Best Cordless Phone For Hearing Impaired With Answering Machine Updated May 2022

best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine

It is harsh reality that not everyone is blessed and fortunate to have a healthy life and healthy body. I realize this when I recruited Davin last month in my office as a product testing specialist.  He is excellent at product testing and reviewing, especially underground wire locator. Unfortunately in one such incident he got a shock from live wire while testing one such machine. It took nearly 3 months for him to recovery, but unfortunately he partially lost his hearing ability, this was a major setback for him and his family, but somehow he bounced back and now working with us.

Davin’s condition made me think about the problems that hearing impaired person faces on day to day basis, even our grandparents and parents tend to lose hearing ability as the age progresses and this is what inspired me to make a list of best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine. I’ll be happy if a small step from me can make someone’s life easier.  

There are many companies who are selling hearing aid compatible cordless phones, but unfortunately people are not aware of it and hence I decided to make a list of best buy hearing impaired phone

When I was researching for amplified phones for severe hearing loss person, I came to know that many leading brands like Panasonic, AT&T, VTech, Clarity etc already have range of amplified phone, but it is our bad luck that we hardly know about it. This is what inspired me to come up with top phone for hearing impaired.

What in general I have found that Pansaonic amplified cordless phones are the best compared to other brands, still there are few that I would definitely like to include in this list.

1) Panasonic Amplified Cordless Cellphone KX-TGM420W review – Best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine.

Best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine
Best amplified phone with digital answering machine

Coming from brand like Panasonic, KX-TGM420W is one of the best cordless phones for hearing impaired with answer machine. This phone is sleek, sturdy and serves the purpose very well.

Panasonic phones for hearing impaired are perfectly designed with volume booster and volume control where you can increase a caller voice upto 40 db and it also have 6 voice tone settings. Along with that it has big keypad and clear and large display screen. It comes in three classy colours like white, silver and black. The base unite is equipped with a loud ringer for better hearing experience and has 15 ringtone options to select from.  

Sometime the background noise is so much that even a normal person is not able to hear what is being said from the other end of phone, thanks to Panasonic hearing impaired phone, this phone has built in noise reduction technology which makes hearing better, this will reduce background noise and will improve your talking experience.

When you are looking for cordless phone for seniors hard of hearing, then you should definitely check this phone. The in-built slow talk feature slower down the speed of speech in real time making it easy to listen and understand, you can use this feature while listening to answer messages too.

The base unit and cordless phone has a nice red light on it, which lit up when the phone rings, so one can know that phone is ringing even from a corner of the room. Even the keypad has a nice backlight, which makes dialling easy in dark.

Now let’s talk about special features of this best cordless phone for hearing impaired. It comes with loud speakerphone, answering machine with loud voice, Power backup, Talking caller ID and keypad, 250 Numbers call block and intercom.

The answering machine is loud enough for hearing impaired person, this also includes message forwarding. It can record up to 17 minutes of voice messaging. The phone comes with one handset and one base unit installed with 2 rechargeable batteries. Company claims that you can configure 6 handsets with same base unit.

This unit is best suited for person with moderate or severe hearing loss as it has all the functions to make their life easy.  


  • Easy to setup
  • Voice slowing technology
  • Noise reduction technology for better hearing


  • Nothing negative

2) AT&T EL52213 2-Handset Expandable Cordless phone with Answering System review – Best buy cordless phone for hearing impaired.

At&T hearing impaired cordless phone for hard of hearing.
Best cordless cellphone for hard of hearing under 50

AT&T EL52213 2 handset expandable cordless phone is at number 2 in our list of best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine. This phone just like Panasonic comes with answering machine for ease of use.

The handset has full duplex speakerphone which will help to talk with free hands while doing your daily chores. The base unite comes with a digital answering machine, which can record up-to 14 minutes of incoming messages and announcements.

The keypad has extra large dialling buttons with backlight which makes dialling easy. This phone can be a nice gift idea for hearing impaired person like your parents or grandparents. The extra large LED screen is best suited for elderly person as they can view incoming calls and call history easily.

This nicely build cordless for hearing impaired has a long battery life compared to its competitors. The ECO mode power consumption feature on the phone saves the power and gives you longer battery life.

The intercom facility makes this phone best buy cordless for elderly as your grandparents or parents can easily talk with you without leaving comfort of their bedroom. Just press intercom and then the hand set number and it will instantly call the dialed hand set.

Another nice feature of this loud cordless phone is remote answering system access. With this function you can access your messages and set new outgoing announcements by calling it from any other phone.

You can set up up to 5 handsets with one base unit and use them across your home or office freely. The pack comes with one wall mount bracket and two lithium metal batteries. This is modern generation plug and play cordless phone, simply plug the charger and phone cable and your phone is ready to use. This is best cordless phone under 50 specially for hearing impaired person with answering machine.


  • Cheap and Affordable
  • Comes with 2 hand sets
  • Battery saving function


  • Ringer is loud but voice output is bit low
  • No special feature for hearing impaired person

3) Panasonic DECT 6.zero Expandable Cordless Cellphone System with Answering Machine Review – Best noise reduction phone for hearing impaired.

noise reduction cordless phone for hard of hearing. Panasonic amplified cordless phone review.
Panasonic Amplified cordless phone review

You might see me bias for selecting this brand again, but believe me Panasonic phones for hearing impaired are best. They specially design these phones for medium to high hearing loss people. DECT 6.0 is another great example of how Panasonic really cared about hearing impaired people.

When you buy Panasonic KX-TGE432B Dect 6.0 expandable cordless phone online, you will get 2 beautifully crafted black colour cordless phone with large keypad with backlight and nice and bright display screen which displays incoming caller’s number and shows you time and date.

Talking about the DECT 6.0 technology, Panasonic has improved the range and security a lot, along with that it has increased the frequency of error correction utpo 80x which enables you to talk clearly.

The highlight of this phone is its Noise reduction technology. It suppresses the background noise and at the same time enhances the caller’s voice which improves the quality of the communication between caller and the speaker.

Another useful feature of this cordless phone is its talking caller ID function. With the help of this smart text to speech technology you will be able to hear the caller’s number sitting in corner of the room. They have given two languages for talking i.e. English and Spanish. If you have saved the number in the phone book, then phone will speak the name of caller.

When you buy amplified phone for severe hearing loss person, you don’t just give them a phone, but you give them comfort of life. This cordless phone has another special feature called Eco Mode; this prolongs battery life especially when you are using handset close to the base unit as it reduces the power consumption automatically.            

Another remarkable feature of this phone is its key detector functionality. Attach the key detector option with your car key and it will help you to quickly locate your car keys within 200 yards distance by activating the beeping alarm of your key.

With baby monitoring feature, you can use second hand set in your baby’s room. When you baby wakes up or start crying the unit inside your baby’s room will immediately send the alert to the base unit or any other phone or mobile phone number you have stored in the handset. With this feature you can be sure of your child’s safety.

You can enjoy hands free calling with built in speaker phone. With one touch press of button you can block the unwanted telemarketing numbers, this phone can block up to 250 unwanted numbers. This is Hearing Aid T-Coil compatible cordless available online.

The base unit has nice big buttons and display which shows you number of messages that you have received, you can listen to them and erase them easily. The answer machine also works flawless.  Looking at the features, I feel that this phone is worth including in my list of best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine.


  • Big Keypad and Display screen
  • Noise Reduction Technology for better communication
  • Text to Speech for incoming calls
  • ECO Mode for power saving Baby Monitoring and Car Key Detector


  • Bit slow speaker phone volume

4) AT&T BL102-2 DECT 6.zero 2-Handset Cordless phone review – Best buy phone for hearing impaired.

Buy cordless phone online for hearing impaired
Greatest Purchase listening to impaired cellphone accessible on-line

Just like Panasonic, AT&T is another brand that takes care of society by manufacturing phones for hearing impaired. When you are looking for amplified phones for severe hearing loss this is another brand to look at. Trusted by thousands of online buyers.

When you are thinking of gift idea for grandparents or your special friend who has hearing disability then this phone will be best choice for them.

A smartly designed hand set with light at the top, which starts flashing as soon as the phone rings, which you can see even from the corner of the room. If your grandma is home alone, she will easily know that there is an incoming call from the flash light, even if the ringer is on mute mode.

By pressing audio assistance button given on the side of the phone, it will instantly increase the incoming caller’s volume making it easy for hearing impaired person to talk and clearing understand what is being said from the other end. To turn it off, just press it again.

The large keypad with background light and 2 inch display lets you see and dial the numbers easily, even in the low light conditions. Display will show you other details like date, time and list of missed calls.

The full duplex speakerphone lets you enjoy hands-free communication which watching TV, cooking or simply relaxing in your rocking chair. The voice is so clear and loud that it feels like talking with each other in person.

In this amplified cordless phone you will get smart call blocker, where you can block up to 1000 annoying numbers with just one touch of a finger. So no more robocalls now. If you have saved the number in phone book, then it will announce the name of the caller making you aware that Mr. John is calling.

The phone comes with a 2 battery and has a nice ECO Mode which saves power and increases your battery life. The phone also comes with a wall mount bracket for ease of use.

The digital answer system records upto 22 minutes of incoming messages and announcement which is one of highest in same range of cordless phones under 100.

The phone also comes with many other features like Answering system with LED message counter, 50 name/number caller ID history, intercom between two handsets, 50 number phonebook, Voicemail waiting indicatory, Any answer key etc etc.

I would like to share a quick tip with you, whenever you are looking to buy cordless phone for hearing impaired online, make sure you buy the phone with speakerphone as speaker phone tend to have louder voice compare to ear peace.


  • Digital Answer Machine with LED Message counter
  • 1000 call blocking with smart call block button
  • Power saving with ECO mode


  • Bit hard to set up

5) VTech SN5127 Amplified Cordless Senior phone System review – Best Amplified phone for Elderly.

buy Vtech cordless phone for hearing impaired online. Amplified phone for hearing hard.
Buy amplified phone for hard of hearing online

Another lesser known but rapidly growing brand which you should look for while buying amplified cordless phone online is VTech, they have made this model specially for hearing impaired person. This cordless phone for hard of hearing person has all the features that one can ask for.

It has nice big display with orange back light and big dial pad for easy phone dialing. With orange back-light in the display you can easily see the screen in dark and with large keypads with at least 3 mm gap between them even an elderly person can easily dial the correct number.

VTech has design this cordless for hearing impaired and elderly and hence has given an extra louder ringtone volume with a visual ringing indicator over the top of the handset. It comes with 5 level of ringer setting from low to high.

Another noteworthy feature of this amplified cordless phone is, its Audio assist feature, they have given a small button on the side of handset, pressing the same will instantly boost the volume by 50db and improves sound frequency resulting in easy speech reorganization and enjoyable conversation.

Apart from audio assist, it also has a volume control button, with the help of which you can increase or decrease the phone volume during the call. This function is also available on base unit so you can either use handset or base unit to do the same.

VTech has designed the cordless in such a way that you won’t feel tiresome during long conversation. They have given a large ear cup which makes your communication delightful, making it a best cordless phone for hearing impaired.

With one touch call block button, you can instantly block annoying phone calls and telemarketing numbers. It can block upto 1000 phone numbers. It can also filters robocalls and just allow real callers to come to you. It also have Caller ID announcement feature, which announces the incoming call number, if you have saved the number in phone-book then it will speak the name that you have saved.

As VTech has engineered this cordless phone for elderly and hearing impaired they have taken care of almost every tiny thing. They have given a SOS button, which once pressed during emergency, will shoot a pre recorded message to the stored 5 numbers. So now you don’t have to worry when your grandparents are home alone. For further safety, you can also add an audio doorbell, wearable SOS and a remote telephone ringer. It supports upto 30 total devices, which you can purchase separately.

The main feature because of which I have included this phone in my list of best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine is its Digital answer system. It records upto 22 minutes of incoming messages and outgoing announcements. Not only that you can slow playback the messages for clear understanding can also forward and listen to remote device.

Another key feature of this amplified cordless phone is photo dialing. Yes, you read it right. VTech has given 4 small boxes/buttons, just pre-feed the frequently dialed numbers and stick a photo on it and then you are ready to do photo dialing.

So next time when you are looking to buy cordless phone for hearing impaired or elderly online just checkout VTech SN5127, it definitely gives good competition to Panasonic and AT&T.


  • Smart Call block
  • Instant volume boosting
  • Photo Dialling and Speaker phone in handsent
  • Visual ringer


  • Bit tough to Program.

6) Clarity 53714 Dect 6.0 Amplified Cordless phone with Digital Answering System review – Best cordless phone for hard of hearing.

Clarity amplified phone review. Buy clarity phone online. Best cordless phone for hard of hearing.
Best cordless phone for hearing impaired elderly

When you are looking to buy amplified cordless phone under 100, then Clarity 53714 is worth checking it out. Clarity is world leader in amplified phones and, Clarity 53714 is equipped with Dect 6.0 technology and has a nice and sleek design. Let’s dive deep into this amplified cordless phone review.

D714 is clarity’s No #1 selling amplified phone online. This provides great hearing experience and beautiful look and feel. It has nice and big soft touch keypad with back light for easy dialing in dark. The display screen has a bright light, brighter than other amplified cordless handsets which are sold online. It also lights up on incoming call, making it a nice visual ringer which lets you know that there is incoming call even on mute ringer.

It amplifies incoming calls to twenty time more than regular cordless phone, the volume amplifies upto 40DB making it easy for moderate to heavy hearing loss person. When your parents or grandparents are not ready to use hearing aids, this amplified cordless phone works best as it increases the incoming call volume, making it easy for them to hear and understand.

When you are confused on which cordless phone to buy for hearing impaired person, then this phone will surely be at your rescue. It has nice installed hearing loops which switch hearing aid to T-coil making it easier to talk.

The base unit has a digital answering machine which will also show you number of incoming messages. It saves upto 20 minutes of incoming messages and outgoing announcements flawlessly. The base unit speaker will loudly speak all your messages making it easy for you to understand.

So next time when you want to buy gift for hearing impaired friend or colleague then amplified cordless phones will be the best choice, they will definitely love it and will be thankful to you for the gift.


  • Loud Speakerphone
  • Dect 6.0 technology equipped
  • Digital Answering Machine
  • T-coil Technology


  • Limited call blocking number
  • Large Display screen, but small digits inside

7) Panasonic KX-TGC220S Expandable Cordless phone System with Answering Machine review – Best amplified phone under 50

Best amplified phone under 50. Panasonic amplified cordless phone review.
Best Panasonic amplified cordless phone

This is 3rd phone from Panasonic in my list of best cordless phone for hearing impaired with answering machine. I cannot resist and have to include this phone due to its outstanding qualities and pricing. When you buy Panasonic cordless phone online, you will get looks, features, brand trust and above all a sense of satisfaction when you look at it price. Let me do Panasonic amplified phone review in detail.

The phone is painted with two colors i.e. Silver and Black which looks classy when you hold in your hand. It has a large around 1.60 inch display with nice orange back light. The touch pad is well crafted with black digits on white background; a soft dial pad with numbers big enough for reading without glasses.

The ear piece is compatible with hearing aid T-Coil making it easy for hearing impaired people to talk over this phone. Panasonic has given ringer in both base unit and cordless handset which will ring on incoming calls. It has some really melodious pre programmed ringtones; you can select the one as per your choice.

Just like other amplified phones from Panasonic, this phone also comes with intelligent ECO technology, which saves power and gives you a longer battery life. Whenever the handset is close to the base unit it starts saving power. 

You can save up to 50 numbers in phone book, and set 9 numbers in speed dial which you are dialing frequently. Not only this, you can also block 30 numbers by using call block function, present on both base unit and cordless phone.

Now the most important feature, answering machine for hearing impaired. Well this phone comes with a digital answering system which saves up to 17 minutes of incoming messages and outgoing announcements. When you have a message the light keeps beeping indicating to check the income messages.

The phone comes with best call quality and loud speakerphone and clear answering machine output, making it best buy cordless phone for hard of hearing. If you buy two cordless phones, they will work with just one base unit, no need to buy another base unit for other cordless phone. Also you can enjoy intercom facility using these two devices.

Bottom line is, if you are looking for branded phone for hearing impaired then you will not regret buying this phone.


  • Light weight and stylish
  • Compatible with hearing aid T-coil
  • Long battery life and have DECT 6.0 technology


  • You will get addicted to talking on this 😉

I am sure your search for loud phone for hard of hearing person will end with this list as I have tried to cover maximum details and have included best cordless phone for hearing impaired available online.

Still if you have any question or query related with buying amplified cordless phone online, just mail us and we will guide you in the right direction.

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