Best Baseball Radar Gun Reviews Updated May 2022

best baseball radar gun
best baseball radar gun

There are hundreds of brands on internet making it very difficult to choose best baseball radar gun if you are not aware about Pros and Cons of each of them. Our intention here is to share baseball radar gun reviews so that you can select the right product and improve your game.

You will find many cheap baseball radar guns online but not all of them are accurate and gives perfect result, so it is very important that you understand what is the best radar gun for baseball and then make your buying decision.

It is believed that softball pitching guns are used since 1970s, this radar guns help in accurately measuring the speed and pitch of the ball. Buying baseball radar gun is not only about price, it includes many factors such as size, accuracy, battery life, consistency, portability etc. We have evaluated above points and have come up with the list of best baseball radar guns.

When you will come to end of this guide, you will have clear idea about which baseball pitching gun to buy. So without wasting much time lets get straight to the point.

Points to consider before buying best baseball radar gun for pitching.

ACCURACY: Accuracy is first and one of the most important point to be considered while buying baseball pitching gun. Main function of radar gun is to accurately measure speed and trajectory of the ball. In general it has been seen that expensive baseball guns shows more accurate results as they have been made with latest technologies and focus towards professional use.

DISTANCE: Another important factor is distance, while choosing radar gun for baseball you have to first make sure where you will be standing in ground as coach or parent. Let me give you an example. If you are coaching small kids you don’t need a radar gun with high distance range, but when you are measuring in major leagues then you definitely need to buy high distance range guns.

BATTERY LIFE: While buying radar gun for baseball pitching you should check what type of batteries it uses along with home many hours of stand by time it provides. This will help you to properly recharge the gun before your game begins.

PORTABILITY: You might be surprise to hear that radar guns comes in all shapes and size, some radar guns are so big and huge whereas at the same time you will find a pocket baseball radar gun also. So consider this point also when you buy radar gun for baseball pitching.

PURPOSE: Ask yourself a question like Why you need a baseball radar gun? Is it for pitch speed improvement or base speed running improvement. When you are looking for improving your pitching speed an expensive softball radar gun is more advisable. Said this, be clear about your purpose of buying radar gun then only you will be able to buy best baseball radar gun.

PRICE: Last but not the least, pricing is also one of the major deciding factor when you are looking to buy baseball radar gun online/offline. Consider your budget, type of players you are coaching and level of accuracy you want in the measurement.

Top 10 Best Baseball Radar Gun

(1) Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun Review.

Bushnell Velocity Speed radar Gun review. Best baseball radar gun online.
Best selling affordable radar gun online.

When you are looking for affordable radar gun for your pitching then you should seriously consider this product. Bushnell is selling this product since long time and has got some really good reviews from users.

When you are looking for a baseball speed gun under $100 then this is your best bet. It comes with large and clear LCD display which shows accurate speed as soon as the trigger is released. As per the company the ease accuracy of this speed gun is +/- 1 MPH.

You can track the speed of the ball from around 10 feet upto 110 MPH. This product is mainly for personal or non profession use, you can consider this as beginners gun for baseball pitching.

Bushnell radar gun is very easy to use, you can easily track racing car to pitching ball with its easy to use point and shoot operation.

This is not just another a cheap baseball radar gun, it is made up of strong material which is not easily breakable. Also the batter last long compare to other radar guns in same price sagment.

If you are looking to buy a personal radar gun or for kids club or for backyard fun then this is the best choice for you.

(2) Pocket Radar Smart Coach/Bluetooth App Enabled Radar Gun Review.

Pocket Radar Smart Coach/Bluetooth App Enabled Radar Gun Review
Best Pocket Radar Baseball Gun

When you are serious about your game and looking for best radar gun for baseball pitching then pocket radar is the one for you. It is a complete package which can help you a lot to improve your game.

This is one of its kind system that combines video recording along with speed tracking, this videos can be easily shared with your coach for tracking your progress. This pocket radar is used by many MLB and college coaches.

With the data securely stored in cloud this pocket radar gun can accurately track the speed from 25 to 130 MPH with +/- 1 MPH accuracy. This advance designed smart coach radar system records speed inside the video, so that you can easily share them with your coach or on social media to get valuable feedback and improve your game.

This affordable pocket radar gun comes with an comparison app which you can easily install in your IOS or Android devices. This app is absolutely free and provides remote display, audio calls, data exports and many other useful functions.

You can use this smart pocket radar in two ways, one with AAA batteries which will last for 1500 manual push buttons and secondly with the help of micro USB power supply from your power bank or via phone charger.

Checkout Smart Coach Radar Gun Video

This is more then a best baseball radar gun, it is power packed system which comes with smart coach radar, wrist strap, two alkaline AAA batteries, soft shell belt holster case and a FREE Pocket Radar App for tracking your progress. It’s not yet over, this pocket radar gun comes with 2 years warranty.

(3) Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Softball Review.

Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Softball Review
Best Pitch tracker Softball

When you are looking for a dedicated device which can measure motion and pitch data in real time then you should go for Diamond’s pitchtracker softball.

It is not exactly a radar gun for baseball but it is something which helps you to measure the pitch and motion accurately. It helps in measuring velocity, spin rate, spin direction etc.

This smart softball can easily be connected with a Pitchtracker App available on IOS, this will help you to track all the metrics easily in just click of an application.

Smartball is very easy to use, just connect it with Bluetooth with your phone and it will start tracking your pitches and spin movement, just make sure you place your phone at proper distance to get accurate data.

It comes with a FREE 14 day subscription of Pitchtracker app so that you can fully explore the features of the app and see how smartball works.

(4) Stalker Sport 2 Radar Review.

Stalker Sport 2 Radar Review. One of the best radar gun for baseball pitching.
Best Baseball Radar Gun Used By League Teams

Looking to excel professionally in baseball or coaching major baseball team? If your answer to any of this question is yes, then you should definitely go with Stalker Sports 2 Radar Gun, it is one of the best radar gun for baseball pitching specially when you are looking for very very very accurate results.

It comes with one of the best range, better then its competitors, you can accurately measure the speed from as far as 300 ft. With +/- 1 mph accuracy it measures the speed between five to 150 miles per hour.

This is professional league level baseball radar gun which of course is bit pricey, but when you are looking for accurate results to improve your game at league level then this is the best baseball radar gun for you.

Stalker radar is one of the leading brand and we all know that product coming from them will no way be another cheap radar gun for baseball, they are market leaders and that is the reason many professional leagues, coaches and players love there products.

Stalker scout pack includes, stalker sports 2 radar gun, hard carry box to safely carry your radar gun while traveling, 6 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, wall charger and a user manual.

All 30 major baseball league teams use stalker baseball radar guns, I am sure this evidence is enough for you on why we included it in our list of best baseball radar gun.

(5) Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Radar Gun Review.

Best Baseball Pocket Radar Gun Review.
Best Baseball Pocket Radar Gun

Pocket Radar is one of the leading company that has come up with some of the most successful and innovative radar gun and professional training tools. One of them is pocket radar ball coach and pro level training tool.

It is one of the best product when you are looking for one on one coaching and wants to improve you game professionally. Pocket radar ball coach is pro level radar gun available online which measures fastest speed of ball in seconds.

With 120 ft of range, it measures the speed between 25 to 130 mph with +/-1 accuracy, not only that it also stores previous 25 speed records so that you can easily compare and keep track of your progress.

This ball coach radar gun is easy to carry and easy to use. It measures hitting power, throwing speed, serving speed, pitching speed etc which will help you to improve your speed at great extent.

You can use it on a hand free mode while doing personal training, it provides 1 hour constant-on mode or 2000 readings when done manually with AAA alkaline batteries which are included in the pack. To provide you longer batter life it shuts down after 30 seconds of non use in user triggered mode or power offs in 5 minute of no speed reading in constant-on mode.

Pocket radar baseball gun is recommend by many coaches and players for those who are really serious about improving there speed.

(6) NET PLAYZ Smart Baseball Trainer Combo with 1 Set Sport Radar Review.

NET PLAYZ Smart Baseball Trainer Combo with 1 Set Sport Radar Review. Best handsfree radar gun for baseball.
Best Pro Level Baseball Radar Gun

Baseball radar gun reviews is incomplete without Net Playz baseball radar review. Net Playz is not a new name, they are one of the leading sports training good manufacturing company.

Net Playz products and equipment’s are used in many sports like baseball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, tennis etc. They very well know what type of equipment’s are required by a sports person.

Coming back to this baseball radar review, well this product is specially meant for measuring baseball pitching and bat swinging. This can be used for personal use as well as professional use when you are coaching a children’s team in a school or club.

It is hands free radar gun which you can keep at a safe distance and can record the speed easily, it can record the speed between three to 150 MPH. It has a nice large LED display which showcase speed in Miles per hour and Kilometres per hour.

It call out the speed along with displaying it on the LED, this one outstanding feature attracted us to include this product in our list of best baseball radar gun.

When you are looking for a cheap baseball radar gun with hand free operation, then you should definitely check this out.

(7) The Jugs Baseball Radar Gun Review.

Jugs Baseball Radar Gun with highest accuracy review.
Best Baseball Radar Gun For Professionals.

Just like Pocket Radar Gun and Bushnell radar gun, Jugs is another company which is very popular among those who play baseball. It’s a well know company into sports equipment since 1971.

Jugs baseball radar gun is used by many clubs and professional league coaches. It provides accurate speed measurement with +/- 0.5 mph difference. You can say it is one of the best baseball radar gun in this price range.

It provides two method to record the measurement, one is manual where you pull and release the trigger and it records the speed, another method is continues recording mode where it continuously records the speed one after another. In manual mode it displays the speed for 5 seconds on the screen, whereas in continues mode it displays till the next speed is rerecorded.

Professional coaches consider this as best baseball radar gun because it provides Fast and Accurate results, not only that it helps to recall last Five pitches thrown with its recall feature and gives you measurement in KMP and MPH both.

This radar gun works on 6 NiMH rechargeable batteries, it works for nearly one week with normal usage, batteries take around 2 hours to charge. Moreover it provides a data port for transferring your data to computer or display device easily.

When you are looking to buy baseball radar gun online, you should definitely check out this product.

(8) SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor Review.

SKLZ Bullet Ball Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor Review
Baseball Pitching Speed Sensor Ball

When you are playing baseball as hobby or on weekends with your kids and family and still looking to measure and improve your pitching speed, but don’t have deep pockets for buying baseball radar guns, then this speed sensor pitching ball is best choice for you. It is cheap and provides good alternative to professional baseball radar guns.

While doing baseball radar gun review we came across this pitching sensor ball and thought that it is worth including in our list of best baseball radar gun as showed good result when we tested it out in the backyard.

Manufactured by SKLZ, a well know company into sports and training products, this radar baseball measured accuracy upto 120 MPH and runs on LR 41 Mercury battery, which is included in the pack.

Company has taken utmost care to make this baseball radar ball of same size as real baseball i.e. around 9 inches and adjust the distance from 40 to sixty feets and is ideal for school going kids or parents who want to play with kids on weekends.

(9) Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Review.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar Review.
Baseball Swing Speed Radar

To measure your baseball bat swing speed you should try using The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar, it is a small “microwave Doppler radar sensor” which can measure speed anywhere between 20 to 200 MPH.

You can place it at distance of around 8/10 inches from tee or batting cage and it will start capturing your date, it accurately measures speed with different of +/- 1 mph.

This baseball radar gun comes with a metal stand so you can easily place it on ground and start measuring the speed of your swing. It has facility to measure tempo time and swing speed individually or at the same time and will be displayed on a LCD screen.

The Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar uses 3 AA Alkaline batteries and automatically switch off after 5 minutes of non use. Though this product is not close to some of the best baseball radar gun that we have reviews above, still you can use this at the entry level or to play with your kids as pass time.

When you are looking for some serious data, you should go with professional radar gun provides.

FAQ – Best Baseball Radar Gun Buying Guide.

How accurate are this baseball radar gun review?

This best baseball radar gun list has been developed after rigorous testing of the products and after taking advice from professional coaches and players, said that you can 100% follow this baseball radar gun review and select the best that matches your requirements.

Do baseball radar gun accurately measure pitching speed?

Yes, radar guns manufactured by reputed companies measure the pitching speed accurately. Professional radar guns are costly which are used in leagues and by professional coaches and they give accurate results. If you are buying radar gun for hobby or for your small kids then we will advice to go ahead with cheap baseball radar gun.

Are radar guns used in MLB?

Yes, speed radar guns are used in MLB. Along with baseball they are also used in sports like tennis, volleyball, hockey, golf, cricket etc.

Can this baseball radar gun review be used as softball radar gun review?

Yes, you can definitely use them as softball radar gun reviews, this radar guns can be used in sports like softball, tennis, volleyball and also to measure speed of an vehicle.

Which is best baseball radar gun? FINAL WORDS

Our team has reviewed many baseball pitching radar guns and have come up with list of 9 best baseball radar guns. What we have personally observed and noted that Pocket Radar Smart Coach and Radar Gun is the best, you can buy it with confidence as it has been used by many coaches and professional baseball players and has proved to be showing accurate results.

Still, if you have any query or question regarding selecting best radar gun for baseball pitching you can email us and we will be glad to assist you with the same.

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