Best 3 Point Quick Hitch Review Updated May 2022

best 3 point quick hitch review

Before sharing list of best 3 point quick hitch, let me give you more details about 3 point quick hitch so that it will be easy for you to select the best one matching with your requirements and budget.

What is Quick Hitch?

A quick hitch is a handy implementation tool that is used by farmers and gardeners on their tractors. Quick hitch works as a connecting agent between tractor and other tools and accessories. With the help of quick hitch tool connection process becomes easier and saves lots of time. With the help of universal quick hitch you can easily connect tools at the rear side of tractor.

In recent times use of 3-point quick hitch has increase rapidly and is used by most farmers, gardeners and agro lovers. Thanks to quick hitch system for tractors, it has made farming more fun and life of farmer very easy.

How to select 3-point quick hitch?

Though by using 3 point quick hitch system you will be able to connect tools with your tractor, but the primary concern here is selecting the right hitch for your tractor. Selecting wrong 3 point hitch which is too wide or non adjustable will result in waste of money and time.  

To overcome this issue, today we are going to share in dept 3 point quick hitch buying guide with the help of which you can buy the right 3 point hitch for your tractor.

Advantages of 3-point quick hitch.

3 Point quick hitch has two biggest advantages; to start with, firstly it reduces your effort of connecting tools with your tractor. Secondly it saves your time, a 3-point quick hitch lets you lift and lower your implement without having to leave your seat.

Type of 3 point quick hitch.

There are two type of 3-point quick hitch; they are CAT 1 and CAT 2. Category 1 quick hitch are used in tractors with horsepower 20 to 45 and have and category 2 3 point hitch is used in tractors with 45 to 100 horsepower. The other difference which you have take care is the difference in size of balls and pins.

Where to buy 3 point quick hitch?

You can buy 3-point quick hitch online from Amazon. They have wide variety of quick hitch from well reputed companies and at most affordable price.

Now let me share list of best 3 point quick hitch with you.

1) Category 1 Pat’s Easy Change with Stabilizer Bar Review – Best 3 point quick hitch with Lynch Pin Washers.

best 3 point quick hitch. Pat's Cat 1 Easy change stabilizer bar review.
Pat’s Change Quick Hitch Review

Tradegear Pats’s Easy Change System is real relief for framers and gardeners. This 3 point quick hitch is easy to use, flexible, durable and affordable. Outstanding in every aspect, all parts and fittings are well finished and fit perfectly.

This 3-point quick hitch is best suited for full time farmers who love to farm without wasting much time on fixing tools. With the help of this quick hitch you will have more time to spend on farming then wasting time on fixing the farm implements.  Buy quick hitch online and make your life easy. Once mounted you can quickly change between tractors attachments like brush cutter, box blade and frame mounted backhoe.

Pat’s Easy Change System changes lift arms from a standard ball to a hook system, which helps the operator to hook arms to the implement from tractor. Attached by a Pin through the ball and bolt it fits over the end of left arm. This is what all you have to do to hook up your implements.

Build with strong and sturdy material, it’s easy to install and adaptable with different implements, you won’t even need bushing for your implements.  This quick hitch will surely last long and give good results.


  • Well built and strong.
  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with 3 set of CAT 1 lyncpin washers


  • Does not fit Category 2

2) Titan Quick Hitch Review – Best 3 point quick hitch for the money.

best 3-point quick hitch. Titan's heavy duty receiver hitch review.
Titan’s Heavy Duty Hitch Review

When you looking to buy 3-point quick hitch online, Titan is the brand which you can trust blindly. Titan is farmer’s favourite brand which is not only durable but also affordable and gives best output for the money spent.

Build from heavy duty steel and strong powder coated finish are two of its prime qualities. Apart from that it comes with a hook to attach trailer chain. You can easily move around trailers and other farm tools with the help of this 2” receiver hitch.

It is redesigned to make it compatible as quick hitch with category 1 lift pins of 7/8” diameter. The drawbar is very heavy duty it can almost pull and lift things nearly double then your tractor weight. They are so well designed that you won’t have to do any fabrication work or drilling work to make the pin holes bigger.

Fits easily on New Holland and John Deere tractors. By adding titan quick hitch to your arsenal you can easily switch between implements without wasting time and with ease.  You have to just attach the Titan Quick Hitch to your tractor’s 3-point lift arms. Once done, you are all set to switch implements using top link hook and lever locking pins.

Though titan quick hitch claims to work with category 2 implements, but still with the help of conversion bushing it works with category 1 implement also and believe me it won’t be inconvenience at all.


  • Heavy duty and powdered coated.
  • Can bear weight upto 3000 pounds.
  • Compatible with Cat 1 and Cat 2 implements.


  • No serious cons.

3) Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch Review – Best Heavy Duty Trailer Hitch.

3 point quick hitch reviews. Mophron 3 point trailer hitch review.
Mophorn 3 Point Trailer Hitch Review

After titan quick hitch review, now it’s time to review another 3-point hitch which is sturdy, durable and affordable. This 3 point hitch review is mainly important for trailer owners as it is going to make their life easy.

We are talking about Mophron 3 Point Trailer Hitch. This trailer hitch is targeted at Category 1 tractors and fits well with them without any problem. Made with heavy duty material this 2” standard trailer receiver comes in black color that fits almost all Category 1 tractors.

Though it is targeted at moving trailers, this 3 point quick hitch can also easily move other implements that use standard 2 inch receiver hitch. Constructed from strong steel material makes it sturdy and durable, making it best 3 point quick hitch. Black powder coating helps in protecting it against rust and corrosion.

Talking about its specifications, this 3 point quick hitch has width of 33 inches and height of 19 inches. The width measured is from end of the pin whereas the height is from bottom pin to top pin. The tractor tower bar includes 7/8 inch Category 1 lift pins.

Mophron 3 pin trailer hitch is designed in such a way that it gets along easily with small tractors like BX Kubota, NorTrac, John Deere, Kioti, Yanmar, LM25H WLM etc. Biggest advantage of 3 point quick hitch is it enables you to quickly change the device at back of your tractor.


  • Sturdy, durable and Rust Free coating.
  • Fits almost all small tractors.
  • Compatible with standard 2 inch receiver.


  • Dimension between Pins is short.
  • Can’t do heavy towing.

4) Kolpin Heavy Duty 3 point quick hitch system – Best automotive style hitch system.

Kolpin 3 point quick hitch review. Best 3 point quick hitch review.
Kolpin 3 Point Quick Hitch Review

Manufactured by Kolpin, this 3 point hitch is a good combination of strength and innovation.  This heavy duty category zero 3 inch hitch can be used with any automotive style of 2 inch receiver hitch. It goes easily with ATVs and UTVs without any problem.

This quick hitch is equipped with a heavy duty electric actuator of 12v which eases your job of heavy lifting as it provides incredible power of 300 lbs for down force and has 250 lbs lift capacity. This works best for land maintenance work and food plots. This is why we have included it in our list of best 3 point quick hitch.

The DIRTWORKS 3 point hitch is innovatively designed which you can easily install and do adjustments as per your needs without the use of any specialized tools.

With the switch that is provided with the unit, this 3 point quick hitch can easily do heavy lifting and provides good power for some serious ground engagements. Just mount the switch on the handle bar and rest will be take- care by the unit, without your intervention or getting off your tractor. The push of button adjusts the implements according to your need automatically so you don’t have to adjust them with your hand manually.

Though this hitch is not model specific, still it works with any 2 inch automotive style receiver. Be it Honda, John Deere or Kubota, you have to just make sure that they have standard 2” hitch. This quick hitch will turn your UTV into multipurpose machine.

The package comes with instruction manual with the help of which you can assemble and mount it easily on your vehicle. The wiring can be little more time consuming but once done, you are all set to rock.


  • Comes with electric actuator.
  • Fits all standard 2 inch automotive style receivers.
  • Makes heavy lifting easy due to actuator.


  • Little difficult to install the wiring.
  • Bit overpriced.

5) John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch Review – Best Category 1 Tractor Supply Quick Hitch.

Category 1 Tractor supply quick hitch review.
John Deere Quick Hitch Review

When you are looking for tractor supply quick hitch, then John Deere iMatch is the answer for you. Our 3 point quick hitch review is incomplete without John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch review. Coming from brand like John Deere this quick hitch is best quick hitch for Category 1 implements.

When you are worried about attaching category 1 implement to your tractor, then John Deere iMatch is the answer for you. John Deere has very well solved this issue and now you can easily attach Category 1 implements with your tractor easily.

Made in USA, this sturdy quick hitch guarantees easy compatibility with Category 1 implements designed to meet the ASAE Category 1 standards.  It’s like fit it and forget it.

The iMatch hooks are so designed that all implements like box blades, rear blades, tillers, landscape rakes etc fits it well when proper set of bushing is used to enlarge the pin. When you buy quick hitch online you will get lower bushing inside the pack, upper bushing is to be bought separately.

Though it is manufactured by John Deere, it fits all Category 1 implements irrespective of brands, so don’t waste time in thinking, just go and check it out.


  • Made in USA.
  • Matches all Category 1 implements.


  • No major cons.

6) Pat’s Easy Change with Stabilizer review – Best Category 2 Quick hitch.

Best Cat 2 quick hitch review.
Pat’s Easy Change Cat 2 Quick Hitch Review

When you are looking for affordable category 2 quick hitch online, then Pat’s Easy change quick hitch system is your answer. It is durable, flexible and most importantly affordable. There are very few category 2 quick hitch brand in market and Pat’s is one of them that provides best 3 point quick hitch online.

With the help of Pat’s Category 2 quick hitch you can easily change lift arms from standard ball to hook system making it easy to hook lift arms to the implement from your tractor. With the help of Pin through the ball and U-bolt it easily fits with the tractor.

With Pat’s quick hitch unit, you don’t have to make any changes to your tractor or implements, it fit almost all Category 2 implements, and all material to install it on the tractor is included in the set. This is the universal design and works on any compact and utility tractor and this is what makes it a best 3 point quick hitch. The pack comes with 2 set of Category 2 Lynch Pin Washers.

When you buy category 2 quick hitch online, you will get instruction manual to install it with the help of which you can easily install this unit in your tractor in no time. It saves lots of time when you need to swap between multiple implements.

So without wasting time just go and checkout this best 3 point quick hitch for your tractor and see how easy your farm work becomes.


  • Sturdy and Durable.
  • Best fit for Category 2 implements.
  • 2 Set of Category 2 lynch pin washers is included.


  • Not universal, only work with CAT2 implements.
  • Sometime need to drill hole to match pins.

Conclusion – Final Words on selecting Best 3 Point Quick Hitch

After evaluating all 5 quick hitch available online, what we have found is Pat’s and Titan quick hitch are more trustworthy and compatible with most of the models i.e. Category 1 and Category 2. If you are willing to spend little bit high then you should go with Kolpin heavy duty hitch system, as it comes with electric actuator and can make farming more fun and less tiring.  

For Category 2 implements, I will strongly advice to go ahead with John Deere quick hitch as that is suitable to almost all CAT 2 tractors and is sturdy, durable and made in USA.

Still if you have any query on which 3 point quick hitch to select, you can email us and we will happily guide you to select best 3 point quick hitch for your tractor.

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