Best Car Stereo Under 100-Updated May 2022

best car stereo under 100

My search for best car stereo under $100 begin few weeks back when on a sunny Saturday morning when I and my wife decided to go for a long drive to freshen up our mood and to spend some quality family time. Of course my sweet boy Justin and Ratto (my non barking dog) accompanied us on this weekend trip.

As soon as we started my wife Stella switch on the car stereo and to my surprise (was shock rather) my double din car stereo stopped working after a small spark in its LCD. This was the time when me and Stella looked in each other’s eyes and mumbled, it’s time to buy new car stereo now.

So this is how our search for best car stereo started. Just like many of you, we were also looking for a cheap car stereo and so we decided to buy car stereo under $100. During this car stereo buying process I came across many brands and models and was confused a lot, so I picked up some of the top selling car stereos and then shortlisted one which was compatible with my car and affordable to my pocket.

Below are the best car stereo models under 100 which you can buy online with confidence.

1) JENSEN MPR210 7 Character LCD Single DIN Car Stereo Receiver Review – Best car stereo under $50

best bluetooth car stereo under 100
Best single Din Car stereo with bluetooh

When you are looking for cheap car stereo which delivers quality music then you should definitely checkout JENSEN MRP210 single din car stereo. It is one of the most loved car music players in this price segment.

The 7 character LCD display is big and clear enough so that you can comfortably read it while driving. With the help of its feather touch buttons you can play your favourite music at your finger tips.

The audio quality is way better than some expensive car stereos. With some preset equalizer settings you will get basic bass and treble control setting with volume control knob and buttons for forward and replay.

It also has a nice Bluetooth connection functionality where you can pair your mobile with the car stereo and play your favorite music from your handset, of course you have to install Jensen app to do so, and the app is compatible with Android and IOS operating system, so works on mostly all kind of smart phones.  You can also make phone call with Bluetooth via this car stereo.

Jensen car stereo model MRP210 is high power unit and hence it gives you loud and clear output. The built in radio function also delivers quality sound due to Jensen good signal catching capacity.

This single din car stereo is light weight compare to the company fitted heavy and outdated car radio. If you are the one who loves using hands free and Bluetooth while driving then this the best single din car stereo for you. Don’t look any further; with the remote app you will be able to control the music and eq from your phone itself.  Don’t you think it should be awarded as best single din car stereo 2020?

This 2.3 inch car stereo is easy to install and can fit most of the car dashboards easily. To surprise you more, this single din car stereo comes with front panel USB charging. You charge your mobile and listen to your favorite songs via Bluetooth at same time without fearing of battery discharge during long drive.

The best feature of this car stereo that I liked is its J-Link smart remote app with the help of which you can change volume, mode, song, station, settings directly from your Smartphone even from comfort of backseat. 


  • Cheap and Affordable price
  • Full of easy to use features
  • Can control with Smartphone


  • No CD player
  • No Amplifier
Car Stereo with Bluetooth review

2) Sarcch 7 inch Double Din Car Stereo Review – Best Double Din Car Stereo under $100.

best 7 inch double din car stereo review.
Best double din car stereo under $100

When you are ready to spend a bit more, then you should checkout this nice LCD screen double din car stereo, it will give a nice face lift your car interior. This power packed double din car stereo is available on Amazon and is sold by Sarcch. It is one of the bestselling double din car stereo under 100; let’s see what makes it one of the top selling car stereo.

To start with, it has a nice 7 inch LCD touch screen, a built-in Bluetooth connector, reversing and parking camera, 7 LED Lights, time display, controls for music player, FM radio and video player. The LCD screen is 1080P of HD quality; it also comes with a 32GB memory card slot to play your favourite videos or movies.

This double din car radio can be operated with an IR remote control and also supports steering wheel control. Thanks to nice technology by Sarcch. With the help of built-in Bluetooth you can play music and at the same time can make calls and enjoy hands free talking.

You can easily play videos and songs on this device without worrying about the format as it supports wide variety of audio and video formats like Support Audio format: DIS, MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, WAV, RA, AC3, MP2, AMR, etc. Support Video format: AVI, MP4, FLV, PMP, RM, RMVB, MPG format.

If you love listening to FM radio station then you can easily save them in the memory and can play it effortlessly every time you go for a ride. It has nice electronic radio search which can automatically scan and save upto 18 radio stations.

Along with car FM radio, you will get 4 other modes like Bluetooth for playing media from your mobile and hands free calling, another is USB interface which not only plays media (songs and videos) from your USB card but also can be used for charging your mobile or smart gadgets on the go. Thirdly it has AUX support with the help of which you can play music from your mobile, mp3 player or other audio input device. The best part is, it supports microphone too, so you can sing in your and make your journey memorable.  Last and 4th mode is SD Card, it supports 32 GB card, so you can also play music and videos from your SD card too.

When you buy this car stereo online, you will also get a rear-view camera as a bundled package. This works best when you are parking your car or taking reverse. The screen will automatically switch to reverse camera and will show you reverse image on the screen.

For those who are looking to buy LCD car stereo online, should definitely check this model. It is one of the best double din car stereo under $100 which I have found online.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Touch screen LCD and feature rich model


  • Does not have CD/DVD playback
  • Touch screen needs extra care
Cheapest touchscreen car radio online.

3) Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo with GPS Double Din Car Radio Review – Best Android Car Stereo under 100 

best android double din car stereo under 100 available online on amazon.
Best Android double din Car Stereo online

If you are a tech savvy person and loves surrounded by gadgets then this technologically advance Android car stereo by Hikity is worth checking out. 

It’s a 10.1 inch 2 Din Car stereo powered by Android system and comes with a nice metal sheet fixed on it and tempered glass mirror for durability and long life.

This double din touch screen car stereo will be your best companion when you will hit the road, as it comes with build in GPS navigation and offline MAP for your easy drive. It can easily connect to WIFI and can be used like your smart phone. You can download and install apps from play store like how you use to do it on your mobile.

Built on Android platform you can easily download maps and other applications like phone book for easy hand free calling while driving. The Bluetooth supported can be used for playing music or videos and for making hand free call. FM radio comes with 18 preset channels and can scan more channels automatically.

You will be blown away when you see it in action. The screen is so big that it’s like installing a power packed Android tablet in your car, your car is now your powerhouse, you can do everything on this car stereo which you can do on your mobile or table. To list a few, you can read your emails; watch Netflix, prime video check facebook on nice big screen with resolution 1024×600. Possibilities are endless.

The best part is, it comes with a nice internal storage hard drive, along with 1/2 GB ram it also has a decent storage with 16/32 GB (as per your purchase), with this you can store movies, apps and important files which you needs frequently.

You can easily control the player while driving as it is compatible with steering wheel control, so no need to take off your eyes from road now to change the song or FM station, enjoy your favourite song with safety.

This android car stereo comes with a waterproof night vision rear camera which once fitted will help you in parking and reverse driving. As soon as you move the gear in reverse, the screen will display rear camera view automatically making your life easier.

Wait; there are more surprises for you. The Hikity Android car stereo comes with 12 months replacement and lifetime technical support. Now you understand why this is in the list of best car stereo under 100.


  • Big touch Screen
  • Tempered proof Glass
  • Android System
  • Lots of Functions


  • Needs a little tech knowledge to install
Android car stereo review

4) TDYJWELL 7 inch Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo Review – Best touch screen car stereo under 100

TDYJWELL 7 inch Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo review.
Best touch screen car stereo online

This model of TDYJWELL I have specially selected for those who are looking to buy touch screen car stereo online under $100, this model is targeted to those buyers who want to upgrade their old car stereo system.

This light weight touch screen car stereo by TDYJWELL is easy to install as it fits almost all car double din dashboard compartment. Being light weight you can install it with a bracket or adhesive and you are good to go.

This fully loaded double din car stereo comes with MP3/4/5 Player, FM radio, Video player and rear view car camera. Lets checkout each function in detail so that you can make right decision about buying car stereo online.

Its TFT touch screen panel with vivid colors and graphics will instantly catch your eyes as soon as you switch on the 1080P HD touch screen. You will get total control at your finger tips, you can play FM radio, connect Bluetooth for listening songs or hand free calling or watch videos. 

The music player supports almost all formats like MP3/4/5WMA/WAV/MKV/FLAC/OGG/APE along with watching videos in formats RM /RMVB /DVD(VOB) /VCD(DAT )/MP1/MP2 /DIVX/XVID /MP4 /H263/H264 /FLV/3GP/SWF/AVI/ASF/MJPEG. In short you can play almost all type of audio and video. You will enjoy listening to music with its high quality sound and bass effect. Not to forget the 32 GB card slot with which you can play music and videos (movies and songs).

It also supports Mirror link, you can easily connect your Android or IOS mobile with this screen. It provides two way operations i.e. you can operate your phone via the touch screen and do everything that you were able to do it on your phone.  Though this unit does not have a GPS, but with phone mirroring you can easily do navigation on this screen via your smart phone.

Though this is cheap double din car stereo, still the music effect and build quality is really good, if handled well you can surely use it for years without any problem. This car stereo comes with a rear view camera also, which will be of great help while parking and taking your car in reverse.

When you will buy this touch screen car stereo online you will get 1 touch panel, one rear camera, a user manual on how to fix it in your car and a wire harness to make your life easy. So if you are looking for touch screen car stereo under $100, you should definitely check this out.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Feather touch LCD Screen


  • Does not have GPS
  • No CD/DVD Player
7 inch touch screen double din car stereo review

5) WZTO Double Din Car Stereo with GPS Navigation Review – Best car stereo with GPS under 100

best double din car stereo with GPS under 100 review.
Best double din car stereo with GPS and WIFI

If you love going on long drives and hitting random roads, then you must checkout this beautiful double din car stereo with GPS. It is loaded with Android and has 1 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash memory.

Sold by WZTO, you can easily buy this car stereo with GPS on Amazon.   This unit fits most of the double din compartment in the dashboard. Its 7 inch touch screen with 1024x600p gives you a clear and enjoyable viewing experience.

Build on Android 9.1 system, its 1 GB RAM and 16 GB memory enables smooth operation and faster response time. It also has a card slot where you can use a 32 GB memory card to play your favourite songs and movies. Along with memory card, it also supports Aux playing, Bluetooth for music and hands free calling and mirror linking your phone.

With the help of build in WIFI receiver you can watch movies, play YouTube or even check your mails on the go. Just connect the WIFI with your mobile hotspot and you are ready to rock.

This is among few best double din car stereo with GPS and WIFI in market. With the built in powerful GPS system you can hit the unknown terrain with confidence. The GPS works both in offline mode and online mode.

Now talking about Mirror linking, this WZTO car stereo has a stable and dependable mirror linking functionality with the help of which you can mirror your Android or IOS phone with this system and do everything like you use to do on your mobile phone.

When you will install a reverse camera which you will receive with this car stereo unit, this double din car stereo gives you a real-time reverse image which will help you in better parking and safely reversing your car.

Additionally all the controls on this touch screen car stereo system can be controlled with the help of steering wheel central control. The double din car stereo system is very convenient to use and get easily sync with your steering wheel controller, from where you can control volume, switch FM on/off, make phone calls over Bluetooth etc etc.

WZTO offers one month money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. The pack comes with a 7 inch touch screen double din stereo player, user manual, rear camera, instructions on installation and troubleshooting. WZTO support is available 24×7 for pre purchase queries and post purchase support.


  • In built WIFI receiver and GPS
  • 1 GB Ram and 16 GB Flash Memory
  • Easy to install


  • Screen is bright, might be disturbance in night driving.
  • Wiring instructions need a bit technical know-how.
7 inch Double Din Car Stereo with GPS Navigation review

Best Car Stereo Buying Guide

Music enthusiast not only look for best car stereo under 100, but they also have many questions which I would like to answer today, as I have came across same questions when I wanted to buy car stereo online few months back.

1) Which are best car stereo brands?

There are many known and not so know brands available online. But when you are looking to buy single din or double din car studio online then should look for positive reviews from buyers rather than blindly buying popular car stereo brands. There are few lesser known brands in market which offer excellent quality and pricing compare to well known brands, you should always look for such upcoming brand as they thrive to provide better quality and pricing to establish themselves in car stereo market.

2)  Is it possible to get best car stereo under 100?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, because there are many companies who are offering car stereo system under 100, this systems are having all the functions like Bluetooth, FM radio, Aux connectivity, Mirror Linking, rear camera etc. But when you are looking for something more than this like CD and DVD player, more output in terms of sound and quality then you have to select model which are above 100 USD.

3)  Can I install car stereo on my own?

Yes, most of the companies, when you buy single din car stereo or double din car stereo online will supply instruction manual which has diagrams on how to install your car stereo. With the help of this instruction manual you will be able to install it very easily. Also companies like BOSS, WZTO, Hikity etc offers customer support services for pre and post sales queries.

Conclusion – Final verdict

Earlier when I was looking for best car stereo near me, I did not realize that it was way more too easy to buy car stereo online on Amazon. As Amazon has lots and lot of variety like car stereo with Bluetooth, single din car stereo, double din car stereo, touch screen car music system, Android car stereo system etc, this many varieties you will not find in any physical store near you, so it is better to buy car stereo online.

As technology is changing and advancing day by day it is not required to buy car stereo with CD, you can simply buy touch screen car stereo with WIFI and play your favourite music from internet of your mobile.

To share with you, I have purchased Hikity 10.0 Android car stereo for my car and to be honest with you, I am 100% satisfied with the results and have recommended it to many. This android car stereo has made my life very easy, I can check my mails, social media accounts and even mobile apps on the go along with listening to my favorite music. Don’t hesitate in asking any question to me related with best car stereo under 100, I’ll be happy to answer them and guide you for making right purchase.

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