Alpine Type R 12 Review- Updated May 2022

Alpine Type R 12 Review

For music lovers, having a good sub woofer in a car is a must thing. When you are looking to buy 12 inch sub woofers online, Alpine is the first brand that comes in our mind. Before you buy Alpine Type R 12 subwoofer online, do read over review as it will give you in-depth know how about the brand and the model Alpine Type R 12 inch 2250 watt RW12D2.

Alpine Type R 12 Sub woofers

While writing alpine type R 12 review, we have taken into consideration its ease of fitting, durability, sound quality and power output.

Why Alpine Subwoofers?

Alpine is brand that is well established in USA and catering to music lovers since 50+ years. When you are looking to buy subwoofer for your car, don’t go any further, Alpine will offer you many options which will keep you entertained on the go.

Alpine Type R 12 Review (Technical Specs)

Before you buy Alpine Type R 12 subwoofer for your vehicle, it is very important that you check its technical specs, this will help you to make the right buying decision. Let’s dive deep into its technical specs and understand them well.

Subwoofer Shape:

This Alpine Type R Subwoofer is beautifully designed

Alpine Type R 12 Review

and has a Parabolic cone structures, the material they have used is Pulp, Mica and Talc Dust caps to protect the inside sound system.

Power Range:

This modern R 12 subwoofer comes with a power

Alpine Sub Woofer Size

range of 500-750 RMS which can handle power upto 2250w at Peak. We tested it on 5000 watts sound system and they still handle them very well with beautiful and clear sound output.

Alpine Subwoofer Size:

Alpine Type R 12 Review will be incomplete if we don’t share the size i.e. dimensions of this beautiful sub woofers. It comes with a size of 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87

inches, i.e. Length, Width and Height. Overall speaker size with fittings and decorative is 12 inches. Weight of this product is around 8 pound, makes it very easy to carry and fix in your vehicle.

Alpine Subwoofer Installation:

When it comes to installation of Alpine Type R subwoofers, it can easily fit in any subwoofer enclosure; they are designed so well that it will never look out of place. To increase or decrease the resistant load, Alpine has given nice jumpers beneath the speakers that you can easily wire to the voice coils.

Cleaning and Troubleshooting:

When it comes to cleaning and troubleshooting Alpine Subwoofers, it is very easy. The jumpers designed will give you ample space to clean and troubleshoot/test your installation without much trouble.

Look and Feel of Alpine Type R 12 Subwoofers:

When you buy cheap or unbranded subwoofer online, you have to compromise with the look and feel along with the sound quality. But when you choose Alpine Subwoofers, you will get best of the worlds, a beautiful look and an excellent sound quality.

When you buy Alpine 12 inch Sub woofer online, you will also be provided with a beautiful fitting ring that sits on the screw hols after mounting the speaker in the enclosures. This not only gives attractive look to your car accessory but also makes sure that the screws are well fitted in the place.


When you buy Alpine Subwoofer from here, you will get a manufacturer’s warranty and excellent customer support. In case of any fault in your woofers, just give a call or email and support and your query will be solved in no time.

Final Conclusion:

After testing Alpine Type R 12 sub woofer with our system, we can say that it is one of the best 12 inch subwoofers available online; they can easily compete and even beat some of the models of Pioneer, JVS, and Kicker etc.

Buy Alpine Type R 12 Sub Woofers online

While doing Alpine Type R 12 review we found that this product is not only durable and beautiful, but at the same time it delivers very good sound quality and bass effect which will definitely make your drive memorable.

If you are looking for more options in 12 inch Alpine Sub woofer then you can checkout the same here and make the right buying decision.

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