans even during your pregnancy.

Made from Cotton and Spandex this pregnancy belly belt comes with a belt closure.

So how does MAEBAND Jeans band works?

Well, MAEBAND belly band temporarily expands and fits in your jeans lops so that you can wear your favorite jeans comfortably, without struggling to close the button on your increased belly. It extends your cloths and at the same time gives support to your belly. The belts are so stylish that you can wear them on any pants, jeans or shorts.

When you are looking for best maternity belly band for jeans, you should definitely checkout MAEBAND Pregnancy band. They can be used for both i.e. during pregnancy and post pregnancy, making your life easy.

When you will have MAEBAND pant extenders you will not have to wait to shed your weight to wear your favorite pair of jeans. There is a little secret to it, many male also wear this belts when they are not able to lose belly weight.

The best part of this jeans extenders is, it is invented by a female, Holly, the owner of the company faced same problem like many other women’s and hence she came up with MAEBAND pregnancy belt extender. She has been pregnant 6 times and hence she knows importance of these pant extenders.

These maternity pant extenders come with Velcro at both the ends and hence they fit almost all size of belly, you can say they are like one size fits all. You have to simply fit the ends of this maternity waistband extender in two front loops of your pants and you are ready to go. They provide very good support to your belly and also hold your pant tightly so you don’t have to face any embracement in public.

MAEBAND pant extenders are gaining popularity rapidly and are among best maternity accessory best seller list.  You can also buy them as maternity gift for your friend, I am sure they are going to love it. Just make sure you don’t buy any similar looking cheap maternity pant extender as they will not provide you similar support and style. It is available in 3 colours, which you can check out here. So what waiting for, just go and grab this best maternity belly band for jeans and go out with style.


  • Stylish and Comfortable.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Hold your pant firmly and gives good support to belly.


  • Won’t fit in small loops.

(5) Maternity Belt 2.0. Belly band for pregnancy review – Best Pregnancy Support Band

best pregnancy support band, buy pregnancy support band online, pregnancy support band
Best Pregnancy Support Band

The latest version of pregnancy belt from Skywee Professional product is called Maternity Belt 2.0, it is one of the best pregnancy support belt which works during pregnancy and after pregnancy i.e. as postpartum recovery belt.

Manufactured using high quality polyester and elastic and woven with memory steel bone inside the material, this doctor’s recommended maternity band provides great relief from back and pelvic pain. You can wear this soft maternity belt under any type of clothing; it won’t hurt you or as it is made from soft breathable material.

This universal size pregnancy support band can be worn easily within few minutes with the help of Velcro strap. It comes in a beige colour and can be worn in your day to day activities without any problem. It provides great support to your belly and reduces lower back pain and pelvic pain.

How does the belly belt work? Well the elastic belly belt helps by supporting your growing belly, waist and abdominal area, giving less stress to your spine. This helps in reducing pain in your body, at the same time it also helps in improving your body posture.

To your surprise, this belly belt will work as postpartum belly belt, helping you to regain your body shape by giving proper support to your belly, hips and crotch area after pregnancy. Ideal for both pre pregnancy and post pregnancy, this two in one maternity belt also reduces the chances of stretch marks; also support your uterus, reducing chances of uterine prolapse.

When you are looking to buy two in one pregnancy belt online, then Maternity belt 2.0 is a good choice, as it provides great support for both the conditions i.e. pre and post pregnancy. It is worth checking it out.


  • Universal size.
  • Steel bones woven inside for better support.
  • Works during pregnancy and after pregnancy.
  • Reduces Back pain, pelvic pain and improves posture.


  • Does not fit petit women.

(6) It’s Your Babe V2 Supporter review – Best Vulvar Varicose Pregnancy Support Band

Best Vulvar Varicose Pregnancy Support Band, band for vulvar varicose online
Best Maternity Belt for Vulvar Varicose

Made in USA, this it’s your babe pregnancy support belt is made from latex free medical grade elastic. Comes in different size i.e. from 90 pound to 190 pound and above, this pregnancy belly support band is ideal for those who are suffering from vulvar varicosities. Though you can wear it even if you are not suffering from vulvar varicosities.

Recommended by many healthcare professionals, this pregnancy band available online is a nice alternative to typical maternity belt. You can wear it during and even after the pregnancy, it is a 2 in one pregnancy band. The Velcro strap provides very good support to your bladder and uterus.

The design of this belt is very unique; it gives maximum support and compression to your pelvic area with its criss-crossed straps and a nice straight strap going over your hips to hold it tight.  Make sure you wear it over your maternity panties, so that it doesn’t touch your bare skin directly or it might give you rashes.

This is best Prolapse belt as it holds your crotch area up and tight, brings it back in shape and giving good support to your pelvic muscle and relieving pain and discomfort due to Vericosites. Some of the buyers have recommended it as the best vulvar varicosite belt during pregnancy, as it provides very good relief from it.

It is a very discrete belt, you can easily wear under your pants over your panties, and no one will ever notice it. Easy to wear and easy to take off.


  • Latex Free, Made from Medically approved material.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Best belt for vulvar varicosities during pregnancy.


  • No one size fit all; you have to order your size.
  • Might be uncomfortable to sit for long hours.

(7) BABYGO Pregnancy Support Belt review – Best Maternity Pelvic Girdle and Back Pain relief belt

best maternity pelvic girdle and back pain relief belt, best pelvic pain relief belt
Best Maternity Back Pain Relief Belt

If you are someone who is looking for immediate relief from back and pelvic pain during pregnancy then you should definitely have a look at BABYGO Pregnancy support belt. Company claims that, it is one of the best back pain relief belts available online.

Made with highest quality soft material on both the sides makes it safe for both baby and mom. This high quality maternity belt claims to be giving excellent support to belly and gives immediate relief from pregnancy aches. The mesh inserts makes the belt breathable and Velcro helps you to adjust the belt as per your comfort. This fully adjustable Velcro pregnancy belt will be your strong support from 1st to last trimester.

You can wear it inside or above your cloths; this maternity pain relief belt will ease discomfort in pelvic area, back and hips. The belt will give good support to your belly for faster recovery even after pregnancy. It supports core muscles that were stretched during pregnancy.

BABYGO Pregnancy belt comes with a nice 25 page booklet comprising of best yoga poses for pregnancy, which will not only help you to ease the pain but will also help you to give birth to healthy baby. This yogasana will help you to gain your pre pregnancy shape in short time.

This is really a best buy maternity belt when you are looking for fast relief from pregnancy aches.

What more you can ask when you are getting best pregnancy belt under $30.


  • Made from Soft material. Easy to wear.
  • Yoga book provides great yoga stretches.
  • Instant pain relief from Pregnancy aches.


  • Sitting with the belt for long hours can be uncomfortable.

Conclusion – Which is best maternity belt for back pain.

Well, from my personal experience and after asking so many pregnant women’s, it is strongly advisable that you wear a maternity belt, as it will give great support to your belly reducing back pain and pelvic area pain.

Maternity belt helps you to make your pregnancy pain free and memorable. There are many varieties of maternity belt available online, but the one that provides best support to your body and baby have been shared above.

Confusions related with Maternity Belt.

  • Will wearing belly belt hurt my baby?

Maternity belt or belly belt are meant to take away your pregnancy pain and give cradle like comfort to your baby, but you have to make sure that you are wearing a right size belt and with the right fitting, not too tight nor too lose.

  • Are maternity belt uncomfortably to wear?

Not all maternity belt are uncomfortable, some cheap maternity belt available online can surely be uncomfortable, but pregnancy belt from companies like AZMED, NEOTECH, BABYGO, MAEBAND etc can be blessings for you. As you will be wearing belly belt for the first time, it will surely make you uncomfortable and you will have strange feeling, but once you are use to you, they will be your best companion throughout your pregnancy.

  • How to wear maternity belt?

Well, different belt comes in different style and so the wearing style will differ too. But most of the maternity belts are with Velcro, which will make it very easy for you to wear and take it off. Nearly all companies send a user guide on how to wear the maternity band, so it won’t be very difficult for you.

I have tried to answer all the questions and have given list of best maternity belt for back pain available online. Still if you have any query or question, you can comment below or email me and I will reply back at the earliest.

Happy Pregnancy, once you have a cutie baby, don’t forget to checkout our section best nursery night light for babies.

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