Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Travel Review – Updated May 2022

best cat carrier for long distance travel

You cannot leave your cute cat at home on mercy of your neighbors or friends who are not a “real” cat lover; they won’t be able to take care of your loved ones like how you use to do. So For cat lovers owing a best car carrier for long distance car travel is very important.

I learned this from my own experience when last year I traveled with my family for Christmas holidays to my niece house. I left my cat suzzie at my neighbor place and when I came back, I was shocked to see her, as she was looking weak, tired and frightened. It took almost couple of months for me to bring her back to normal nature. This is what made me think about buying car carrier for long distance travel.

While doing online search for cat carriers, I came across many best cat carrier on Amazon with great price, look and durability. I have seen that cat’s don’t love car ride as much as dog’s do, so it is very important to select car carrier which makes them feel comfortable and safe during long car rides.

When you buy cat carrier online, it is very important that you read the reviews about past buyers and then make your buying decision, along with also check for material, design and facilities which are available inside cat carrier so that you and your cat can enjoy the ride without any problem.

So without wasting time lets checkout some top cat carrier reviews which you can buy for long distance trip.

1) Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag Review – Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Travel

best cat carrier for long distance travel
Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Travel

Morpilot Pet Travel Folding Carrier Bag is at top on our list of best cat carrier for long distance travel, trusted by thousand of pet owners worldwide. It is one of the best cat carriers available on Amazon which you can buy under $40.

This airline approved cat carrier is made from superior quality polyester and support boards inside which helps in keeping the bag in good shape. This beautiful Purple color pet bag has breathable mesh on all three sides for proper ventilation and air circulation.

When you buy Morpilot Pet Travel bag online, you will get a fashionable and stylish cat carrier which is easy to clean, have a soft cushion inside for your cat and a strong handle to carry it comfortably throughout your journey. The bag is so well made that is very comfortable to travel with your cat in car, train, bus or by air.

When you are looking for lightweight small pet travel carrier, Morpilot serves your purpose. It can easily carry pet upto 15lbs, the handles provide very good grip and balance while carrying them. They have given a side opening to allow pet to enter and a strong zipper to close the carrier so that you can enjoy your journey safely.

Morpilot knows pet very well, this is the reason they have given a soft cleanable rug inside the bag, where your cat can sit and sleep comfortably without any problem. Making Morpilot one of the best cat carrier bags available online. While travelling by flight, you can easily put your cat carrier beneath your seat without worrying of travelling separately.

The cat carrier bag comes in Medium size with 12.1 inch height, 16.2 inch long and have 9.45 inch width making it a comfortable carry case for all kind of pets. Along with anti scratch breathable mesh, it also has a non slip protective bottom and two pockets on each side to carry your cat accessories. The bag is so well designed that you can use it as gym bag or travel bag for your small trips.

With incredible quality, style, safety and price we recommend it to all cat owners. Don’t miss to checkout this best cat carrier.


  • Made with high quality material
  • Easy to carry
  • Stylish, Safe and Economical
  • Have soft washable rug inside for pet


  • Didn’t see any cons.

2) Henkelion Cat Carrier Review – Best Medium Cat Carrier Online

Best Medium Cat Carrier available online
Best Medium Cat Carrier Available Online

Henkelion is another cat carrier brand which you can trust after Morpilot. Trusted by 10,000+ pet owners, Henkelion manufactures best cat carrier for long distance travel under $25.

Made from high quality polyester material, it is light weight, waterproof and trendy. With breathable mesh on all the 4 sides, your pet will feel comfortable and at the same time you can also keep a check on your pet.

The medium cat carrier online comes with a soft and cozy pet bed, where your cat can rest comfortably throughout the journey and will feels fresh when taken out. This waterproof cat carrier has two adjustable shoulder straps for hands free caring and can also be used as seat belt or luggage strap for comfortable transportation, making it a safe cat carrier for car travel. It has enough room inside to keep an extra towel or blanket for your cat.

If we talk about the size of this carrier, it is 17x11x11, which makes it best cat carrier for medium size cat. To give comfort to your pet, Henkelion has given a soft and smooth woolen mat with foam layer and wooden board. The strong ABS hooks can easily carry medium cat weight upto 15lbs and keep them safe inside. The padded shoulder strap will help you to comfortably hold the weight on your shoulders.

These cat carriers come with a side pocket to store cat food, toys, treats and other cat accessories. Believe me these travel carriers for cats are so comfy that your cat is going to love them. The online price for cat carrier is better and more affordable then you will find in your local store.

So when you are looking to buy a modern and sleek design cat carrier online, Henkilion is the one for you, cat friendly, airline approved and easy to wash and carry. What more you can ask from a cat carrier which cost below $25.


  • Made with high polyester
  • Suitable for Medium size cat/pet
  • Strong shoulder strap and hooks
  • Washable


  • Have to buy bigger for cats above 15lbs

3) Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack Travel Carrier For Cat Review – Best Backpack Cat Carrier Online

Best Backpack Cat Carrier online
Best Backpack Cat Carrier under $100

Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do you love to explore new places on your feet? Then this Cat Carrier is best for you. Sold by Pet Gear on Amazon, Pet Gear, as the name says specialize in manufacturing innovative and stylish product for pets. They have been trusted by Pet Lovers since more than 80 years.

Coming back to I-GO2 pet carrier, it is one of the best selling backpack cat carrier online. Made with superior quality material, you can use this cat carrier in 5 different ways. You can use it as car seat when you want to travel with cat for long distance, turn it into backpack when you want to carry your cat and walk, convert it into a roller bag for pet by pulling out its telescopic handle and lastly just carry as tote carrier bag for cat.

Talking about the facilities this backpack cat carrier have, it comes with breathable and ventilated mesh has in-built cat tether, pocket to store food and treats for your cat and a fleece liner to make your cat feel comfortable and warm.

If we talk about the exterior, it has telescopic handle to convert the bag into rolling bag, wheel covers, adjustable and strong strap to carry as backpack, pocket to store cell phone, keys and other small valuables. Carrier dimensions are 16×13.5×22. The size of this cat carrier is enough to carry a medium cat upto 25 pounds.

The sides of this cat carrier are expandable; it can be expanded by at least 3 inches, the handle slides out from the carrier just like suite case. If you are a frequent air traveler then you can easily store your cat in overhead compartment.  The backpack gives enough room to your pet for standing and lie down without making them uncomfortable.

Mark my words; you will end up loving this backpack cat carrier just like your cat. Read some amazing cat carrier reviews.


  • Multiple Carrying options
  • In built Pet Tether
  • Strong handle and rolling balls


  • Might not fit in some airline overhead compartment. Check with airline.

4) Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier Review – Best Cat Carrier For two Cats

Best Travel cat carrier for two cats
Best Cat Carrier for Two Cats

Are you proud parents of 2 cats? Do you face problem taking your cats to Vet or on travel with you in a car? Then you are reading the right product review. Sport Pet has come up with this innovative plastic collapsible cat carrier which you can use to carry your cats outside.

Having two cute cats is a blessings but taking them out of your home can be real trouble, Sport Pet has answered your problem and have come up with best cat carrier for two cats.  This patented design has a wide detachable door to let your cats go inside comfortably and at the same time provides good ventilation to them too.

Carrying your cats for long distance travel in a car or bus or train will not be a problem again, Sport Pet cat carrier comes in large size i.e. 23.12×18.75×17.25 making it roomy for your cats. It has a weight bearing capacity of around 35lbs, making it best cat carrier for multiple cats. The material is waterproof and sturdy making it easy to clean for you. You can even use it as cat home inside your house by removing the door and allowing your cat to become acquainted with the cat carrier.

This foldable cat travel carrier can easily be stored when not in use, it folds down to 4 inch flat, making it easy to store for you anywhere. It’s easy to open and store functionality has made it favourite among cat lover. Not to forget, it comes with a 24 inch cat bed inside.

As we all know, cats don’t love travelling in car, not having best cat carrier for long distance travel can make your trip troublesome for you and your cat. So having a top cat travel carrier can make your life comfortable and you can enjoy your ride with your cat easily.

To sum-up quickly, this plastic cat carrier has enough large space to easily accommodate 2 cats, strong handle to hold the carrier while walking, it is easy to store when not in use, comes in 3 improved design style and most importantly recommended by veterinarian for pets.

So what you waiting for, go and checkout this car carrier for multiple cats online and select the one that matches with your design choice.


  • Patented well ventilated design
  • Easy to open and easy to store
  • Can carry two cats utpo 35lbs
  • Washable and weather proof


  • A little difficult to assembled

5) Petmate Two Door Top Load Review – Best Cat Carrier For Vet Visits

Best Cat Carrier For Vet Visits
Best Plastic Cat Carrier For Vet Visits

When you are looking to buy hard cat carrier, Petmate is the one for you. Comes in different size and colors, this cat travel carrier is worth checking it out. One of the best cat carrier for vet visits, you can also use it for long distance travelling especially if your cat has habit of eating and biting fabric.

If you have a scared cat, then this carrier will be of best choice for you, the design is such that your cat won’t be able to see much from inside making it more comfortable for her. Specially made for travel, this hard cat carrier is best suitable for your furry family for long rides and air travel.

The cat carrier is so designed that if fits almost all size of pets i.e. from small cat to big cat, upto 20lbs and 15 inch high. Approved by almost all travel cargo specifications, your cat can easily travel with you in plane without much issue.

It has an easy to close and easy to open doors on sideways and top entry for your pets. The ventilation is good enough to make your cat feel comfortable. Petmate is one of the leading pet products manufacturers since last 50 years and have made a good name among pet lovers.

As it is a hard cat carrier, it might be somewhat heavy to carry compared to soft cat carriers. But at the same time you can expect more secure and safe atmosphere for your cat inside. Being sturdy you don’t have to worry while travelling with your cat in car or in plane. They won’t be hurt on bumpy roads or air trips.

When you want to buy cat carrier for long distance travel under 50, Petmate is worth giving a try. With thousands of positive reviews online, it is among one of the best selling cat carrier online.


  • Strong and Sturdy Plastic Material
  • Easy to open and close
  • Can carry upto 20lbs
  • Washable and weather proof


  • Difficult to store
  • Heavy even when empty

6) Pet Fit For Life Cat Carrier Review – Best Cat Carrier For Long Distance Travel with Litter Box

best cat carrier for long distance travel with litter box
Best Cat Carrier with Litter Box for Traveling

When you are looking for best value for money cat carrier, Pet Fit For Life is the one for you. It is designed for those who travel long distance and want a luxurious cat carrier for the furry family member.

Manufactured with superior grade nylon fabric and steel pipes, makes it a long lasting cat carrier. Breathable and well ventilated mesh on two sides, a zipped door for your cat to enter and a soft floor pad; this will be your cat’s favorite place to rest. With super spacious size of 32x19x19, it can easily accommodate a large cat of two pair of small/medium cats. It will be like a pet tent for your furry friend.

Let’s talk about some more interest features of this soft cat carrier provides. The front door has a Velcro; the bag is easily collapsible and can be washed whenever required. Just as you required it has a litter box for your cat, food bowl, washable soft pad/bed for your cat and a nice seat belt strap for long distance travel.

Pet Fit For Life knows its furry customers very well and hence have developed this cat condo which is loved by thousands of cat owners. This light weight yet strong cat carrier has 4 hooks for securing your cat while outdoor; two handles on top to carry it comfortably. As a bonus you will also get cat wand toy to tease and play with your cat.

It is large size cat carrier, where your cat can easily move inside and can enjoy a cat tent like feeling. It can also be used as best cat carrier for two cats, they will feel comfortable inside and will enjoy each other’s company throughout the ride.

The size is big enough so won’t be recommending for day to day commute or vet visit, but for long distance trip, this is one of the best cat carriers available online. I recommend it highly to anyone who is looking to buy cat carrier with litter box.


  • Huge in size
  • Washable material
  • Can accommodate one big cat or two medium cats
  • Comes with a litter box, water bowl, cat wand, soft bed


  • Difficult to carry for day to day commute
  • No design/color options

7) EliteField Soft Sided Pet Carrier Review – Best Cat Carrier For Airplane

Best Cat Carrier For Airplane
Best Airline Approved Cat Carrier

I know we are talking here about best cat carrier for long distance travel, this include air travel trips too. While researching for best cat carrier for airplane I came across EliteField pet carrier, I was very happy to see its features and pricing, this soft cat carrier is so easy to use and lightweight that you can use it for vet visits and in small day to day commute also.

It is not only best cat carrier for vet visits, it is also best cat carrier for plane as it is approved by airline, if we talk about its dimensions it is 19 inch in length, 10 inch in width and 13 inch in height. It is made with durable and washable material which is not only lightweight but easy to clean and dry.

Talking about design, it has mesh on top and side, making it breathable and well ventilated. It has a nice and strong shoulder strap and two pockets to carry your cat accessories. As a special feature EliteField has given a fleece bed cover for your cat. This soft cat carrier has a hard support board beneath to keep the carrier in good shape.

You will also get a built in leash to secure your cat inside the carrier. The zipper given on the sides makes it easy for you to reach to your furry friend while travelling. When you are travelling by car to vet or for long trips, a buckle belt loop will help you to fix your carrier with seat belt for proper safety of your pet. 

EliteField has so much confidence on this Made in USA cat carrier that they are providing 3 years warranty and 100% money back guarantee. Now you see why I have included this as best cat carrier for plane.

When you are looking for cat carrier under $30, EliteField is worth checking it out.


  • Soft and washable material
  • Lots of external pocket
  • 100% Money back Guarantee


  • Fleece lining is very thing and not soft

8) Necoichi Portable Stress Free Series Review – Best Cat Carrier For Scared Cat

Best Cat Carrier for Scared Cat
Best Cat Carrier For Scared Cat Online

Just as the name says, Necoichi Portable Stress Free Cat Carrier is the best cat carrier for scared cat. When you have a scared cat, it becomes very difficult to carry her to vet or on outdoor trips. Keeping this problem is mind; Necoichi developed a cat carrier series which is called Portable Stress Free Series.

This super light pop-up cat carrier is made from sturdy and durable material to keep your furry family member safe inside the carrier. This collapsible cat carrier can easily accommodate a cat with weight upto 17lbs. It will work like another home for your cute cat.

Comes in two color, black and beige, this soft cat carrier has a nice breathable and ventilated window to keep your scared cat happy and a flap on side for her easy entry. Your cat will feel safe and secure while seeing through ventilated window mash when you take them on the road. It also has two sturdy zippers for more safety of your cat, the best part of this zippers is, they cannot be opened from inside. The handles are thick and sturdy, so you can carry your cat comfortably without any fear on the road or to vet visit.

You and your cat will have a happy, comfortable and safe ride wherever you go with Necoichi Portable Cat Carrier. When you buy Necochi cat carrier online, you will also have an option to buy cat carrier with litter box set, so you can select the option you like at the time of online purchase.

When you are looking for cat carrier for scared cat online, make sure you buy cat carrier which is soft, airy and ventilated, don’t go for big ventilation as that can make your cat more scary. Necochi soft and portable cat carrier is the nice option when you are looking for cat carrier under $20.

It has been reviewed by thousands of cat lovers worldwide and will be like second home to your cat. When not in use, you can easily fold it and store it under your cat seat, closet or even under your wardrobe.

This stylish cat carrier is worth checking out.


  • Stylish and Sturdy Material
  • Best For Scared Cat
  • Ultra Light weight and ventilated
  • Secure Zippers for extra safety of your car


  • Cat with scratching and chewing habit can tear the mesh

9) Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack Review – Best Cat Carrier Backpack

Best Cat Carrier Backpack
Buy Cat Carrier Backpack Online

Are you fan of backpack cat carrier like me? Then I am sure you are going to like Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack. The reason for including Pecute in our list of best cat carrier for long distance travel is they are best suited for Hiking, Travelling, and Camping lovers.

The intelligently designed cat carrier comes with an expandable window/compartment which gives extra space to your pet inside the carrier to move and rest, which will make them stay happy. Made from extra strong PVC Composite fabric and 300D Oxford cloth, this backpack cat carrier is safe, durable and waterproof.  It can easily carry cat upto 18lbs without any problem.

When you buy cat backpack carrier online you will get a trendy backpack pet carrier where your cat can pop up her head out of the bag, don’t worry it has a nice snap on shade cover to protect your cat from sun. To ensure proper air circulation Pecute has given 4 venting holes and net design on either side of the backpack.

The backpack carrier has a wide shoulder strap and adjustable shoulder pad to reduce pain and increase your comfort and ease of carrying. The cat backpack has two retractable buckles on top and bottom to keep your pet safe and secure inside the backpack carrier.

Pecute Cat Backpack has a nice double sided comfortable padding, which you can unzip whenever required. One side is made up of Oxford Cloth, which is best during summer, provides cool and breathable sitting for your cat, whereas other side is made in such a way that your cat will feel warm and comfortable in winters. This is indeed a versatile cat carrier that I have come across online.

Along with taking care of your cat, Petcute has also taken your comfort into consideration; this cat backpack carrier comes with two compartments on the side of the cat carrier where you can store your water-bottle, mobile phone, keys, wallet etc. The non toxic cat carrier comes with a retractable hook safety rope and anti escape zip to prevent your cat from escaping/running away.

When not in use you can easily fold this cat backpack and store inside your closet, it won’t occupy much area. So next time when you cat is behaving like an adventure cat, just take her along with you on hiking or climbing inside this cat backpack and you both will come back happy and fresh.

I highly recommend this product to all adventure cat lovers.


  • Made from Sturdy and waterproof Material
  • Has enough storage for cat food, water and other accessories
  • Strong shoulder strap, best for hiking and climbing
  • Anti escape Zip to safeguard your cat from running away


  • Big cats can Jail break the Anti escape zipper.

10) Katziela Pet Carrier with Removable Wheels Review – Best Rolling Cat Carrier

Best rolling cat carrier
Best Rolling Cat Carrier Online

When you are looking to travel with your cat in style, you need to have best rolling cat carrier with you, which not only keeps your cat safe but also add a style element to your travel. Katziela Pet Carrier is one such rolling cat carrier available online.

Made with durable material to gives great comfort for your furry friend, this ventilated and airy airline approved cat carrier comes with great safety and style features. A mesh windows on either side of the carrier lets your cat view the surrounding, a soft bed provided inside will let your cat take rest whenever necessary.

This travel cat carrier has removable wheels, which you can easily remove during air travel, so that your cat carrier fits under your seat securely. When you are using this premium cat carrier with wheel, you will feel secure with its sturdy wheel base and non slippery holding straps. It also has more storage space and pockets compare to other rolling cat carriers available online. You can use the pockets to store cat accessories, cat treats, your wallet, keys and other small belongings.

When you are on the go, you can either carry this cat carrier with its sturdy and strong straps or you can pull the 34 inch long metal rod/handle and roll the cat carrier on the wheels in style. I am sure this rolling cat carrier will be head turner for sure.

Talking about your cat’s comfort and safety, KATZIELA’s luxurious cat carrier comes with a safety inner leash to tie your cat for safety and security. Talking about your cat’s comfort, you will find a nice, soft and washable mattress pad where your cat can take rest during the journey.

When not in use you can remove rolling wheels from this light weight cat carrier and store it at secure place for your next visit. KATZIELA has thousands of happy pet owners as customer worldwide and believe me you won’t regret when you buy rolling cat carrier online from KATZIELA.


  • Stylish and Sturdy built
  • Have removable wheels
  • In built Leash for safety and have a soft sleeping bed
  • Telescopic handle for smooth rolling on the road


  • Premium quality, so little bit expensive

Frequently asked questions about Best Cat Carriers available online

Why you need cat carrier?

Cat’s are more sensitive to noise and surrounding compare to dog, so they can go wild or become scared when they hear noise around them. When you are travelling with your cat in car for journey or taking them to vet, you will need a cat carrier to make your cat feel safe, calm and secure.

Can a cat ride in a car without carrier?

Yes, you can carry your cat along with you in car for travel, but make sure you properly tie your cat with harness, so that they don’t bother or disturb the driver and also stays secure inside the car without getting frightened by the surrounding noise and atmosphere.

What is the best cat carrier for air travel?

Most of the leading cat carrier brand available online provide airline approved cat carrier, so you don’t have to worry much when you buy cat carrier on Amazon, many companies clearly mention that there cat carrier is airline approved, so you can buy them without any issue.

How long can a cat stay in a carrier?

If you have a quality cat carrier, your cat can easily stay inside for 7/8 hours without any problem. Taking breaks ever 2/3 hours is desirable, but if you can’t take a break, make sure you have a best cat carrier for long distance travel with litter box and a soft bed so your cat feels secure and happy.

Is hard of soft carrier better for cat?

There is no hard and fast rule for cat carrier material. Soft cat carrier is easy to carry and store, compared to hard cat carrier. If you have big and bit mischievous cat, hard cat carrier will be more suitable, whereas for small and happy cat, soft cat carrier are the best choice. So select the best cat carrier as per your cat age, size and nature.

I have spent nearly 3 weeks in researching for best cat carrier for long distance travel and then I have come up with the above list. If you still have any query regarding which cat carrier to buy online, just email me and we will reply asap.

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