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Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $100 – Updated May 2022

best kitchen knife set under $100

My wife loves cooking, her kitchen is well equipped with all sort of kitchen accessories and equipments. She loves collecting different type of knives for cooking. This is what made me think to buy kitchen knife set online. It is better to purchase kitchen knife set instead of buying knifes individually.

While doing research on best kitchen knife set online, I came across some of the best selling knife set under $100. I nearly spent 2 weeks in finding best kitchen knife set under $100 and this is what made me realize how difficult it will be for a buyer to find best knives set under $100 if they don’t know where to search, which brand to buy and how much to spend.

You will easily find best knife set on Amazon, but there also you will see hundreds of knife brands which will confuse you and you will end up buying wrong product for your kitchen. I myself cook many times for my family (thanks to my wife) and that is the reason I know what type of knife set is required and is best for most households.

When you don’t have much information on what type of knives set to buy, you will buy a cheap knife set which will not last long or where the blades start to rust quickly. This is the reason I am writing this blog post to showcase some of the best kitchen knife set available online under $100 which you can buy with confidence.

You are a home cook or a professional cook, a great knife set is must have in your kitchen. Today I am going to share knives set with different style, design and features, so you can select the one that suites your style and usage. Most importantly all the knife set I’ll be sharing will be available online under $100.

Top and Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $100

Without wasting much of the time, let’s dive into the list of top knife set under $100 which you can buy online.

(1) Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set Review – Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set Under $100

Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set Under $100.
Best kitchen knife set under $100 online

Loved by more than 10,000+ buyers, Cuisinart 15 Piece Stainless Steel Knife set is one of the best selling knife set online. Build with superior high quality carbon stainless steel material, it is one of the lightest knife set which can be used for cutting, chopping and slicing.

When you want a good knife set for home, Cuisinart stainless steel knife set will be your best choice. Ergonomically designed, this knife provides perfect comfort and support along with easy cutting and chopping experience.

These stainless steel handle knife goes well with all type of kitchen and will add a style to your kitchen accessories. Anyone visiting your home will easily feel that this is $200+ knife set. Well crafted, stylish and durability are the key aspects of these knife set.

These knives are easy to clean and wash, though washing them regularly in dishwasher can damage the blades due to strong dishwasher detergent. The best way to keep the blades sharp and strong is to clean them with plain water and dry it thoroughly as soon as you are done with it.

If cleaned and stored properly these knives will last for years to come. Some of the buyers are using this knife set since last 2/3 years.

Lovely design and durable bolster provides good quality and control. Whereas the sharp blades provides accurate and sharp cutting. When you will buy these $100 knife set online, you will get 6 hot forged steak knives which will enhance your kitchen table look.


  • Knife with Stainless steel handle
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean


  • Cannot wash in dishwasher

(2) Kitchen Knife Set with Craving Fork and Detachable Wooden Block Set Review – Best Kitchen Knife Set Under $100

Kitchen Knife Set with Craving Fork. Buy kitchen knife set online under $100
Kitchen knife set with Craving Fork

Emojoy is known worldwide for its superior craftsmanship, they are one of the best knife brands available online. When you are looking for best knife set for money, then Emojoy is your choice. Made from German stainless steel material, it provides great looks, comfort and strong hold.

Though this kitchen knife set is under $100, the look and feel makes it look like a $200 knife set. Emojoy is one of the leaders in knife manufacturing and this is the reason I have included them in my list of best kitchen knife set under $100.

This 16 piece knife set is made from high quality carbon stainless steel material, which is strong, durable and rust proof. The ultra sharp knife blades are easy to use for chopping, cutting, slicing, mincing and dicing.

The solid hardwood block handle is easy to hold in your palm and provides superior grip and control. Every block is handcrafted and unique. Talking about steak knife, they come with a detachable base for easy cleaning and placement. So no more dirt inside the knife handles.

Emojoy clearly states that these are not dishwasher safe knife set, so please hands wash them for durability. The all in one knife set is a perfect gift option for home warming, birthday or wedding.

The knife has a full tang double steel modern design, which easily fits in your palm and is suitable for long use and comfort. When you are looking for a quality knife set online, Emojoy 16 piece knife set is best buy for you.

When you buy Emojoy knife set online, you will get 6 piece steak knife set, one chef knife, 1 bread knife, a slicing knife, one sharpener and Santoku, Kitchen Shear, Paring knife, utility knife and fork. You can store all this in a wooden knife block which will enhance your kitchen and table beauty. The sharpener provided will help your knife blades to stay sharp and strong.


  • Made from superior German Stainless Steel
  • Well balanced design
  • Comes with blade sharpener


  • Can’t wash in Dishwasher

(3) Marco Almond KYA28 Knife Set, 14 Pieces Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set Review – Best Japanese Kitchen Knife Set under $100

Best Japanese Kitchen Knife Set under $100
Best Japanese Blade Knife Set

Just like Emojoy, Marco Almond is another popular kitchen knife brand available online. Trusted by hundreds of buyers worldwide, Marco Almond makes some of the best kitchen knife set in different price range; this one is targeted at the buyers who are looking for knife set under 100 USD.

When you buy Marco Almond knife set online, you will get high quality knife set made from Japanese Stainless steel carbon material. The 14 piece knife set includes 1 Chef knife, 1 slicing knife, one Santoku knife, 2 Serrated utility knife if different size, 1 paring knife, six steak knives, one kitchen shear and a beautifully crafted wooden block to hold this set.

Marco Almond knife set is suitable for both home kitchen and restaurant kitchens. This rust proof kitchen knife set is forged from single piece which provides stunning look, ease of holding and accurate and quick cutting and chopping.

The natural hard wood block has a built in sharpener which will keep sharpening your knife set for years to come. Targeted at both beginners and professionals this Japanese steel knife set has great designed handles which provides superior grip and comfort while using them in your kitchen.

When you are looking to buy rust proof knife online, Marco Almond is the right choice for you. With more than 10 years of experience in Knife and Kitchen Accessories, Marco Almond has prepared this sturdy knife to uplift your kitchen beauty for years to come

To keep the beauty of the knife as it is for years to come, make sure you wash it with hand and immediately dry it after washing.


  • Made from Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Rust Proof Material
  • Storage block has in-built knife sharpener


  • Not Dishwasher Friendly knife

(4) Home Hero 13 piece Stainless Steel Knife Set Review – Best Knife Set Under $50

Best kitchen knife set under $50 with knife sharpener
Best Kitchen knife set with knife Sharpener

If you are cooking occasionally and don’t want to invest much in kitchen accessories and knives then you can definitely check out Home Hero stainless steel knife set. You will get this Home Hero Knife set under $50 from Amazon.

It is all in one complete knife set for your kitchen, which will be helpful in cutting, chopping and pilling. This 13 piece stainless steel knife set contains Chef Knife, Bread Knife, Carving Knife, Utility Knife, Cheese Knife, Paring Knife, Pizza Knife, Kitchen Scissors, Peelers and a Premium 2 stage knife sharpener with a beautiful knife stand.

Home Hero has made this knife with superior quality steel and has given a coating of non-stick paint which makes the blades not rust and non stain knifes. The blades are so designed that even a newbie can cut like professional chef. This ultimate knife set comes with a transparent knife stand which will increase beauty of your kitchen.

Along with 7 types of knives you will get 6 premium quality steak knife which is a best companion for meat lovers. With so many different types of knives, Home Hero stainless steel knife set is one of the best kitchen knife set under $100 available online. When you are looking for kitchen gifts for women, this knife set will surely serve your purpose.

This one of a kind knife set is suitable for both vegetable food and non-vegetable food. With nearly 20,000+ customers worldwide then is one of the best selling knives set on Amazon. Just checkout all reviews here and then make your buying decision. I am confident that you will not regret after buying this stainless steel knife set under $50.


  • Made from Stainless steel and coated with non-stick paint
  • Includes 2 stage knife sharpener
  • Beautiful transparent storage case


  • Not very sturdy

(5) Cuisinart Triple Rivet 16 Piece Knife Set Review – Best Forged Knife Set

Best forged kitchen knife set under $100 online
Forged kitchen knife set under $100

When you are ready to spend little extra and looking for a premium knife set for your kitchen, then 15 Piece knife set from Cuisinart Store is worth taking a look at. Beautifully crafted for stainless steel material, Cuisianart has used high carbon forged stainless steel blades for sharp and accurate cutting.

The white ergonomic handle is fixed with beautiful steel rivets to enhance safety and long life of the knives. When you buy Cuisinart White knife set online, you will get one chef knife, slicing knife, santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, birds beak style paring knife, 6 steak knives, a sharpening device and a household scissor. All this you can store in a nice crafted wooden block.

The extra wide forged safety bolster gives you perfect grip and control while cutting. The knives have tapered blades which are extremely sharp for vegetable and meat cutting. When you buy forged knife set online, you will get this full white colored knife set. While using them you have to make sure that you clean them as much as you can or else they will get dirty easily.

Even if you are not professional, this light weight knife set will make your cooking flawless and enjoyable. Also when stored in wooden block, it will add a style to your kitchen décor. So what you waiting for just go here and checkout this white knife set available online and enjoy lifetime warranty from Cuisinart.         


  • Beautiful and unique white look
  • Stainless steel rivet for extra safety
  • Comes with Lifetime Warranty


  • Can get dirty due to white color
  • Sharp but not very sturdy, good for home users

(6) Jero 4 Piece Butcher Meat Processing Knife Set Review – Best Knife Set For Cutting Meat

best knife set for cutting meat under $100
Best type of Knife For cutting Raw Meat and Raw Chicken

If you are meat lover like me and love eating meat every few days, then this meat cutting knife set is worth checking it out. To eat a well cooked meat, it is very important that you cut meat properly, and that is where this butcher meat processing knife set comes in handy.

This stainless steel super sharp knife set is made from high carbon German steel blade, which is not only sharp but also durable. These blades are sturdy and hence provide durability and ease of cutting meat.

Handle of this 4 piece meat knife set available online is made from high density polymer which is temperature resistant and provides firm grip while cutting meat. Sold by Jero on Amazon, this knife set includes every type of knife that meat lovers want.

When you buy butcher knife set, you will get 8” breaking knife, 10” Cimeter, 6” Curved Boning and a Mundial steel to keep the knife edges sharp. 

The curved knife works best when you want to cut meat; it is one of the favourite knives for butcher. With the help of breaking knife, you will be able to break small animals like goat, hogs, deer etc. When you want to slice up loins and steaks, Cimenter comes very handy; it is very useful as slicer and does trimming large meat parts. With so many features don’t you think, this is best butcher knife set available online?

Jero provides best customer support and proudly offer Lifetime Guarantee against any defects found in the knives. This is the reason they are rated as one of the best knife for cutting meat and is loved by hundreds of buyers. If you are eating meat regularly and looking for best type of knife for cutting raw meat or raw chicken, Jero Butchers knife set if for you.


  • Made from German Blades
  • Temperature resistance handles
  • Comes with Lifetime Guarantee


  • Little bit pricey
  • More suitable for cutting meat (non-veg)

(7) Mercer Culinary Genesis 6 Piece Knife Set Review– Best High-End Knife Set

best high-end knife set
Best high-end knife set available online

When you are ready to spend little bit more and looking for a high-end knife set online, then you must checkout Mercer Culinary Genesis 6 Piece Forged Knife Block set. Made from high carbon no stain German blades which are non rusty, gets no corrosion and provides extraordinary results.

With not even one negative review on Amazon, this are one of the best high-end knife set you will ever get. Trusted by thousands of buyers worldwide, Mercer Culinary provides best high end knife set which not only gives super result but also face-lift the look of your kitchen. Just pair this knife set with backless bar stool for your kitchen and give a wow effect to your home.

Ergonomic Santoprene handle provides superior grip while cutting and provides comfort to your hand when used for long hours. The handle is so made that it can easily withstand hot and cold temperature without getting damaged.

The full tang precision forged construction blade provides durability and balance while cutting items like meat and hard vegetables. Forged knife sets are made from single piece steel which provides superior sharpness compared to non forged knife set.

When you buy high end knife set online, you will get a well crafted transparent knife stand. This knife stand is made from a strong see through material which not only looks elegant but also holds your knife perfectly and protects them from dust.

There are very few knives which are NSF Certified; Mercer Culinary knives are one of them. Certified by NSF, Mercer Culinary knife provides safety, quality and performance.

This best high-end knife set includes 1 Chief knife, one Bread knife, one Boning knife, One utility knife, one paring knife and beautiful transparent knife holder. Mercer Culinary also gives you lifetime warranty for this set.

Mercer Culinary have 30 years of experience in manufacturing world class knife sets, you cannot go wrong when you buy Mercer Culinary high end knife set online.


  • Made from German Non-rust, Non-dust high quality Blades
  • Temperature resistance handles
  • Beautiful transparent knife holder


  • No cons as such


Though most of the knives are made with high quality material, it is strongly advised not to wash them in dishwasher. Always wash them with hands gently. Taking care of your knife set will help your knife blades to stay sharp and make them last long for years to come.

As shared above in our list of best kitchen knife set under $100, many knife set comes with a knife sharpener, use them regularly to sharp your knife edges, this will help you to do cutting and chopping effortlessly and will speed up your cooking process.

If you have any query or question related with best kitchen knife set under $100, then please email us and we will reply back to you in less than 24 hours.

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