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Best Backless Bar Stool Reviews Updated May 2022

best backless bar stool reviews

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Today we are going to discuss about best backless bar stools. Backless bar stools are trending now-a-days due to its stylish look and ease of use. There are hundreds of backless bar stool varieties available online, before buying them it is very important that you know which one is best for you.

Why backless bar stools are famous.

Advantages of backless bar stools are many; the primary advantage is they matches with most of the furniture style, easy to carry, easy to store and most importantly they are affordable.

Where are backless bar stool use

Backless stools are in great demand in bars, homes, small apartments, gardens and waiting lounges.

Backless bar stools are of great demand due to its fashionable look and trendy style. They will give your home a rich and classy look when used with proper furniture and lighting effects.

1) UrbanMod 24 Inch Bar Stool Review – Backless Counter Stools

Backless 24 inch bar stool
Best 24 inch Backless Bar stool review

When you are looking for modern backless bar stool then UrbanMod 24 inch bar stool are best choice for you. They have simple yet modern design and come in variety of colors to match your furniture and wall paint. From the view of a designer, I would prefer this kind of backless bar stools for its modern style. The company has taken utmost care to give a soft pad at its leg to make it scratch resistant.  


  • Modern Design
  • Soft leg which prevents scratching of floor
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Can easily take weight upto 300lbs


  • Wooden seats are bit hard and uncomfortable to site for long hours
  • Not all parts are rust proof

2)  Flash Furniture Backless Metal Bar Stool Review – Best Backless bar stool

best backless metal bar stool
Metal backless bar stool review

This long legged metal bar stool are modern and sturdy. They can easily take weight upto 500lbs, which make it a best choice for outdoor seating. A hole on the seat makes it easy to carry it anywhere without much worry and inconvenience. Nice square seating design which makes seating for long hour comfortable.  


  • Available in variety of colours
  • Easy to store and stackable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can carry upto 500lbs weight.


  • No noticeable cons

3)  Ashley Furniture Signature Bar Stool Review – Best Round Backless Bar Stools

buy round backless bar stool online
Round backless bar stool review

When you are looking for round backless bar stools online, then Ashley furniture signature bar stool are best bang for cash. They are very well crafted from wood and metal, giving it a elegant look and sturdy built. It has sturdy metal legs with a round metal support on those legs making it more durable. The design is perfect fit for bars, homes, gardens and pool side lounges. 


  • Wood + Metal design makes it look elegant
  • Great fit for homes, bars, restaurants, gardens etc
  • Can easily carry weight upto 300lbs


  • Wooden seat without holes make is difficult to carry.

4)      Costway Stainless Steel Round Top Bar Stool Review – Best Stainless Steel Bar Stools

stainless steel backless bar stool with round top
Best Stainless Steel Adjustable Stool Review

With a heavy steel base and adjustable seat this stainless steel bar stool is best suited for bars and fast food outlets. Using this as a breakfast stool is the best option as seating on this for long period is bit uncomfortable due to lack of cushioning; also it feels cold in winter as it is made up of steel. One of the best feature of this stainless steel bar stool is its height adjustable functionality.

I’ll prefer it to have in my kitchen as this stool can easily carry weight upto 330lbs, my wife is bit healthy and needs something sturdy like this.


  • Seat can rotate 360 degree
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Can carry weight upto 330lbs


  • Requires Assembly
  • Feels cold in winter due to lack of cushioning.

5)  Winsome Wood Rush Seat Bar Stools Reviews – Best Square backless counter stool

Wooden square seat backless bar stool
Best Bar stool with square seat

When you are looking for affordable backless bar stool which is good looking and sturdy, then you should definitely checkout Winsome wood rush seat bar stools. They are stylish, durable and affordable. Made from solid wood with a square seat made with woven rush gives it a classy look. Compared to those solid wooden and metal seats this one is more comfortable to site for long hours. Sitting on it makes you feel comfortable, though not like bar stool with cushion, but still better then solid metal or wooden seats.

The footrest design is also unique, this wooden bar stool comes with four footrest, one on each side. The unique part is two footrest are lower and two footrest are higher, you can rest your feet comfortably on them. This is the reason we have included it in our list of best backless bar stools.


  • Very well designed with solid wooden material
  • One of the affordable bar stool available online
  • Seat designed with woven rush gives a classy look


  • Woven rush may get worn out in long run

6) Angel Line Cambridge Bar Stool Review – Best Padded Backless Bar Stools

best padded backless bar stool
Best Backless Bar stool with cushion under $100

When you are looking for a padded/cushioned bar stool online under $100, then you must checkout this product from Angel Line Cambridge. Along with strong built and fashionable design, it comes with a soft cushion which is a big plus. Compared to other non padded bar stools available on Amazon, this bar stool are more comfortable to sit for long time and the dark grey and white colour makes it look trendy.  The color combination is such that it makes it look perfect with all type of interiors.

When you are looking for soft padded bar stool for restaurant or for your home kitchen, then this one is definitely worth checking it out.


  • Strong wooden built
  • Stylish yet comfortable with cushion
  • Easy to store
  • Reasonably priced


  • White color gets dirty quickly

7)  Yaheetech 17.3″ Plastic Stack Stools Review – Best Cheap Stackable Bar Stools

Best stack-able backless stool, stool for kids room, cheap backless stools
Best Cheap Backless Stools

When you are tight on budget and looking for cheap bar stools online, then Yaheetech bar stool are the one that you should definitely check it out. These are multipurpose bar stool i.e. you can carry them in your car like a car stool, put in kids room as kids stool, use for your kitchen as breakfast stool etc.

This 17.3 inches bar stool comes with a metal leg and plastic seat. Because of material used and built, they are considered to be one of the most affordable bar stool available online. Though the legs have a pipe like structure they can easily carry weight upto 250lbs. The company sells it in three variants. 1st variant being all black, you will get 5 black stool where the seat and lets will be all black, 2nd variant is colourful/assorted colour bar stool where you will get 5 stool of different colours like Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and white. 3rd option comes in assorted color and will have a matching color PVC leather foam seat. This can also be used as classroom stool or for bar events.


  • Attractive and Colorful
  • Affordable price
  • Have foot cap for non scratching
  • Stackable so saves lots of space


  • Not very sturdy, light weight

8) The Furniture Cove Kitchen Counter Bar Stool Review – Best Saddle Back Espresso Kitchen Counter Bar Stool

Buy saddle back kitchen stool online. Best backless saddle back bar stool
Best Saddle back kitchen stool

There are very few bar stools which are sturdy and comfortable at a time. This Furniture Cove kitchen bar stool is one of them. It comes with a nice dark brown espresso color which looks classier then the light colour bar stools. Also the cushioned seats are bit large then other similar type of cushioned bar stool which makes sitting comfortable for long hours.

Once assembled it can easily carry weight upto 250lbs. Thought the cushion cover gives a leather like look, it’s not the real leather, but still looks very elegant and rich. It has four footrest, one on each side making it easy to rest your legs.

The size of this bar stool is perfect for almost all kitchen island, making it a best bar stool for kitchen. Not only in kitchen you can also use them in your kid’s room, your bed room or even in your garden. They will simply look elegant across all the places.


  • Very well designed
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Have wide seat compare to other stools
  • Rich color to match with your interiors


  • Assembling may be bit tough sometime

9) Linon Hampton Bar Stool Review – Best Bar Stool with Fabric Top

backless bar stool with fabric top, kitchen bar stool with cushion and fabric top
Best Backless Bar Stool with Fabric Top

Coming from company like Linon, this backless bar stool with fabric top is worth purchasing. A wooden bar stool with a niche Dark Walnut color legs and a Beige color seat. This 25 inch backless bar stool has a soft and plush cushion seat which makes it comfortable to sit for long hours.

Best for bars, kitchen, high top table or counter space. Decorative bronze nail finish gives it a fashionable and plush look. Crafted with a traditional method of wood joining called Mortis and Tenon joint makes this best backless bar stool available online.

When you are looking for a cheap backless bar stool under $50 then Linon Hampton bar stool are the right choice for you.


  • Very attractive
  • Plush design and finish
  • Cushioned seat for comfort


  • Not very tough and sturdy

10) Ashley Furniture Signature Design Bar Stool Review – Best Pub Height Backless Metal Bar Stool

Pub height backless metal bar stool review, buy metal bar stool online
Best Backless Bar Stool with metal

If you are a perfectionist like me who are looking for Pub height backless bar stool then you should blindly buy Ashley Furniture bar stools. I have bought one and gifted to my friend and he is very happy with this pub height bar stool. Made with metal and wood, the legs and stool structure is well crafted with strong metal and the seat is build with wood.

The 15 inch seat is very comfortable to sit, not to forget the round footrest which is around 9 inches which lets your feet relax for hours. The adjustable height (25 to 30 inches) makes it a best backless bar stool for Kitchen Island, kitchen counters, bars or can be used as table for dining room.

The company supplies wrenches, screws and assembly guide with the help of which you can easily assemble this stool at home. It comes in a set of 2 backless bar stool making it your life easy. 


  • Modern Design
  • Adjustable Height Options
  • Big round wooden seat


  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Can worn out due to excessive use

11) Boraam Furniture Bali Bar Height Swivel Stool Review – Best Backless Swivel Bar Height Stool

bali bar height swivel stool review, buy best backless bar stool online
Best Backless Swivel Bar Stool Online

Made by Baroom furniture in USA, this Bali style bar height swivel stool is crafted from wood and comes in variety of color options. The one that I love the most is Cappuccino. Just like color it also has many styles from Bali to Cordova, Hamilton and Fenton.

The bar stool comes with an easy to follow instruction manual which will help you to assemble the stool in a snap. Just follow the instructions correctly and you are ready to see the masterpiece in front of you.

This bar stool comes in two height option 24 inches and 29 inches, you can select the one as per your use. The one which we reviewed was of 29 inches, which perfectly matched with my kitchen island, bar and bed room desk.

Build from hardwood, this backless bar stool can easily take weight utpo 250lbs. 4 legs are equally spaced and the Bali style seat has good seating space which makes it comfortable to sit for long hours. This Bar height swirl stool is best for kitchen, living room, bars and bedroom desk. It comes in variety of color so you can select the one matching with your interior. This is why we have included it in the list of best backless bar stool review.     


  • 360 degree swirl seat
  • Crafted from hardwood
  • Available in variety of colors


  • Assembly required

12) Winsome 29 inches square leg bar stool Review – Best Sturdy Bar Stool

Best sturdy bar stool online. Best sturdy backless bar stool
Best Backless Sturdy Bar Stool

If you are someone who is looking for one time purchase which last for long time, then Winsome 29 inches square bar stool are the right choice for you. This simple yet stylish backless bar stool is build with solid wood and has a walnut finish. The seat height is around 29 inches which makes it perfect for any kitchen, bar, counter and table spaces.

The best part of this square leg bar stool is they come fully assembled, so you don’t have to take pain of assembling them by following the instruction manual. This is a big plus for many and this is what makes it more durable as it comes pre-assembled. There are very few pre assembled stools available online.

Just like its pre assembled feature, the square leg feature also makes it unique from other regular round leg bar stool.  The legs are very well crafted and are enough strong to hold weight around 300lbs. The legs are strong, still don’t look bulky. This backless bar stool comes with 8 footrest, two on each side of the stool to make your seating experience more relaxing..

They come in two color variants like black and natural which matches with almost all furniture style and color. The round seat is securely attached with legs with the help of metal screws to give you safe seating experience.


  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Two footrest for comfortable seating on each side
  • Comes Pre Assembled


  • No cushioning on seat
  • A bit old style/vintage look

13) Nathan James Amalia Backless Kitchen Counter Height Bar Stool Review – Best 360 Swivel Bar Stool Online

Best 360 swivel backless bar stool
Best 360 Swivel Kitchen Counter Height Bar Stool

When you are searching for kitchen bar stool online which not only matches with your Kitchen Iceland height but also looks modern and have sturdy build, then Nathan James Backless Bar stool is worth a watch.

Build from strong wooden material, it has a unique design with a curved legs and a 360 degree swivel seat. It has an optimum height of around 26 inches which makes it a best match for bars, kitchen Iceland, tables and counters.

This stylish upholstered bar stool comes with a cushioned round seat covered with natural white color fabric which gives this backless bar stool a plush look. The curved legs of the stool have 4 foot rest, one on each side and a floor protector to prevent your floor from damage while moving the stool from one place to another. This kitchen stool can easily carry weight upto 250lbs.

When you will buy this kitchen height backless stool online, it will come with an instruction manual with the help of which you will be able to assemble it very easily. Along with comfort and style company provides life time manufacturer warranty. This is the reason we have selected this product in our top list of best backless bar stools available online.

What more you can ask for when you are buying backless bar stool under 100 online.


  • Modern and Unique Design
  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
  • Perfect height for Kitchen Iceland, bars and counters


  • Assembly takes little time

14) AmazonBasics Kitchen Counter Stool Review – Best Set of 2 Bar Stool Online

best set of 2 bar stool, buy 2 backless bar stool online
Best Kitchen Counter Stool on Amazon

Coming from Amazon, these are one of the best backless kitchen counter stool available online. After doing thorough study, we found that AmazonBasics are one of the few saddle seat style stool which are affordable, durable and comfortable.

Amazon sells this kitchen stool in set of 2. So you will get 2 saddle seat stools under 100. Don’t you think this is a nice deal for online buyers? Build with solid wood, this backless tool has a square leg design, which increases your safety and durability of the stool. The Saddle seat provides equal distribution of weight and hence this kitchen stool can easily carry weight upto 220 Pounds.

The design is mix of traditional and modern style, where they have given a saddle style seating and old style framework with one foot rest on each side, which enhances your seating experience. Not to forget the color, this walnut color backless bar stool matches best with most of the furniture be it a kitchen, bar, garden or counter.  

When you order bar stool online, you will get them delivered in a pair along with an instruction manual on how to assemble it. Make sure you understand it properly and use the supplied material wisely as they provide only exact number of screws (nothing extra). Once assembled this AmazonBasics walnut bar stool will be ready to enhance look and feel of your home and kitchen or bar.

Don’t agree on my words? Just go and checkout the kitchen stool yourself.


  • Saddle Style Design
  • Sturdy Material
  • Affordable Pricing


  • Assembly is bit difficult
  • Provides exact number of screws (nothing extra)

15) Maison Arts Bar Height Bar Stool Reviews – Best Backless Industrial Stool

best backless industrial stool, metal backless bar stool with industrial style
Best Metal Backless Industrial Bar Stool

If you are someone who don’t like delicate or vintage backless bar stool, then this Industrial bar stool from Maison Art are best choice for you. Built with a solid metal frame and a soft seat covered with PU Leather make this bar stool look elegant and sturdy. The sturdy frame work can hold upto 300 pound of weight and powder coated steel base gives you assurance of long lasting durability.

This counter height stool has a thick 3.5 inch cushion which makes seating very comfortable. Waterproof material used for making this counter height stool makes this product water resistant and easy to clean. It has a non slip foot pads which enhances the safety and protect your floor from scratching.

The 30 inche height is perfect for home bar, kitchens counter, kitchen Iceland, dining room, bedroom desk etc. Not only that you can also use in bars, coffee shop, restaurants, gardens and many other places as the metal design matches with almost any furniture style.

These metal backless bar stool are best option when you are looking for counter height bar stool under $150. This Industrial bar stool provides best bang for your bucks, go and checkout before they are out of stock.


  • Solid metal design
  • Cushioned Seat
  • Waterproof Material


  • Have foot rest on only one side.

16) Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Counter Stool Reviews – Best Decorative Old Steel Finished Stool

Old steel finished swivel counter stool, swivel backless bar stool online
Best Backless Bar Stool with Swivel

When you are looking for a decorative old steel style swivel stool, then your search will end with Hillsdale Montello Backless Swivel Stool. It is mix of art and sturdiness. It is a traditional backless bar stool with curved legs and decorative cast assents.

Faux brown leather cushion seat looks very elegant on the metal finished old steel color frame. The seat swirls fully i.e 360 degree and gives a very pleasant seating experience. Overall it gives a rich and plush look.

The height of this old style backless tool is around 18 inches and can easily carry weight upto 250lbs. The seat is also wide enough to accommodate big bottom person. The build is so good that the stool will definitely going to last long. The vintage look is definitely going to give a head turn to many of your guests.    

The assembly might take a bit time as the design is bit complicated, but if you follow the instructions properly then you can easily assemble them in no time. Few of the buyers have assembled 4/8 vintage stools in less than couple of hours.

This are one of the best vintage style backless bar stool under $80 available online that too with so much durability and style.


  • Vintage metal design
  • Thick Cushion


  • A bit difficult to assemble

17) Winsome Wood Set of 2 Adjustable Backless Swivel Air Lift Stool Review – Best Air Lift Backless Stool Under $100

best air lift backless bar stool online, backless bar stool with air lift
Best Backless Bar Stool with Air Lift

There are very few companies who provide Air Lift Backless Bar stool under $100 online. Winsome is one of them, which provides a set of 2 adjustable backless air lift stool with features. Built with solid metal frame, this all black bar stool has a nice black faux leather seat and a black metal base to make it look rich.

When you are looking to facelift your kitchen or bar, then this airlift bar stool definitely adds a style to it. If ordering for a bar or restaurant then you won’t regret as they will be perfect match to your bar counter.

Set of two stools comes with an adjustable height from 22.60 to 30.70 inches. The full swivel seat is covered with a plush leather material and has dimension of 14.80 x 15.20 inches. Such design proves to be best for seating for long hours.  

Many people don’t like shiny looks or old traditional bar stool design, for them this will be perfect match for their kitchen table, bar counter or dinner table. Black color matches with almost all type of furniture style and color, so you don’t have to worry much when you buy adjustable air lift bar stool online.

Winsome has taken utmost care while manufacturing this backless bar stools, many of the past buyer claims that the stool is very durable and the hydraulic air lift still works fine like how it use to work initially on the day or purchase.

So if you are looking for hydraulic air lift backless bar stool for your kitchen Iceland, kitchen counter, bar or restaurant then you should not miss this stools.


  • Modern Design
  • Adjustable height with hydraulics
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • No cons as such

With this we have come to an end of list of top backless bar stool, though there are many other backless bar stools available online we have only reviewed the stools which feel are best bang for your money and provides best quality and value.

If you have any query or question regarding the list shared above, please feel free to email us and we will reply you in shortest possible time. Also if you want us to include any new backless bar stool review in above list, please share the same with us.

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